Jah Goo and Chocolate Hashberry

April is flying by and our taxes are already due today. I filed mine weeks ago but always feel relieved when April 15th has come and gone. But what better thing to celebrate than the 2018 tax season has come to a close. And, I could think of no better strain to celebrate with than Jah Goo. Jah Goo is an very evenly balanced 50% indica/50% sativa, although some sources say it is an indica strain. And it is widely thought to be a cross between Purple Jasmine and Afgani Goo. Although there are some sources that say it is a cross between the Light of Jah, which is a sativa strain (and a strain that I like a lot). No matter what it’s lineage, this strain is thought to have made its way to North America via Vietnam vets, returning to Canada after the war and it remains a mainstay at most dispensaries in Southern Cali.


Regardless whether this is an indica or a well balanced hybrid, this strain was stunning to look at it -a real eye catcher. The buds of this strain were dense and dark green, dense and laden with trichomes—a trait that I’m told is inherited from its Goo parent. As for the aroma, its berry and pine and the flavor is much sweeter than I expected.

Just as the flavor was unexpected, the effects also were unexpected. Instead of the full body, chill that you would expect to get from an indica strain, this strain was uplifting and actually helped me focus, while also relaxing me. I am always careful with these “hybrid” strains not too over consume them. So, this strain never took on the heavy indica effects that many of the sources I read said I would. I am getting used to expecting the unexpected in my life and I guess it’s even spilled into my choices of weed:).

Expect the unexpected….and thus I found the most delicious chocolatey treat, just in time for Easter-Chocolate Hashberry. Chocolate Hashberry marijuana strain is 50 Indica/50 Sativa hybrid strain and is said to be a rare, Northern California-breed,. It is a cross between Chocolate Thai and Hashberry. and has incredible big, beautiful, multi-colored buds, which smell that like spicy chocolate, which really surprised me. It’s flavor was also chocolatey with berries and some pine. But, chocolate truly is the overwhelming flavor, which again I didn’t expect.


The effects of this strain are also really balanced-uplifting your mood but relaxing your body. It is known to relieve depression and anxiety and yet also boosts energy, increases creativity and improves focus. I needed a boost today to help me go beyond what feels safe and step out of my comfort zone. Expect the unexpected and you may be surprised at what you find!

Apple Jack and Citrus Boost

April has been a month of action-lots of action and lots of doing! So my weekly weed choices reflected that forward motion feeling in the form of two sativa strains. The first strain that helped me to “spring” into action was Apple Jack, a sativa dominant hybrid. Apple Jack was created by the RDG genetics' main breeder - Hazemaster by crossing two pretty famous strains-Jack Herer, said to be the father of many of today’s sativa strains with White Widow., an old school indica leaning strain that has its origins in Amsterdam.

The original Apple Jack was also a popular strain in the coffee shops in Amsterdam in 2001. Unfortunately, one of the original parents used to breed this strain died and it looked like that that was the end of Apple Jack. And, that’s when the skillful cannabis craftsman, Hazeman, went to work perfecting the art of selfing-creating perfect Apple Jack clones and more importantly their seeds, which can be saved in seed banks. And, that’s how I was able to find Apple Jack in my local not so legal dispensary.

Apple Jack smells somewhat like apples but also has a lot of the characteristic diesel smell of Jack Herer. It is clear that Jack Herer is the big daddy of this strain. The flavor is also quite similar to a Jack Herer strain. The effects of this strain, however, are much more mild than the usual Jack strains. Apple Jack is definitely uplifting but it doesn’t “jack” you up leaving you looking for things to do or feeling jumpy. It is that nice balance between being alert and being calm that makes this strain a great stress reliever and has been used in the treatment of depression and PTSD. They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I would say that an Apple Jack a day may just do the same thing-keep the blues away and keep you moving on.

The next action oriented strain that I found was Citrus Boost, which although I found no definitive information on this strain, it appears, tastes and feels like it is a cross between Citrus Haze, a sativa dominant hybrid, created by crossing Lemon Haze with Citrus Sunshine strain, with Boost, (Sweet Tooth X DJ Short’s Blueberry), which is a powerful indica strain despite it’s name. This strain looks like both its parents-bright green with some orange flecks, like a sativa strain and yet stubby like an indica strain. And despite it’s citrus name, citrus was not the main flavor or aroma that I got from this strain. It was all butterscotch with a bit of citrus and mint, which I’m guessing is from its Boost parent.


Effect wise, this strain is very well balanced. It elevates your mood but relaxes your body. This strain left me feeling calm and peaceful but still alert and creative. In small quantities, this strain can help with creativity during the day and evening and in larger quantities, it will definitely put you to sleep. Right now, I have no time to sleep, only time for action and I can always count on my cannabis, including Citrus Boost, to help me move forward.

Orange Bang and Acai Berry

Last week had me traveling out of my comfort zones into licensed dispensaries in Perris, CA, Santa Ana and San Bernadino, CA, which are about an hour and half away from San Diego, CA. The licensed dispensaries in San Diego are quite posh and follow the letter of the law, of which there are many. The Perris licensed dispensaries follow a whole different set of rules that include allowing dabbing and bongs to be done right in the middle of their shops, just like the old school medical dispensaries used to allow-legal and illegal.

So, after getting over the initial shock of seeing real flower in jars, loose and not covered in plastic, I went to town finding new strains in these new strange places. The first strain that caught my roaming eye was Orange Bang. Although I could not find any reference or any information on Orange Bang, it looked and tasted very much like a strain I could find called Orange Bud.

Orange Bud, as it was labeled in the dispensary’s jar, is a sativa (65%/35%) dominant hybrid. It is a cross between two types of skunk strains-both sativa leaning, which makes it a 100% skunk strain. So, what’s up with the name orange since it doesn’t have any Tangie in it or any other citrus like terpenes at all. It’s all about its looks and it was covered with a plume of bright orange hairs.


Historically, Orange Bud appears to trace its origin from California. It is said to then made its way to the infamous coffee shops in Amsterdam during the 80s. Since then, it has become one of the favorite strains in many Southern California dispensaries. At any rate, Orange Bud has made a name for itself culminated by placing second in the Bio category of the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

As you can see Orange Bud looked just like cotton balls of orange threads. . It's aromas to me was all skunk and no citrus. The effects are quite cerebral, a classic Skunk effect and yet the strain also chills you out enough to not get stuck in your head. It keeps you focused on what is important which for me is always about being grateful for what I have and knowing even better is coming to me. So moving out of my comfort zone got me exactly where I need to be-chilled and grateful for being able to try a new strain from a new place.

From another unfamiliar dispensary came yet another unfamiliar strain, Acai Berry. . I found this video which tells you more about this strain than I could write.

To me this strain tasted very much like Forbidden Fruit-with big tangie flavor mixed with berry and skunk. It’s hard to imagine that cannabis can taste so incredibly fruity as if some sort of artificial flavors were added. Although this strain tastes like Forbidden Fruit, it does not have the powerful sedating, indica effects, like Forbidden Fruit. In fact, it starts with an uplift of mood and energy and then after consuming more, mild calming effects take over, without overcoming you. I’ve never seen this strain before so it was a good thing that I traveled out of my comfort zone and found yet another strain to fall in love with. Step outside your comfort zone and I bet you find some surprises too.

Pink Panties and Candy Drop

We are finally almost done with Mercury Retrograde. It ends on Thursday and boy did I learn a lot about where I still was limiting my life, who I was still attached to, unnecessarily and where I need to change. All of that emotional turmoil had me reaching for some peace and perhaps, some sedation!


And as always, my weed strains always reflect how I am feeling. So, this week I chose two “old school”, indica dominant hybrid strains. The first one was Pink Panties-chuckle, chuckle.

Although the name may make you chuckle, after you see and smell this strain, you will be able to get over its ridiculous name. Pink Panties is a strain created by The Cookie Fam , a group of West Coast growers who are famous for creating strains such as Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet, and Gelato. Pink Panties is a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Florida Kush, also known as Triangle Kush, with a Burmese Landrace strain. From that lineage, it is no surprise that this strain is striking beautiful -dark green, dense tight buds just like a classic indica strain. It’s flavor is mysterious just like a Burmese landrace strain-it begins with a musky sweet flavor and then becomes citrusy and floral. It’s aroma is really floral and a bit citrusy but when smoked the flavor morphs into many different notes.

Most of the time, a potent indica will just knock you out . However, this indica dominant strain is different. Pink Panties’ effects are best described as relaxing, euphoric, and creative and oddly enough this strain actually can boost your energy level when you first consume it. When you consume some more, it can also put you to sleep. For this reason and many others, Pink Panties is quite a diverse and accommodating indica strain, which I liked a lot and I needed the diversity of this strain to deal with my many mood shifts during this Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Truth is, I can’t resist candy of any kind, so I couldn’t resist picking up my next strain, Candy Drop. Candy Drop is a slightly indica hybrid (40% sativa/60% indica) strain. It was created by crossing the slightly sativa hybrid Chemdawg Og with a nicely balanced hybrid, Candy Kush . The result is a yummy slightly uplifting strain that will give you the energy to get your stuff done without winding you up or leaving you looking for more to do.

It’s flavor and aroma are quite similar to a lot of other OG Kush strains-floral with a bit of skunk. When consumed this strain is much sweeter than the OG Kush strains that I’ve previously consumed. It’s effects as mentioned previously are pretty balanced, although the more you consume the more the indica side of this strain expresses itself. All in all, I went for the sweet stuff and I got a pretty well balanced strain instead. Goes to show, we are always given exactly what we need, at the exact right time in the exact right way.

Tangerine Sunset and Purple Dream


Another week has passed and we are over halfway through this Mercury Retrograde and this one has not disappointed. I have seen computers die, appointments cancelled, tax return money weirdly disappear and many old doubts and fears!

All that being said, I’ve been left feeling like I live in a snow globe-you know that transparent sphere, traditionally made of glass, which encloses a miniaturized scene of some sort, often together with a model of a town, landscape or figure-in this case I am enclosed in the glass dome and the snow is beneath my feet. Every day I work at keeping the snow securely under my feet and every day I end up with a blizzard of snow enveloping me. Then, I spend the rest of the day, calming the blizzard!


But, despite the weather in my head, I can always count on my cannabis strains to bring sunshine into my life and Tangerine Sunrise did just that. Tangerine Sunrise is a 100% pure sativa strain, created by the Colorado Seed Inc.. and named as one of the ten best strain of 2014 in the West. It was created by crossing Tangerine Haze with Hawaiian strain.

Tangerine Sunrise has a delicious aroma of orange with Haze notes. The buds are dark green and covered in red hairs. It has a super delicious aroma of freshly squeezed orange juice and a taste of fresh sweet citrus with a hint of vanilla spice upon exhale. It’s effects are hi-octane, like a heavy sativa. The effects cause an immediate uplifting of energy, focus and mood, which was exactly what the doctor ordered this week. Tangerine Sunrise is great as an eye opener at sunrise and throughout the day and because of its strong uplifting qualities, I suggest that you quit this strain around 3pm, like you would with a cup of coffee. I read that this strain may just cause you a bit of sunburn in the way of anxiety, if you consume too much. So, like all good things, moderation is a good idea with Tangerine Sunrise and perhaps in life in general.

Speaking of moderation, my next strain was created by crossing two very moderately fantastic strains. Purple Dream, is a slightly indica hybrid strain and is considered the '“mild child” of two big parents-Granddaddy Purple and Blue Dream. Of those two heavy hitting parents, this strain seemed to me to favor it’s Purple parent more-possessing w a big grape soda aroma and flavor. It’s effects are pretty balanced with an immediate uplift in mood but a surprising mental feeling of being chilled out. Again, like most hybrids if you continue to consume, you may just be a bit to chilled to do anything more for the day. This strain is said to be good for the treatment of anxiety, PTSD, depression and I’ll add a case of the Mercury Retrograde heebies!

Blue Nebula and Goji Stardawg

The energies of Mercury Retrograde, which began on March 5th, combined with several other cosmic planetary events, have taken their toll on me this week. My energy was low, my self esteem was low and my fear levels were high! Mercury Retrograde energies are known to uncover unresolved issues, which we probably thought we were done with but the energies show us otherwise. That is exactly what I experienced this week!


And, all of that uncovering of old emotional scars and baggage, however in the end ,helped me to heal and to move forward towards a healthier and hopefully happier future. But, no matter what the cosmos has in store for me, I can always count on my weed strain choices to help me to heal and to be happy . This week's strains ironically all were named for planets or other cosmic elements. Blue Nebula was my first “cosmic” cannabis strain. . A nebula is a giant cloud of dust and it is truly wondrous thing to behold. Named after the Latin word for “cloud”, nebulae are not only massive clouds of dust, hydrogen and helium gas, and plasma; they are also often “stellar nurseries”, where other stars are born.

What a beautiful illusion to use for a beautiful cannabis strain. Blue Nebula is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created by crossing Blue Dream x Nebula (Starcloud). If you’ve read any of my other blogs you will know that I love Blue Dream so, I knew I would love this strain. But, I really didn’t know anything about Nebula and I fell in love all over again. Nebula, a nicely balanced hybrid strain, bred by Paradise Seeds in 1996, won many awards, including 3rd place in the sativa category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1999 and 2nd place in 2005. It also took 3rd place at the Highlife Cup in 2004 in the Hydro category, and 1st place at the Copa La Bella Flor Spain in 2005.

Combine those two stellar strains, Blue Dream and Nebula and you’ve got yourself one tasty treat for any morning you want to get things done. This strain’s aroma and flavor were all blueberry with some hints of diesel. It’s appearance was just as planetary as its aroma-like little purple and green stars that twinkled with white trichome covering. Its effects were balanced and uplifting but not anxiety provoking. And although very similar to the effects of Blue Dream, Blue Nebula transports you to a much “higher” place than just Blue Dream by itself. Those effects had me thanking my lucky stars that this strain had fallen from the sky into my world this Sunday morning.


My next strain also had me thanking my lucky stars because it boosted my mood and helped me feel over the moon with gratitude. Goji Stardawg is a sativa dominant hybrid created by Dankonomics Genetics by crossing Goji Og, a sativa dominant hybrid, bred by Bodhi Seeds and Stardawg, another sativa dominant hybrid (Chem-4 x Tres Dawg). The result of all those crossings is one of best, balanced sativa dominant hybrid strains that has crossed my path in a long time. It’s aroma is berry with a bit of diesel and it’s flavor is more floral with notes of lavender. It’s appearance is just as star like as it’s aroma with pink and purple strands throughout its tight buds. This strain sent me on a really pleasant journey out of the my Mercury Retrograde funk into a new dimension of happiness and peace. It allowed me to transcend the world I have created in my head into a new “space” and a new galaxy. A galaxy in which I was at peace with the process of life. A new space in which I was patient with myself and the world around me. For sure, there is so much in the Universe that we haven’t yet explored, experienced or understood. Today, my world was expanded by the two planetary strains that entered my cosmos.

Red Velvet Pie and Cotton Candy Kush

It’s a new month, almost a new moon and we are about to experience our first Mercury Retrograde of this year, the two weeks during which electrical equipment goes awry, communication snafu’s and misunderstanding happen and when white can appear to be black and visa versa. I have already been visited by the energies of that trickster energy, revisiting relationships, ideas and beliefs that I thought I was finished with. But, alas I was wrong and that’s exactly what Mercury Retrograde is capable of doing.

However, Mercury Retrograde can also be incredibly healing in that in slows us down long enough to review, revisit and release our past or at least the past that we’ve chosen to become attached to. It is a time to slow down and focus on the present and what is truly important to you and then to let go of the other stuff that really doesn’t matter any way.


So, as I revisit the relationships that I thought were gone out of my life, old insecurities and fear, I went to find some sweet weed strains, which would help to soothe my soul, as I learn my lessons, once again. The first sweet treat was Cotton Candy Kush. Cotton Candy Kush is a hybrid strain-whether it is sativa dominant or indica dominant, depends on which source you read. So, for sure this is a well-balanced hybrid, possessing effects that are right “In the Middle”. The effects of this strain begin with the cerebral kick of a sativa strain and then, the body relaxing powers of a strong indica hit you.

This strain is visually stunning with short, fat green and lavender buds that have a “candied” look. It’s aroma is all about it’s indica parent, Lavender, a floral and powerful indica. Its sativa parent is the spicy, THC-rich Power Plant. Together those parents created a Emerald Cup winner that will leave you feelings happy, content and relaxed. . And, it is a strain that will sooth your soul and will make revisiting the ghosts of your past, almost painless!

Another thing I always find that takes away my pain is sugar and the next strain that I choose tastes just like it’s namesake Red Velvet Pie. Red Velvet Pie is a cross between Cherry Pie , one of my all time favorite hybrid strains and Burmese Thai, another really well balanced hybrid strain. So, the result of that crossing is exactly what I expected -a very balanced and quite tasty to consume strain, just like red velvet cake and cherry pie a la mode are really easy to consume.

Like Cotton Candy Kush, this strain is visually beautiful and then takes your breath away, when you take a big noseful of it. .The buds are frosty, covered in trichomes with purple and orange hairs around and they were sticky. I rarely find sticky bud anymore so I truly took notice of this strain.


I also took notice of its aroma- it smells (and tastes) just like sweet cherries, spicy berries, and pungent diesel-all resulting in an irresistible combination that made me want to dive into to more of it. This strain is known to treat stress, nausea, appetite loss, pain, and depression. So, it is suitable for daytime and evening usage. This well balanced sweet strain allowed me to focus on some real things that were present, allowing me to leave my past behind and just be grateful for good weed and in truth a good life.

Ganesh's Garden OG and Tokyo OG

The last two weeks have been cold and stormy here in sunny San Diego. I, along with my other fellow San Diegans, am not accustomed to the gray, cold and rain and so have sought refuge inside, where I’ve had more time to write and of course, to explore new weed strains.

And, as luck would have it, I found two strains that brought me much needed energy during these gray days and then put me down at night, calming my mind and my body. The first strain was Ganesh’s Garden Og. After researching and then consuming this strain, I think it is a sativa dominant hybrid strain, created by the crossing of Yamuna x Afghani Landrace. I qualify that statement because I found one reference to Ganesh Garden OG that said it was a heavy indica strain, taking on it’s characteristics from one of its parents, Northern Lights.

I am sticking with the other sources that say it is a sativa dominant hybrid and a fairly high powered one at that. I am sticking with that description because if it were a heavy indica strain, I would not be writing this blog right now. I would be chilling on my couch!

All that being said, here’s what I found out about Ganesh Og. Ganesh OG is named after the Hindu god, who is said to be “the remover of obstacles”. It is said to be heavy handed on the sativa effects, the chunks buds disguise this flower as an indica and might require a heavy duty grinder to break down, which I did use and found it smoked a lot better. This strain is potent without nervous side effects like a Jack Herrer strain and offers body relaxing qualities-warm and fuzzy feelings are included in the experience. The effects of Ganesh OG allow you to stay very high functioning, while also relaxing you.

Like many of the other hybrid strains, if you up the dose, you will experience heavier body sensation that will ease your tense muscles and tranquilize your mind. This strain has an earthy aroma with notes of skunk and pine. The flavor is sweet with a coffee notes an undertone of pungent skunk. This strain is ideal for the treatment of stress and pain was just what the doctor ordered on a rainy, cold day.

Just as Ganesh’s Garden fueled my energies, Tokyo Og put me right to sleep! Tokyo Og is a mostly Indica 80/20 hybrid. Although you may think by its name that it has its origins in Japan, you would be wrong. This strain was created in Northern California and is a hybrid strain with genetics from OG Kush , which releases a citrus and pine flavor with hints of diesel. The effects of this strain are relaxing and then sedating. This strain is said to be excellent in helping with anxiety, and stress. But to me, it was all about putting me out and allowing be to roll gently to the sleepland. This strain did not disappoint.

Life is truly about balance and some weeks are more balanced than others. This week my strains were balanced and they help me find balance in my life.

Blueberry Soda and Royal Chiesel

Happy President’s Day! I am one of the fortunate folks that actually have this day off. So, what better way to start a day off but with new weed strains!

My day of celebration started with an upbeat and sugary sweet strain, Blueberry Soda. As I dig deeper into what my Apple Music playlists would call the “deep cuts” of weed, I find more and more strains, which are hybrids- a complicated mix of some of the tried and true strains that I previously have written on. Blueberry Soda is such a strain. It seems to me to be a hybrid of Black Cherry Soda , an indica dominant hybrid and Blueberry, also an indica dominant hybrid. And, oddly enough the hybridization of these two hybrid strains creates a very well balanced, sativa dominant hybrid strain. Now, that is some genetic fancy footwork.

The flavor and the aroma of this strain is blueberry all the way. It’s effects to me were quite similar to those of Blue Dream. This strain is energizing in a quiet way. It uplifts your mood and yet doesn’t cause any jumpiness or anxiety. I did not test the limits on this strain since I have lots more celebrating to do this afternoon. But, my feeling is that if I would have continued to consume, I think the indica genes of this strain would have become more dominant , as often happens with these complicated hybrid strains.

Today’s cannabis strains cannot really be easily categorized as either indica or sativa they need to tried by you. All of our endocannabinoid systems are different and what your system need vs what mine needs is definitely different. Today’s cannabis flower are complicated and yet so easy-you just have to try them all!

And, with that mission, the next strain I picked this week was Royal Chiesel, a sativa dominant hybrid. This strain like Blueberry Soda, is another genetic wonder. It is a cross between Chiesel, a sativa dominant hybrid and Royal Kush , an indica dominant hybrid. Again, there are no hard facts about this strain so I am giving you my experience with the strain that I picked up. But here’s some background on the parent strains.


Chiesel is a sativa hybrid strain that was created by crossing Cheese , an indica dominant hybrid originating in the UK and NYC Diesel , the east coast version of the west coast strain, Sour Diesel. To me, the first thing that caught my attention was this strains aroma-heavy on the diesel, just like Sour Diesel, and I was surprised at how little “cheese” that I smelled or later tasted.

However, the flavor of this strain is really mild and almost like an Afghani strain with a bit of skunk. Funny enough, the other parent of this strain is Royal Kush, which is created by crossing Afghani and Skunk #1.

So, it goes to show you that cannabis strains, just like people, cannot be put in tiny little neat categories. The new hybrid strains, like us, are made up a lot more than what are parents gave us. They like us are much more complicated and because of that “complication” are much more beautiful and unique.

This President’s Day, whether you are working or celebrating, make the intention to stop limiting yourself and your experiences and stay open to this moment and all the next moments to come. Happy holiday!

Strawberry Mimosa and Cupid Cookies

The holiday of love is looming on the horizon and although I may not be feeling the heartfelt feelings that Hallmark and the other holiday makers would like me to feel, love did creep into my weed strain choices this week.


The first strain of love was Strawberry Mimosa. Although I could not find any real data from my research, the appearance, aroma, taste and effects-all confirm to me that this strain is in all probability a cross between Strawberry Cough (a straight up sativa strain) and Mimosa (a sativa dominant hybrid-a cross between the popular strains Clementine and Purple Punch .)

My assumptions on its genetics were based on its appearance, taste, aroma and effects. First, this strain looks very similar to Strawberry Cough with tight dense buds. On the other hand, it gets its bright green and orange coloring from its other parent-Mimosa. Furthermore, the flavor of Strawberry Mimosa is the perfect blend of those two strains-its filled with berries, citrus and some earthiness, with big fold terpenes of limonene and beta-caryophyllene. Finally, this strain’s effects are just like its parents-instantly uplifting, focusing and a bit giggly too.

Overall to me this was just a delightful sativa strain, even if its genetics are unknown. Strawberry Mimosa is great for daytime use and will provide you with clear-headed relaxation, energizing mental stimulation, and motivation.  All in all, this strain is a perfect way to start of your Valentine’s Day or any day that you want to fill your heart and mind with uplifted love.


The next strain of love that I choose was Cupid Cookies. Again, I could not find exact genetics on this strain but, it is my assumption that it is a cross between Cupid, slightly sativa dominant hybrid and Girl Scout Cookies, evenly balanced hybrid strain. And, as soon as I opened the container of this sticky sweet sativa, I couldn’t help but fall in love with every inch of this flower. From the bright, fiery orange hairs all the way to this strain’s sour cherry, berry and herbal scent, I knew that this strain was a keeper! It’s flavor is also filled with the sugary sweetness of Girl Scout Cookies and the lavender and berry flavors of the Cupid OG Strain.

This strain is really easy to smoke and it’s effects will leave you chilled but not checked out. You will feel the warmth in your heart that slowly creeps into your body with repeated ingestion, sort like the way that new love creeps into to your heart and spreads throughout your body. This strain will give you the creativity, euphoria and energy to help you make sure that all the Cupid’s Arrows that you send out will definitely strike the bulls eye. Happy Valentine’s Day. May you always be the biggest love in your life and find some good strains along the way that make you feel even better about yourself.

Blue Frost and Double Rainbow

Last week, much of the United States was gripped by frigid temperatures and life-threatening wind chills, with some areas of the Midwest dealing with colder weather than they’ve seen in decades. If you’ve been following the news at all, you probably already know what’s to blame: the dreaded “polar vortex,” which describes a large area of low pressure and cold air that surrounds both poles of the earth.


I however because I live in America’s finest city, San Diego, only endured 50 degree temperatures and a bit of rain. And, yes I know how incredibly blessed that I am to live in a climate that doesn’t beat up my body and soul.

All that being said, the weather did creep into my weed strain selections this week. The first being Blue Frost. Blue Frost is a 60% indica/40% sativa dominant hybrid strain-a perfect balance of relaxation and focus. It was created by crossing Blue Monster (indica dominant hybrid) and Jack Frost (a sativa dominant hybrid) strains. Blue Frost is both visually stunning and aromatically alluring. I read that it got its name from the beautiful frosting of trichomes that cover it’s big beautiful green and orange buds.

Blue Frost has a rich and smooth flavor - fruity with the sweet taste of blueberries with a little bit of cheese mixed in to keep the flavor interesting. To me, the flavor and the aroma are quite similar to Blue Dream and the smoke that lingers in the air is really clean- smelling and uplifting.

The effects of Blue Frost are balanced and perfect for day or early evening-uplifting but yet relaxing. The effects begin with a soothing overall body sensation and eventually spread and take over the body, leaving you feeling remarkably relaxed. Like most hybrid strain, the result of overindulging, may cause you to feel lethargic and locked on the couch.

Also this strain is known to cause some noticeable dry mouth and dizziness. I however did not experience either one of those side effects. I just got chilled out even though it was 65 degrees in San Diego. No polar vortex here just a bunch of cool breezes and Blue Frost to keep things cool and chilled out.

After every major storm, including the one we had last week, there is always a rainbow. In my case, it was Double Rainbow, the second strain that I chose this week. Double Rainbow is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was crafted by the geniuses at In House Genetics by crossing Rainbow Cookies x Purple Hulk The result is another “Girl Scout Cookie” strain that is balanced and yet definitely has an indica edge to it it.

As I said previously, this strain tastes like a cookie strain -sweet like cookies but with more berry overtones and a bit of skunk thrown in there for good measure. The effects of Double Rainbow are double what you would experience with Girl Scout Cookies and after a couple of tokes, you will be chasing rainbows right to your couch. Relaxed and contented, you will find the pot of gold , as you let go of your stress and become enveloped in a rainbow of gratitude. Always look for rainbows because they are always around!

Superman OG and Super Silver Haze

The word “super” is perhaps one of the most over used words in our language today. We use it as an adverb. We use it as an adjective and we even frequently use it to describe our weed strains, as evidenced by the two strains I randomly choose this week in hopes that they would live up to their “super” names.

The first “super” strain that I discovered was Superman OG. Superman OG is an indica dominant strain, although some sources that I read said that it was a 60% indica/40% sativa strain, which to me means that it is a fairly balanced strain, which is not what I experienced with this strain. Instead, I experienced this strain to be a heavy handed indica. Despite the categorization of this strain, what seems to be agreed upon is that it is a product of crossing the hybrid Tahoe OG Kush and indica Bubba Kush.

The first “super” thing that I noticed about this strain was its beautiful trichomes drenched buds, covered in a mass of dark orange hairs-and those buds were “super” big. Next, when consumed this super strain immediately rescued me from any stress in my mind and my body. It’s aroma is skunk , diesel and and pine and it’s flavor when smoked is almost all skunk with some earthiness.

I read that Superman OG can have THC levels up to 23% , so this super strain may not the best choice for beginners-it’s a better choice for you super stoners. . I myself used it as a sleep aid and it did a super job, relaxing me and putting me right to sleep.

Note: this strain can make you super hungry; i.e. it will give you the munchies, so make sure you’ve got some super snacks to accompany your consumption of this super strain. And, it also causes you to experience super dry mouth, so be sure to have a super-sized drink handy too!


My next super strain that came from my favorite super weed store was Super Silver Haze (also known as Super Haze or my store called it Super Hazey Daze). I reviewed this strain last year, however, I couldn’t resist trying this particular batch since it looked and smelled so super delicious.

Super Silver Haze is a sativa dominant hybrid strain, bred by Green House Seeds, It has won a bunch of awards including the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1997, 1998, and 1999. This strain was created by crossing the genetics of Skunk, Northern Lights, and Haze. And it has become one of my all time favorite sativa strains because of its great euphoric head high and mood uplifting effects-always leaving me feeling giggly and happy. It’s flavor sweet and earthy flavor and it’s aroma is pretty much the same. This strain uplifts, energizes but also relaxes your mind so you just feel super good. All in all, perhaps the word super is used too often and too much, however in the case of the two super strains I choose this week-the word super seems to fit, just perfect. They were both super!

Acapulco Gold

After reading about Acapulco Gold this afternoon, I feel “not worthy” to write about such a prestigious and well-known strain such as Acapulco Gold, but here goes…


Acapulco Gold is one of the most legendary strains in cannabis culture. It is a sativa-dominant landrace native to the Guerrero Mountains and the areas surrounding Acapulco, Mexico. Acapulco Gold, also known as “Mexican Sativa,” made its way to the US in the early 1960s and has been said to be sought after for its excellent taste and potent effects by cannabis lovers across the country (and throughout the world) ever since.

One of the many reasons for Acapulco Gold’s popularity is its reputation of being one of the strongest strains one can consume, and it's because this strain consistently tests between 15-23% Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). This strain is known to induce “fast-acting cerebral effects that uplift one's mood and reduces stress, anxiety, and depression. Acapulco Gold also has powerful analgesic properties that relax muscles and relieves chronic body pain, as well as the ability to increase one's appetite. Since it's not a strong sedative, its a good choice for daytime use.

I was elated when I ran across this strain. But, I kept my expectations in check because I have been disappointed with other legendary strains. In this case however I was not disappointed by the taste, aroma or the effects. They are indeed legendary.


The effects are exactly as they are described through many sources on the web-immediate mood uplift, followed by overall body and mind happiness. With a happy mind and body, I was able to accomplish all my task with a great big smile on my face. This strain uplifted my mood, focused my mind and energized my soul. It did not make me jumpy or hyper.

The flavor is very similar to sour diesel with a bit more skunk and a bit of buttercream sweetness. Acapulco Gold is a genuinely delicious strain that will undoubtedly have you coming back for more! Rarely does life exceed your expectations, today it did -with one of the best weed strains that I’ve tried in a really long time and with a gorgeous, 75 degree Saturday afternoon right here in San Diego.

What is in a name?


What's in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet. William Shakespeare.

As I sat down to write my weekly “cannabis strains of the week”, I started to think about all the times that I purchased a strain that had a name that “inferred” that it would be like a sativa strain and yet, upon consuming it, I was knocked out and locked into the couch.

Moreover, I have found out the name of a cannabis strain can in fact be misleading and sometimes just plain wrong. Here are some other reasons why cannabis strain names are not as helpful as some may think:

  •      Cannabis quality varies widely depending on the cultivator and garden environment

  • A particular strain at one dispensary may look completely different at another dispensary

  • ·       Industry regulations require testing labeling, but not accurate strain labeling

  • ·       Many strain names are being banned, with Oregon being a great example

  • ·       Cannabis strain names do not convey potency levels.

Just because a strain name is on the jar on the shelf at one place doesn't mean that the terpene profile, potency, look, taste, and cannabinoid levels will be the same at other dispensaries, even though it's all the same strain name. This can create challenges for anyone, including myself, who needs or desires a consistent effect. I like almost everyone else gets side swiped by a mislabeled strain, although it happens less and less with all the California regulations.

What is a better way to classify cannabis than by strain name?

As time goes by, a heavier focus will be put on other attributes of cannabis products, ones that are more reliable and a better indicator of quality than strain names.

The measurement of two other attributes are based much more on science, and less on subjective measurements. They are:

1.     Cannabinoid testing result levels.

2.     Terpene profiles: Terpenes are what give cannabis its smell, and each terpene is associated with certain effects and wellness benefits. So, terpenes do much more than give cannabis it’s smell, they also modulate the effects of THC and CBD’s.

Therefore, it is the amount of each particular terpene present in a given harvest, combined with quantity of cannabinoids present in a strain that provide a much more reliable way for consumers to know what to expect from what they are purchasing.

3.     Not only will strain names matter less as time goes by as terpene profiles become more common, indica and sativa designations will become less relied upon over time. The two category indica/sativa system is very broad, and in reality, many strains are just a hybrid strain-a combination of two opposing strains.

Here are two strains that I purchased last week-Chronic Narnia and Fruity Knockout- both strain names prove my point about names being unreliable about the effects and flavors of a cannabis strain. Upon researching Chronic Narnia, I found conflicting information. Some websites said that it was a sativa leaning hybrid. Other websites, describe it as a rare indica strain. Oddly enough, for me this strain started as a sativa but finished up like an indica. Not a strain I recommend partaking in all day or you may end up on your couch pondering the legends of Narnia.

Fruity Knockout on the other hand, was described as a sativa leaning hybrid on several of the websites that I searched. And yet, it turned out that upon consuming this strain it was a heavy handed indica and just like it’s name, it knocked me out!

Ultimately cannabis strain names are just fun and sometimes even funny! They probably will never entirely go away in the cannabis world, but they will be less relied upon as cannabis science continues to evolve and more about the plant is known. So the moral of this story is that never just a book by its cover and never choose your weed strain just by its name!


Orange Fanta and Mendo Montage


Last night we witnessed a full moon, total lunar eclipse and what a sight she was! I am a moon watcher and mark the passage of my lifetime through watching the changing phases of the moon. And, in doing so, no matter what phase I am in, by watching the moon, who in reality never changes, I realize that in reality I am always whole just like La Luna. And, just like by moon watching, I also mark the passage of my life through chronicling what I discover and learn about each cannabis strain, each week.

This week I discovered two strains that I have never seen before and that helped me see the shadows of myself with more clarity and compassion. Both of these strains were perfect examples of the science that goes on behind cannabis strains and how I like them,are truly connected to everyone and to the world at large.


The first strain was Orange Fanta. It is a poly-hybrid cross of Platinum Gelato Chem x Agent Orange. Platinum Gelato Chem is (Plat. Girl Scout Cookies x Gelato Chem (Larry Bird x (Chem 91 x Chem D)-wow there’s a lot of genetic technology happening in this strain. All that genetic fancy footwork was done by Seattle Chronic Seeds and the result is a really delicious orange soda flavor and aroma.

One of my favorite strains is Orange Velvet because of its soft citrusy flavor and giggle provoking effects and this strain produced very similar mellow uplifting and a bit euphoric effects. It’s flavor is just like orange soda and it is also sweet and bubbly. It’s appearance looks similar to it’s parents Agent Orange and Gelato and it was a sweet treat on a Sunday afternoon, while waiting for the moon to eclipse.


My next strain still influenced by the lunar eclipse was Mendo Montage. Mendo Montage is hybrid strain that displays the genetic skills of Gage Green Genetics. Again, like Orange Fanta, this strain was created by some pretty nifty genetics-by crossing cross between Mendo Purps and Crystal Locomotive F1 . The resulting hybrid strain is evenly balanced between indica and sativa at first, but like many other hybrids when you consume more-the indica parent becomes dominant and you become couch locked.

The flavor of this strain is all Mendo Purps-tasting like sweet grape candy. As I eluded to, the effects of this strain start with a visually and mentally uplifting mental buzz and then be followed up by a calming effect without being too narcotic. However, consume even more and be sure to be close to your couch.

Eclipses always bring endings and endings are always followed by beginnings. I let go of so much that no longer served any purpose in my life in the past couple of months. Now, I am free to allow the new to come to me. And you can bet, there will always be new weed strains for me to discover and to share with you.

Sky Master and GTO

Because it’s a New Year I decided to venture into a new weed store this week. And, not surprisingly found two new strains that will be on my heavy rotation list, if I can ever find them again!

The first strain that caught my eyes and nose was Sky Master. Sky Master I am told is rare sativa-dominant hybrid, bred by the masters at Washington Bud Company. The strain was created by crossing a Southern California favorite Blue Dream and Master Kush strains.


This strain is visually stunning with tons of orange strands running through each “sticky” bud. It’s aroma is just as gorgeous as it’s physical appearance with notes of tropical fruit and sweetness. It’s flavor is also fruity and with definite berry overtones, which is understandable since on of it’s parents is Blue Dream, a blueberry tasty strain.

Sky Master’s effects are just as outstanding as it’s appearance, aroma and flavor. They begin with an immediate euphoric boost that is very happy and makes you feel at ease. This strain gives creativity, focus and motivates. The body warms and relaxes but is not weighed down. Thus, I consumed before writing this blog:)).

Sky Master is the perfect sativa-uplifting, happy making and yet no anxiety, jumpiness or restlessness-just up, up and away and the sky is truly the limited with Sky Master.

Next, I chose another strain that I had never seen before. GTO is a well balanced hybrid-whether it is indica or sativa dominant depends on who grows it and which website you read. Therefore, the GTO that you consume may be a bit different than what I describe here.


All that qualifying side, the GTO strain that I consumed was slightly sativa dominant. Its breeders are unknown but it is known to be a cross between Triangle Kush, an indica dominant strain and Golden Goat., an incredibly tropical tangie sativa strain. And, that’s the first thing you taste is Tangie-the flavor of big bold tangerines. The effects of this strain is also big and bold-tending toward a Jack Herrer strain. It is very stimulating and you will need to be productive after consuming this strain. And just like the muscle car, the Pontiac GTO , which this strain is named after, this strain can make you go fast and furious. So, my suggestion is to find some purposeful activity when you consume this strain or else it can leave you jumpy and a bit nervous. I myself used it to help me sail through cleaning my house, my car and even my dog. Hope it help you to get your business done too!

New Year, New Strains!

Happy New Year! It has been one year since cannabis became legal here in San Diego, CA and not much has changed since that historic day. Since San Diego decided to limit the number of licenses for dispensaries, not many new dispensaries have opened since the first part of 2018 and the only notable new cannabis products are in the CBD category, which every major cannabis line seems to have added CBD products to their line up.

I however still am dismayed at the quality of cannabis flower that I find in any of the licensed dispensaries. Mainly I really hate buying my flower wrapped in plastic and hermetically sealed for my safety or the safety of children that I do not even have! I feel no safer buying my cannabis flower at the new licensed dispensaries than I did when I purchased through the old medical collectives. I just want to be able to smell and see the cannabis flower that I plan to buy in its whole bud form. Oh well, I guess that it is for the better that cannabis has been legalized so I no longer am stigmatized as a stoner or better yet, a criminal!


All that being said, I returned to my anonymous, non licensed weed shop and found two new strains that I knew would kick off this new year right! As I said previously, CBD products and cannabis strains are becoming increasingly more popular. I was thrilled to find a rare CBD dominant strain during my first visit of the year.

. Haleigh’s Hope is a sativa dominant high CBD strain, which can exhibit a CBD:THC ratio of 24:1. This strain was created by a grower from Georgia, who now lives and grows cannabis in Colorado. The strain was named after a 6-year old with cerebral palsy and epilepsy. Her conditions were treated with an oil derived from this strain.

The strain itself looks quite similar to other sativa strains with yellow-green nugs that smell like a mix of citrus and grass. It’s flavor when consumed is mellow with earthy, herbal notes, while the scent is grassy and sweet with a barely detectable spice. It’s effects were like the other CBD strains that I’ve had, providing complete body relaxation, some blissfulness but mainly calmness and clarity. I thank goodness don’t have any major pain so I can’t attested to it’s anti-inflammatory effects or its analgesic properties. I have read that this strain is useful in treating many conditions including inflammation, epilepsy, spasms or crams, and headaches. It’s a great strain for either daytime or evening usage. I however just liked being calm and clear for the new year!

Although it is always good to clear your head for a new year, it is also good to sleep well and rest your head. For that I found Hindu Glue. Upon researching this strain, I found very little concrete information on it. But, I did find a lot of information on it’s two parents-Hindu Kush and Gorilla Glue #4.

Hindu Kush, as I found out, is one of the legendary “Kush” strains and has its origin fron the mountain range that runs along the border of Afghanistan and Pakistan that is called Hindu Kush. This strain is classified and referred to as one of the absolute purest indicas on the planet and Hindu Kush’s genetics have been tested to show that the results do, indeed, backup the exquisite claims made. Ranking in with a 100% indica content.

It’s flavor and aroma tell you from the first sniff that this is a potent strain. It’s aroma is earthy, pine and flowers, followed by hints of sweetness. Its flavor is best described as creamy, offering a smooth and velvet-like smoke for the throat and mouth, covering the taste buds with hints of spicy-sweet pine and lemony citrus. Appearance wise, Hindu Kush is a short and densely packed crop, much like a miniature Christmas tree. And, after all that build up it’s effects did not disappoint. One, two, three and I never got to four. This strain slayed me and that is exactly what it was intended to do.

Adding to the heavy indica punch of the Hindu Kush was the “gluing effects” of Hindu Kush’s other parent Gorilla Glue #4. It is also as much as a heavy hitter as Hindu Kush and it won first place in both the Michigan and Los Angeles 2014 Cannabis Cups in addition to the High Times Jamaican World Cup.

Gorilla Glue is a tricky strain and bears caution since it is classified as a sativa dominant hybrid cannabis strain because its genetic makeup consists of 70% sativa and 30% indica; a hybrid cross between the Chem’s Sister, Chocolate Diesel, and Sour Dubb strains, but its effects are all indica- consumption results in extreme relaxation and couch lock. If you are looking to doing anything but hang out and watch movies, do not consume this strain.

So now imagine these two monster indica strains combined and you get a “lights out strain”, exactly what I was looking for. This new year is all about becoming authentic and learning to find balance in all areas of my life. Cheers to a new year, new strains to try and new ways to live my purpose. Hope you find your purpose and of course, really good weed strains along the way.