Blue Dreamin' and I am thinking you ...


Today we are in the dark of the moon, the time right before a new moon, which is said to be a time of great introspection and of letting go.  The letting go part is so you and I can make room for new things, new people, and new strains.  I however have chosen to take a look at one of the first strains that I consumed during my re-entry into the world of cannabis-Blue Dream!

Ironically, although I have written about every other strain under the sun, I have been remiss by not researching, revisiting and re-acquainting myself with what I came to consider a strain that had become passe. But, upon revisiting this strain, I take back my strain snobbery and sing the praises of it.  And yes, I recognize that there are many, many interpretations of Blue Dream as there are cultivators. That being said, here's a bit of background on how Blue Dream came to its current popularity.


 What Is Blue Dream?

The Blue Dream strain is a sativa hybrid strain, with a 60% sativa and 40% indica genetic makeup. Although Blue Dream expresses a higher percentage of sativa phenotypes, on occasion it is possible to obtain a round that is more characteristic of an indica strain. Most of the time, however,  that situation is uncommon, and more often than not, this strain's effect will be uplifting and energizing.  Blue Dream’s existence arises from the joining of two delicious and fragrant strains, Blueberry, an indica and Haze, a sativa.  Its origins root back to California, where the blueberry sweetness of this strain seems all too reminiscent and fitting with our sunny and golden state, leaving everyone, not only Californians, California dreaming and wanting plenty more.

Here in San Diego, the Blue Dream strain is a common household name among medical patients and cannabis-lovers alike. This strain is Ideal for novices who are just dipping their feet into the world of medical cannabis, or those consumers, who are considered themselves to be connoisseurs because the effects of Blue Dream are incredibly balance although they can differ depending on who and where the strain was grown. 

Blue Dream Effects

Blue Dream is said to have a variety of effects, making it a versatile and easily lovable strain. Typically, it leaves its consumer with an uplifted, happy and relaxed feeling, paired often with a euphoria that is not only creative, but also energizing. Although the Blue Dream strain is a hybrid, it makes an extraordinary day-time strain, great for a before work smoke to center and prepare you for your long day ahead. You can also sneak a smoke at lunch to re-energize and re-uplift you; it works even better than a mid-day cup of coffee! Blue Dream, however, probably isn’t a good option if you are trying to fall asleep late at night, but if you’re planning on going out for the evening to chill out with friends or to party, then this should be your go-to strain.

Blue Dream Aroma, Flavor and Appearance

Blue Dream is partially popularly recognized for its unique and unexpected flavor and aroma. It’s aroma is berryish and always makes me feel happy. That being said, it’s flavor is sharp and earthy, citrus and sometimes even grape with floral notes; expressing a harmonious balance of qualities from both its parents, Blueberry and Haze.

Appearance wise, Blue Dream is rich-green, sometimes sage colored buds, with yellow and orange pistils and frosty, completely-coated-in-THC trichomes. Of course, since there are many interpretations of Blue Dream, you strain may look somewhat different. The water leaves of Blue Dream range from orange to brown to dark green in color, depending on the specific subspecies of Blue Dream you are cultivating, and the conditions in which your crop is grown.

Medical Benefits of Blue Dream

Because of its wide variety of effects, Blue Dream weed is suitable for assisting to heal a number of medical ailments, conditions and symptoms. Overall, Blue Dream is considered most suitable for helping with those who are suffering from mental disorders, such as stress and depression, as well as physical impairments, such as chronic pain, headaches and different levels of fatigue. Blue Dream strain is considered an especially uplifting and energizing marijuana strain, so for those who are finding themselves regularly exhausted, worried or upset, Blue Dream is likely a wonderful solution. Overall, Blue Dream takes care of almost anything that ails you, including the blues.

Finally, Blue Dream has made it back to my weed rotation list And I highly suggest that you make it one of your go-to strains too. It is an almost perfect strain whether you are up for a relaxing; need some motivation for some heavy head work or you just want to chill out, then this strain is for you. This hybrid strain seems to make the day’s endless list of things to do seem much more attainable. The effects generated from Blue Dream are typically long lasting, euphoric, and can be full-bodied depending on the cut of Blue Dream you have.

Considered a personal favorite of most patients I speak to, Blue Dream is definitely a medical marijuana strain that is sure to grow in popularity for years to come. I bet you can find it out a dispensary near you.