Sherbet Cookies and Purple Capers


Tomorrow is my birthday and thus it seems fitting for me to be celebrating with some fruity and fun strains. Birthdays are always filled with cake and ice cream but for me it was cookies and capers. Sherbet Cookies, also known as Rainbow Cookies, is sativa dominant hybrid strain, created by the cannabis cultivators at Elev8 Seeds, by crossing two of my favorite happy strains - Thin Mint GSC (f.k.a. Girl Scout Cookies) and Sherbet.

Sherbet Cookies has a wildly scrumptious fruity taste and aroma that this sativa lover fell in love with. Its aroma is citrusy with berry notes and an overall fruity floral bouquet. The nugs of this strain are puffy and bright in coloring with thickly blanketed white trichomes and orange hairs. Making this strain a thing of beauty to behold.

But wait there’s more to fall in love with-its effects! This strain instantly boosted my mood, ambition, creativity, and energetic focus. However, it also relaxed my body without leaving me feeling sedated or couch locked. For medical use, this strain is used to treat Multiple Sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, chronic pain, and Crohn's disease. For me, this strain, like most of the Girl Scout Cookies relatives, raised my spirits, gave me the fortitude to take on a new week and for that matter, a new year with one great big smile on my face.

Continuing my birthday celebration, I moved from cookies to capers-Purple Capers that is. Purple Capers is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid.Its origins are a bit murky but, it is said to be a cross of Grand Daddy Purp x Sour Diesel an x White Widow x Unknown Pure indica strain. And that is some fancy genetic footwork!

The appearance of Purple Caper is an expression of that fancy genetic footwork with lots of vibrant colors. Its buds are mostly green with a surprise splash of purple that hides underneath its green leaves. Its aroma is uniquely sweet and somewhat hard to describe. It smells like tropical fruit and grape gum. But, it is its effects that are the most memorable. This strain lifted my mood up into the sky and made me forget all negativity, providing physical relief as well relief for my soul. I guess that is why it is used in the treatment of depression and PTSD. For me, this strain helped me to remember no matter what my age is, that I am far too blessed to be stressed. Perhaps, some Purple Caper can teach you the very same thing.

Celebrate every day as if it were your birthday or your dying day…none of us is promised another one.

Tropical Berry and Tangie Cookies

We are entering the dog days of summer with soaring temperatures and here in San Diego humidity, which we rarely experience, since in reality we live in what used to be a desert. With balmy days and nights, it’s no wonder, I turned to some tropical themed strains this week.

The first tropical treat that I tried was Tropical Berry. Tropical Berry is a very well balanced hybrid strain that was create by 710 Genetics by crossing Grapefruit , a tart straight up sativa strain with Blueberry., a fruity indica strain. Although the gram, I bought said this strain was sativa leaning, everything I read, said that it was indica leaning. Whatever category you put this strain in, you can bet that with fruity parents like that, this strain is a fruit salad for your nose and mouth.

The aroma and flavor of Tropical Berry are fruity and sweet, just as you would expect. The buds of this strain are small, purplish, cone-shaped, like a sativa bud, which is surprising since again some sources say that this strain can lean towards indica, when consumed in large quantities. The effects for me were uplifting and yet relaxing, but not too relaxed. Additionally, this strain increased my creativity and got me motivated even if it was 90 degrees outside. It allowed me to rise above the rising temperatures and come back to the place that I know that all is truly well in my world, no matter what season it is.

The tropics to me are filled with colorful exotic fruits, plants and citrus. And, that’s what my next strain smelled and tasted like. Tangie Cookies, is a sativa strain, created by Elev8 Seeds by crossing two of my favorite strains GSC Thin Mint and Tangie. The aroma of this strain is a pretty intense citrus smell (specifically orange) with an overall sweetness that tells you that Girl Scout Cookies are in the house. Not surprising the taste is filled with a sweet citrus flavor with a fruity blend-making your mouth pucker just a little bit.

The effects of this strain came on rapidly and filled me with euphoric tingles, leaving me feeling happy, positive and perhaps a bit giddy. I can see how it is recommended for the treatment of depression, fatigue, and stress. This strain is definitely for daytime use only-if the sun is up, then it is time to consume some Tangie Cookies!

Whether the weather is hot or not, you and I always have a choice-a choice to a choose our thoughts with care and to create your own tropical paradise right here on earth. Choose either one of this week’s strains and you’ll be own your way to your own private tropical dream.

Claybourne Orangeade and Biscotti Brands Tropical Sleigh Ride Bubble Hash

Wow, some weeks you just hit the jackpot! And, that is exactly what happened to me this week, when the cannabis gods presented me with two big, delicious cannabis treats. One strain quenched my proverbial thirst while the other transported into a new realm of cannabis, the world of hash, satisfying and delighting all my senses and my soul!

With that huge build up, the first strain that came my way via Ramona Cannabis Company was Orangeade, grown by Claybourne Co, a local grower and my friends.

Orangeade is a sativa dominant strain that was created by crossing two of my favorite strains- Tangie and Purple Punch and it smells and tastes like a combo of each of it’s parents. Its aroma is like grape bubblegum with notes of grape, citrus and just plain fruitiness. It’s effects are balanced-causing a pleasant euphoria and a relaxed, sense of well-being. Right from the start, this tangy, fruity strain melts away your stress but keeps you motivated and energized. This strain is perfect day or evening, when you want to be awaken and active but not uptight. Kudos to my friends at Claybourne Co for cultivating another strain that I loved and was perfect for a hot summer day. Your Orangeade quenched my “thirst” and made my Sunday, even sunnier!

Man or woman cannot exist on sugary sodas like Orangeade alone. You also have to eat and that is what consuming Biscotti Brands , hand crafted, glass jarred and wax sealed hash makes you feel like-just like you are being treated to sumptuous feast for all your senses.


I am a newbie to hash-any kind of hash and knew very little about how it was made and how it was different than cannabis flower. So, here’s what I learned. Hash, which is short for Hashish, originated in the Middle East and South Asia and is made from trichomes of the cannabis plant. It can be solid, resinous or in powdered form. The Biscotti Brands bubble hash that I purchased was in the loose form. I chose to sprinkle the loose hash in a couple of joints that I rolled and on top of flower in my bong and bubbler.

Originally hash, I am told, was produced by rubbing trichomes gathered on the fingers, after harvest, until the resinous “rub” could be scraped off of the hands and pressed into larger bricks. Modern methods of hash production revolve around the same principle – the separation and reconstitution of trichomes from the cannabis plant. And that process can be complicated and proprietary, as in the case of Biscotti Brands.

Hash is an entirely new world for me and too big of a subject to cover here. That being said, the star of the Biscotti Brands bubble hash that I consumed was the cannabis strain that the bubble hash came from Tropical Sleigh Ride. Tropical Sleigh Ride was created by Greenshock Farms, a Northern California farm, by crossing (Pineapple x Hawaiian Haze) X Purple Candy Cane. It is known as one of the highest terpene strains in the world. Furthermore, this strain won 2 awards during the Emerald Cup 2017 and took home 1st place for highest terpene content, with a whopping 4.8% total content! It also earned itself 2nd place for a unique terpene profile, testing with an uncommonly high amount of Ocimene., a terpene, which is prevalent in sativa dominant strains, possibly playing a key role in the strain’s classification. Ironically, Ocimene, is also known as a decongestant and may contribute to the coughing fits that are often associated with using cannabis. Ocimene can produce an energetic effect, and shows to be a key contributor to the numerous medicinal benefits of cannabis. To say the least, Ocimene definitely contributes to the unusually uplifting effects of Tropical Sleigh Ride.

And, to me this strain deserves all its awards and accolades. With all those terpenes, you know that the aroma and flavor of the Biscotti Brands bubble hash was intoxicating-a complex, cornucopia of fruitiness, making my mouth water upon inhalation. The effects of the Biscotti Brands bubble hash were also award winning-uplift­ing and invigorating, causing a pleasant cerebral buzz. It also delivered waves of euphoria and stimulated my creativity. I am also told that this strain works as an efficient anti-depressant and I can see why!

By adding the Biscotti bubble hash to my bowl of flower, the effects of the flower were more intense in a really good way. The effects were clearer and I was much more focused than if I had just smoked a bowl of flower without the hash. For me, the effects of hash come on slowly, like a delayed reaction. Unlike flower by itself where I feel almost an instant change in mood. The effects of hash are more subtle and much more refined, leaving me uplifted and very clear headed. To say the least, I really loved the taste, the effects and the experience.

I know that this is just the beginning of learning about hash and I think, having a love affair with it. Biscotti Brands loose hash and pre-rolls awakened me to a whole new world and perhaps, gave me a peak into heaven. I suggest that you find it, buy it and try it yourself!

Tangerine Sunrise and Diesel Wreck

Here comes the Sun! Today the Sun moves into Leo, brightening and lightening up our days. It's been an emotional month, filled with exhilaration and exasperation! But, Leo promises to bring more warmth, more joy and more enthusiasm to our lives. And, since I am born under the sign of Leo, I ushered in the Lion with a big, bold sativa, Tangerine Sunrise.

Tangerine Sunrise is a pure sativa strain, just what the Lion ordered! It was created by the Colorado Seed Co by crossing Hawaiian Sunrise and Tangenesia and was named one of the ten best strains of 2014 in the West.

Tangerine Sunrise’s nugs are moderately dense with deep, firey “sunrise-like” trichrome fibers. But this flower isn’t just all about its good looks. Oh, there’s much more to Tangerine Sunrise than meets the eye. Its flavor is also an attention getter -possessing a big bold citrus flavor, which is balanced out with a woody, herbaceous essence that is surprisingly refreshing. But, the star of the Tangerine Sunrise show is its effects. This strain immediately uplifts mood, boosts energy, improves creativity, prompts giggles and chattiness, followed by an unexpected feeling of mild relaxation, unlike most straight sativa strains.

As far as medical benefits go, Tangerine Sunrise works great for depression, fatigue, pain, stress, and inflammation. It is an all-around enjoyable flower from its flavor and aroma to its relaxing effects. Whether you’re waking up or winding down- Tangerine Sunrise is an easygoing bud that will definitely welcome your sunrise or the sunset!


The next big sunny strain that I tried this week was Diesel Wreck, also known as Diesel Wreck Haze. Diesel Wreck is an 80/20 sativa dominant hybrid created by crossing Nevil’s Wreck and East Coast Sour Diesel and the results are a strain that is a chip of the old blocks. Much like its parents, this strain has a strong pungent aroma and flavor of diesel. It’s buds are mint colored with bright white trichomes and are shaped like small peppers. It’s those small unassuming pepper shaped buds that explode when consumed, lifting your mood up, inspiring creativity, sociability and laughter.

This strain will give you the get up and go to get your entire to do list done and to have fun doing so. It is the ideal strain to help this Lion get her roar back and to go courageously into her future, filled with love and light.

Lowell's Lemon Chem and Kosher Tangie

This is a time of great change for all of us. We can either resist it, fight it or we can just flow with it. I have chosen the latter! And, helping me to go with the flow, while I integrate all the lessons of the last couple of weeks, was Lowell’s Lemon Chem, which made its way to me through a friend, who purchased it at one of San Diego’s licensed dispensaries.


I know the folks at Lowell’s Herb Co from the cannabis paired dinner that I did last year, to mark the “legalization” of weed here in California. In fact, Lexi from Lowell’s was generous enough to give away joints to my dinner guests as they rode on the West Coast Cannabis Tours’ cannabus. Those pre-rolls were well received by my dinner guests and I liked them too. But, I don’t often venture into licensed dispensaries to buy my loose flower, so I never have purchased any of Lowell Herb Co’s flower. before I received the gift from my friend. I now know that I have been missing out!

Lemon Chem is a well balanced sativa dominant hybrid strain. It was created by crossing Larry OG, an indica dominant strain with Chem Dawg, an evenly balanced hybrid strain. The results of all that fancy genetic footwork is a very evenly balanced strain.

In appearance, the buds, which were gifted to me were smallish, green and olive shaped with a coating of bronze hairs. The aroma of Lemon Chem is a combination between citrus and diesel and it’s flavor leans heavily toward the diesel side. The effects just like this strains genetics are really balanced-not too much of either ups or downs. The end result being that I just felt good-not revved up, not ready to take on the world but, nor did I need a nap or to withdraw from the world. Sometimes balance is all your need in life and in weed. The high, high’s, usually lead to low, low’s. It’s sometimes good to just be stoned, which is exactly what this strain will do for you, in the nicest possible ways. A big high five to my friends at Lowell Herb Co.

Although things change, I seem to still choose the same citrusy sativa leaning strains, like Kosher Tangie.. Kosher Tangie, also known as “24 K Gold” or 24K, is a 60/40 indica dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Kosher Kush, an indica strain with one of my favorite sativa strains, Tangie.

The buds of Kosher Tangie are bright green with orange hairs and purple hairs, buried deep within the nug; nothing to write home about. It’s aroma, however, is intoxicating, with a potent mix of all sorts of citrus fruits dominating its main aroma. It smells like sweet and sour citrus with a undeniably skunky overall scent. It’s flavor is just as exotic as its aroma-skunk, citrus and spices.

It’s effects were well balanced just like the Lemon Chem. But, Kosher Tangie does become more indica dominant as you consume more of it. In comparison, Lemon Chem does not change when you consume more, offering the same effects each and every time.

This strain is what I needed. I needed my mood uplifted but also needed my lingering anxiety caused by six planets in retrograde, soothed. And that is exactly what Kosher Tangie did-uplifted my mind but relaxed my body.

Kosher Tangie is known for being a solid mind and body “stone”, subjecting you to a lighter and happier mood despite anything that may have stressed you out a second ago. Can I have an amen to that!

As you go through your changes, be sure to stay grounded, balanced and when needed-stay stoned!

Claybourne Co cannabis-White Buffalo

We are in a time of great change, prodded on by planetary retrogrades and eclipses. In fact, we are currently feeling the energies of our next eclipse! And, that eclipse is actually a full moon, lunar eclipse-wohoo! So what does that mean? It means we get to see our proverbial shadows and the shadows of those people in our lives. Those shadows are not pretty and yet when a light is shown upon them, those shadows dissipate and we grow in ways we never thought possible.

So, with that grand build up, my weed strain choices were changed to a whole new world, to the world of concentrates-shatter, badder, crumbles, resin and on and on. How I plunged into that whole new realm of cannabis is really a story for another blog. I assure you, it is a whole other Universe of cannabis!

Lest you thought that I didn’t find any flower in my travels this week, I did pick up some “legal” flower at Ramona Cannabis Company, in Ramona California. I was there on business, Pure Ratios’ business that is and I bumped into Claybourne Co, White Buffalo.. Both of which I am well acquainted with!

First, I have consumed White Buffalo before and I remember it well. It is an 80/20 sativa dominant strain and it lives up to its bullish name. It is a cross of a sativa strain, Bay 11 and a pair of indica dominant hybrids ( Romulon x Blackberry Kush). The results of all those fancy genetics is a visually beautiful, fragrant and a kick as sativa like effect.

And, this Claybourne Co White Buffalo did not disappoint. The buds were beautifully shaped with strands of orange, purple and green hairs, which were covered with a nice coating of shiny white trichomes.

It’s aroma was like sage and berries with some pine notes. It’s flavor was sweet-berry, herbs, diesel, plums, and apple-a cornucopia for your taste buds! And, the effects were just as I remembered-instantly uplifting, elevating mind and body. With those indica parents, there is definitely a body component to this strain. So, it lifts your mood up but slowly relaxes your body.

As I eluded to, I also know the folks from Claybourne Co! I had the good fortune of working with them, when they were our licensed distributor. However just as I started this blog off with, things have changed and, they no longer work with me.

However, I wanted to give a shout out to them and a huge, shameless plug for them. The cannabis industry hasn’t evolved enough to have integrity as its buzz word. But Claybourne Co, as people, as an organization and as a cannabis cultivator, are the new standard in my book. Working with them gave me hope for the future of the Southern California cannabis industry.

Finally and perhaps mostly importantly in this weed strain of the week, their cannabis flower exceeded all expectations and rivaled any of the strains that I usually get from my not so licensed shops. If you live in Southern California ask your licensed dispensary to get Claybourne Co and you will become a local hero.

I am always blessed to meet the people I need to meet to learn the lessons that I need to learn. It is miraculous how the Universe always gives me exactly what I need-good weed.

Chill out, be open to change and create your own miracles.

Lemon Crack and Lava Cake


Today is a Total Solar Eclipse New Moon. New moons always represent a time for new beginnings and cycles when we are able to leave behind anything from the past that no longer serves any purpose in our lives, and then take a step forward on a new path.

However, in astrology, this Cancer new moon is especially powerful for us, as it also marks the start of our new eclipse season that will last until December 26th. Cancer is a feminine sign that rules the moon and also represents home, family and intimate relationships. Additionally, Cancer is the sign for the mother, the Divine Mother and often represents the place our own mother holds within our lives.

So, this new moon is all about us learning how to mother ourselves, no matter what kind of mother we had in our childhood. It is also all about us taking responsibility for ourselves and our lives in a maternal way. We learn to love and nurture ourselves, we learn what we need and how we can take care of those needs.

And, in keeping with that notion of caring and nurturing myself, I choose two strains that helped me fulfill most of my needs this week-one strain propelled me upwards and the other took me down, hard and fast. My first strain was Lemon Crack. Born from the union of Green Crack , a heavy handed sativa and Lemon Haze, a moderate sativa strain, Lemon Crack is your go to strain for getting your stuff done. This strain will make you feel like you’ve just imbibed several shots of Espresso and despite an initial spike in energy, which can be a bit intense, the effects become more mellow, helping you to let go of stress while still remaining focused and clear headed.

In every hybrid strain, one of the parents seems to be more dominant than the other. This strain is really close to Green Crack, which used to be my go to strain, when I first returned to the land of cannabis a couple of years ago. However, I found that Green Crack often made me feel jumpy and a bit anxious. This strain still produces the same energizing effects without any of the jumpiness or anxiety, which I experienced with Green Crack alone.

The flavor and the aroma of this strain however are all from its Lemon Haze parent-with a really lemony aroma and flavor with some notes of diesel, which make it more interesting. So, it goes to show that even in the land of weed, parents make a difference. But, in our case, we can choose to become our own parents, going beyond our parents’ limitations and become our own unique selves, despite our genetics and our upbringing.

They say “what goes up must come down” and that was what I needed from my next strain, Lava Cake. Lava Cake, also known as Lava Cake #11, is a strain that was crafted by Tahoe Hydroponics Company and is a cross between Grape Pie, an indica dominant hybrid strain and Thin Mint Cookies, a lighter indica dominant hybrid. The results is a really tasty, heavy handed strain that will erupt in your brain and is known for putting users on the couch. That being said, this strain did its job-it put me to sleep and quickly.

Lava Cake is known for its sweet aroma and smells just like a cake coming out of the oven. It’s flavor is also sweet with hints of vanilla and almonds. But, it’s effects are what will get your attention. Rarely do i have a strain which almost instantly puts me to sleep. And, that is how this story ends with me nurturing myself with good weed, which helped me to get a good night’s sleep. By the darkness of our New Moon, allow yourself to be your own mother and take the time to care for and about yourself, today and every day that follows.

G6 and Fire Alien Og

Mercury goes retrograde in a week and I’m already feeling and experiencing the energy from its shadow. It feels like someone has put on the brakes, stopping my forward progress, which I felt like I was making. Everything becomes more complicated and more dragged out than it needs to be and my natural impatience is heightened as I am made to slow down. Although this natural phenomenon ends up to be for our own good, allowing our lives to catch up with our new insights and inspirations, it simply feels like a big nuisance to me.

All that lamenting aside, the cannabis strains that I chose this week helped me to stay grounded and to go with flow, even if reluctantly. The first strain I choose was G6, also known as the “jet fuel” strain, something that I needed this week.! G6 is a sativa dominant strain created by crossing Aspen OG , a balanced hybrid and High Country Diesel , a high powered sativa strain. This strain reminded a lot of Sour Diesel, which gets all the fame and glory. But, G6 has as much more get up and go as its imposter relative, Sour Diesel.


The aroma of G6 is pungent and gas-like, just like Sour Diesel. And its appearance is definitely similar to Sour Diesel, having plump, fluffy orange and green buds. It’s flavor is all diesel with a bit of citrus, just like Sour Diesel. However, its effects are much higher in octane than Sour Diesel! G6 definitely lives up to its pseudo-name, Jet Fuel!

The effects of G6 come on immediately and are cerebral, leaving a slight buzzing effect. It definitely has boosters for your mood and your energy level. You are then taken to new heights, leaving you floating in clouds of euphoria and uplifted and filled with a new fun perspective on your life.

G6 is definitely a day strain and I would not suggest smoking it after 5 pm if you have plans to sleep that night. I myself used G6 to boost my mood and change my attitude, which is all I really needed to do, because in truth I am always blessed beyond my fondest dreams.

The next strain shows the dichotomy of a cannabis strain-how one strain can get you up and cause deep relaxation at the same time. That strain was Fire Alien Og. Fire Alien Og is an indica dominant hybrid strain that was created by crossing Fire OG , an indica strain that is considered one of the strongest phenotypes of the OG family, with Alien Kush, another heavy hitter indica.

The appearance of Fire Alien Og is nothing to write home about with nugs that are lumpy and olive green that have a nice coating of snowy white trichomes. The aroma and flavor of Fire Alien Og feature notes of lemon, berries, earth, and pine. A combo that was really tasty.

It is the effects of this strain that make it notable! Fire Alien Og instantly rockets you into a state of happy and creative buzzing that doesn’t seem to have an end. Your to do list will become a joy, as you will seem to develop laser-sharp focus on nearly anything you set your mind to. Mostly cerebral in nature, this strain also made me surprisingly social, unlike most indicas, which make me drowsy and anti-social. However, as you consume more, you’ll feel your body relax to the perfect level of peace without sapping you of your energy. Then, consume some more and it will eventually knock you out.

This strain is said to be used by many medicinal users who struggle with chronic pain, headaches, and massive amounts of stress because of its deeply calming effect. Some users note that some strains lean more toward bodily effects, making it great for a variety of medical conditions, while others find that any mental disorders or cases of depression are seriously eased after taking a hit. Either way, it’s a strain you can count on to make your day that much better. It was a strain that did indeed make my days and nights better. If you should discover this strain at your local dispensary pick it up and allow your mood and your mind to melt.

Purple Elephant and Tangerine Cream

Tonight is a Full Moon in Sagittarius and I’ve been feeling the Full Moon vibes for days. Full Moons are always a bit of a special event to me. It is a time that everything climaxes, it is a time of culmination and release. But the energy around this Full Moon is said to be super special. This Full Moon is said to enhance the energy of personal development and achievement, like a "high point" in the astrological calendar. This Full Moon is saying to you and me that "If you can dream it, you can do it." . It is a time to let your daydreams totally off-leash and see where they take you.”

So, on that note of dreaming big, the first strain that I choose this week was big, beautiful and purple! Purple Elephant, is a 50/50 balanced hybrid and a child of the well known Purple Urkel strain. Although it is balanced, it is truly considered an indica leaning strain, taking most of it’s genetics from it Purple Urkel parent, which is a heavy handed indica strain.

Just a note before go any further-Purple Elephant is fairly rare strain and there is a good chance that you most likely won’t find this strain in your local dispensary because it is very difficult to grow and seeds are very hard to locate. That being, if you are lucky enough to find this strain like me, it will catch your attention because this strain is stunningly beautiful!. Its buds are colored in shades of green and deep purple and are covered in crystals and amber hairs. Purple Elephant smells strongly of grapes and berries and when consumed it tastes like grape bubble gum.

Purple Elephant effects are felt in both body and brain. It induces moderate cerebral euphoria, improves your mood, prompts laughter and can alleviate depression and stress. However, like many hybrids, after consuming more, the relaxation becomes sedation and sleep. For medical use, Purple Elephant is popular among those with mental health conditions like depression, chronic stress, and anxiety. For me, I just wanted to be set free for a few, hours so I could dream big dreams for my future. Purple Elephant set me free to see all the unlimited possibilities that await me in my future.

The next strain that helped me dream big was Tangerine Cream. Although the strain was labeled Tangerine Scream, after investigating, I found it to truly be Tangerine Cream. It’s lineage is Tangie, a citrusy sativa strain, crossed with Purple Sauce, a heavy handed, indica strain that has “Glue” at its base. The result of that cross is a fruit salad for your mouth and nose. It’s flavor is somewhere between rhubarb pie and freshly cut tangerine.

Tangerine Cream buds are cylindrical and orange just as you would expect from a tangerine. It’s effects hit you quickly with a rush of euphoria, similar to the effects of Tangie. However, unlike the effects of Tangie, this strain also relaxes. This strain is know to be an effective antidepressant and leaves you basking in a "feel good" state. It also provides easy come-down and long lasting high- all great effects for a Sunday afternoon of contemplating my future and for dreaming big! May this Full Moon help you move forward towards a life that is more in alignment with who you desire to be and who you are becoming.

Pre-rolls...mystery solved

I’ve been traveling to licensed dispensaries throughout southern California the past couple of weeks and I have had a hard time finding any flower to buy. Oh, don’t get me wrong there were bushels of cannabis flower, all in little glass containers with childproof wrapping. All pre-rolls say that they contain “premium”, the finest, the greenest, the best cannabis flower available. I, however, can attest to that is not always the truth. So, I thought I would write about my “criteria” in purchasing a pre-roll.

First, let’s get an overview of the pre-roll industry. There is no question about it: pre-rolled joints (or “prerolls” in industry lingo) are one of the most popular cannabis items sold in licensed dispensaries here in San Diego and in most states that have legalized recreational cannabis. And, aside from all the different natural, hemp, and traditional rolling paper choices, pre-rolls can be filled with specific specific strains, a blend of indica, sativa or hybrid strains, or just high-CBD flower. Some pre-rolls can be even be infused with high-THC oils, kiefs or extracts, making them even more potent and costly.

So, the first thing that is important that you know is what you want your pre-roll to do for you-up, down or middle of the road. You, of course, know your weed strains from reading my blog, so be sure to choose pre-rolls that are strain specific-you will know what the taste and effects will be. The generic indica, hybrid and sativa pre-rolls always turn out tasting bland and doing almost nothing to your mind or body.


Next, always inspect the label to see the percentage of cannabinoids -THC and CBD, the date the product was made and if you are really adventuresome, go to the company’s website and track your lot number to see where and when you cannabis flower was grown. Also, check the weight of your pre-roll-some are a full gram, while others can be as light as .5 gm. Make sure you know what you are buying, as in everything you buy in life.

Finally, do not spend a fortune on any pre-roll! The prices range anywhere from $6-$35/pre-roll and several companies are offering three pack mini joints, which are convenient and seem to have less waste since they can be consumed in two or three sittings. Pre-rolls are my go to in most licensed dispensaries because they are affordable and I have very low expectations so I am rarely disappointed.


The most popular pre-rolls in San Diego licensed dispensaries are Lowell’s Smokes from Lowell’s Farms. . I know the folks from Lowell’s Farm and they were a part of one of the cannabis paired dinners I did last year. Their pre-rolls are reliable, mid-priced but do not expect fireworks to go when you consume them.

I’ve tried so many brands that they all seem to blend together. However, one brand that did stand out was Lola Lola. I tried a three pack by Lola Lola, called 3 Cone Kits, which came strain specific,Sunset Sherbet in my case, and they came in a fancy box with wooden matches. I liked these pre-rolls and they cost $35. However, when I went back to buy more, I was told the company is no longer in licensed dispensaries. And, that is seems to be the case with pre-rolls, companies come and go. So, use your cannabis knowledge, common sense and always try a couple of brands, one is likely to always be available.

Pre-rolls have there place in my life. I do expect them to be filled with craft cannabis. But, they are convenient, cost effective and sometimes they do the trick in a pinch. One final note: do not buy any house rolled pre-rolls. They will only make you cough and feel kind of ill! Remember, they are cheap and you have no idea what went in them. Don’t bother and don’t waste your time or your money.

Fruit Punch and Space Queen

There are some weeks that I feel like I’m in perpetual motion-running from place to place without many breaks. During those weeks, I reach for my favorite strains to slow me and my thoughts down. This week’s cannabis strains were up to that task-chilling me out without putting me out.

The first strain Fruit Punch was the perfect strain to not only slow me down but also to lift up my spirits and my mood. Fruit punch is a sativa dominant, created by Heavyweight Seeds. The legend goes that the breeder looked at three legendary strains: Northern Lights, (a popular indica strain), Haze,(a sativa strain) and Skunk #1,, (a well-balanced hybrid) and decided that it would be fun to combine all of them. The result is a marvelous strain that uplifts you, and also treats your taste buds.

Appearance wise, Fruit Punch is beautiful to look at with green buds shades of purple and covered in a coating of white trichomes. .The aroma of Fruit Punch is one of the best characteristics, smelling of fruit, especially berries, making you feel as if you are about to eat dessert. However, once you grind the buds or break them up, you will also get earth and pine undertones. Its flavor almost as good as its aroma! Once it hits your taste buds, it is akin to a tropical fruit smoothie. As you inhale the weed, the berry overtones, along with the citrus undertones, are a treat for the senses. There is also a wonderful mild sweetness which blends everything together perfectly.!

The effects of Fruit Punch are just as remarkable as its flavor and its aroma.. Almost immediately, I experienced a rush of euphoria, uplifting my mood and sociability. This mood boost was accompanied by a sense of mental clarity that promoted a spike in creativity. I also got a noticeable ‘buzz’ of energy, which kept me invigorated and happy for hours.

Although Fruit Punch is undoubtedly a favorite of recreational users, it has plenty of possible medical applications too. The high CBD content, coupled with a very high level of THC, and a rich terpene profile, means that this strain is a potentially worthwhile treatment for different physical and mental issues.

For instance, the fact that Fruit Punch boosts your mood means it can alleviate chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. As you may know, stress can cause a host of physical problems such as loss of appetite and fatigue so using Fruit Punch could help you with those problems too.

Additionally, its sativa-dominant properties allow it to combat various pains and aches in the body such as gastrointestinal issues. If you are currently undergoing chemotherapy, you may find Fruit Punch’s possible anti-emetic qualities useful as you try to overcome symptoms of the treatment such as nausea.

Just a warning, as is the case with most marijuana strains, especially potent ones, Fruit Punch may cause a case of cottonmouth (severe dry mouth). In addition, you may develop red and itchy eyes because the abundance of cannabinoids inhibits moisture production in your tear ducts. All of the above are minor symptoms that normally disappear after a few hours. Make sure you have a glass of water to hand to combat dry mouth.

I liked this strain a lot, it stopped me from stressing about the little things and helped me enjoy the simple things in life. If you can find Fruit Punch, pick it up and you and your mood will definitely be picked up too.

The next strain which help me to slow down and unwind was Space Queen. Space Queen, also known as Space Jill, is a 50/50 very well balanced hybrid strain, although it is considered a sativa dominant hybrid. It is a cross of Cinderella 99 and Romulan and was bred by the British Columbia Growers Association. It is one of Canada’s most popular weed exports.


Appearance wise, Space Queen’s nugs are dense and have a football-type shape. In some phenotypes, you may also see a few specks of purple in the plant’s calyxes. Once you give this strain a sniff, you will love the fruity and spicy aroma which carries several savory notes, too. The combination of smells can be anything including vanilla, cinnamon, berries, and apples, combined with a cheesy scent.

Space Queen has a distinct taste that is hard to describe. It has a sweet and spicy taste of citrus and pineapple, but it also has a barely distinguishable taste of something rotten. Nevertheless, this strain is considered to be one of the best-tasting strains today’s cannabis plants.

Initially, after smoking Space Queen, its indica properties start to manifest itself with cerebral effects, uplifting your spirits and lightening your mood, which is exactly what I needed during my weeks of speed and constant movement. As a matter of fact, it lightened up my mood to the point that I felt like I was cheerfully starting to ‘float’ to the sky-”spacing out” on Space Queen. As its effects continue to creep up, I found myself on a euphoric journey to a serene state.

Aside from being a mood enhancer, this strain also sparks the creativity in your mind. But smoke too much, just like many hybrid strains and that creativity becomes abstract dreams. Even though the Space Queen could hit hard pretty quick, in the beginning, the effects of Sativa follow later and gently brings a balance of mind-body high. Think of it much like you are cruising in a spaceship while glancing out the window to see the beauty of the universe.

This strain is perfect for medicating in the morning and is most often chosen to alleviate the gnawing effects of stress and anxiety disorders, which again I had been experiencing. Its soaring cerebral effects have also been effective in treating chronic depression, adult ADD and ADHD and PTSD. For me, I just wanted to slow down, space out and chill, which Space Queen made happen. This is strain is definitely cannabis royalty so if you see it, give it your royal bow and then buy it.

Blue Nightmare and Purple Dragon

Here in San Diego, we are accustomed May gray and June Gloom. However, this year we not only have had May gray but also May rain and colder temperatures than I can ever remember. This may be our new normal as the rest of country also is experiencing their new normal of serious flooding, hurricanes and tornadoes never seen before in those part of the country. All that being said, the May rains and gloominess called for some colorful cannabis strains to elevate my mood and change my point of view.

The first colorful cannabis strain that I choose was Blue Nightmare and although its name may be “scary”, this strain will make you happy, like a sweet dream rather than a nightmare. Blue Nightmare is a 50/50 sativa/indica hybrid strain, bred by the growers at RNM Flowers by crossing the Southern California favorite Blue Dream and another popular indica strain, Tahoe Og.

Visually this strain is beautiful with big cylindrical, bright green and orange buds that are covered with a nice dusting of trichomes. It definitely inherited its parents’ pine and berry aromas. It’s flavor is fruity and earthy with a bit of skunk as you exhale.

The effects of Blue Nightmare comes on quickly and will initially leave you feeling uplifted, a bit energized with increased creativity and focus. However, consume a bit more and that focus becomes a dreamy cerebral state, letting your mind go free and allowing you to just daydream. Your anxiety will disappear, and your conversation becomes free-flowing and uninhibited. As it continues, you will feel a mild lethargy that might lead to couch lock.

Blue Nightmare is a suitable strain to use for treating pain, inflammation, and fatigue. Those with depression, anxiety, and stress will also benefit from its effects. It is also an excellent strain to change a gray May day into a technicolor dream.

Just a side note: although I really liked this strain, I discovered the RNM Flowers has not made seeds of Blue Nightmare available for commercial sale. As such, prospective growers must obtain clippings from mature plants of the strain in order to grow genetically identical “clones. Meaning that it is difficult to find this strain and it just might be a nightmare to ever find this strain again.

The next colorful cannabis strain that brighten up my day was Purple Dragon. Purple Dragon is an indica dominant hybrid created by an unknown breeder by crossing Blue Dragon (Sour Diesel and Blueberry) and Purple Urkle (a strain of Mendocino purps). And although this strain has some heavy hitting indica lineage, it also possesses some sativa qualities, making it a much more balanced strain than one would expect.

The aroma of Purple Dragon is very sweet and earthy with some berry and floral notes. It’s flavor is also sweet and grape like-similar to the weird grape flavor of grape bubblegum. It’s effects are really balanced for an indica dominant strain. It is known for its cerebral effects, which are uplifting, unlike most indica strains, leaving all that consume with a solid feel-good mood.

Purple Dragon will leave you feeling hazy and euphoric state, tempting you to spend your evening laughing and finding everything to be really amusing. Finally, Purple Dragon is the perfect strain to fill any gray day with fun and relaxation, making you not care that you haven’t seen the sun in days.

Just one quick final note about feeling so fine after consuming Purple Dragon. Purple Dragon can cause a case of the munchies in many users, so be sure you are ready with snack items that are waiting to be consumed, or else you might find yourself in the next vehicle on the search for food.

Blue Hawaiian and Lodi Dodi

May gray with mist and rain has made its way into Southern California and all I can think about is that I need a vacation. All I need is some time to stop, relax and enjoy my beautiful life without the distractions of work, obligations and every day errands. So, although I am in the process of making vacation plans right now, I luckily picked up a new cannabis strain that offered me the “mental” vacation, which I needed so badly.

And that mental vacation started with a couple of puffs of Blue Hawaiian. Blue Hawaiian is a sativa dominant hybrid strain, created by Jordan of the Island through the crossing of Blueberry, an indica leaning strain with an Hawaiian Sativa strain. The results of that crossing is nothing short of a tropical vacation, waiting for you to experience.


Appearance wise, Blue Hawaiian strain has light green dense buds with orange hues, which are covered in a thick layer of glittery trichomes and red-orange pistils. Its flavor and scent are quite tropical, reminiscent of sweet blueberries with some citrus and earthy tones. It’s effects are uplifting, stress relieving and relaxing. This strain energizes and yet at the same time relaxes-exactly what you want from a perfect vacation.

And, finally, this strain is one of the most perfectly balanced strain that I have smoked in a long time. It is healing for the body and soul and gave me hope and energy to make it to the day that I go on a planned vacation.

The next strain that chased away my May gray was Lodi Dodi. Lodi Dodi is a mysterious, sativa-dominant hybrid with a unique flavor and well-balanced, therapeutic effects, which are somewhat similar to Blue Hawaiian.

Lodi Dodi is the creation of Smokey Point Productions, a group of Washington state-based breeders.  This strain is said to have been named after the song “Lodi Dodi”, first done by slick rick and then remade by Snoop Dog in 1993. In the song, all that Lodi Dodi wants “to party and cause no one no trouble.”Those lyrics describe the effects of this strain to a tee!


Although this strain’s appearance is lack luster at best and its flavor is familiar but, not noteworthy, its effects are nothing short of party worthy! Lodi Dodi’s high comes on quickly, making its presence known with a pressure behind the eyes and temples. The effects are cerebral in nature and helps increase your creativity and analytical problem solving. As you consume more, Lodi Dodi’s effects become more body focused. The eventual combination of mental and physical effects makes this strain a great way to enhance activities that involve both mind and body. Lodi Dodi’s versatility makes it appropriate for use at any time of day, although smokers should be warned that as dosage is increased, so is the likelihood of couchlock.

Sometimes in Life you must throw yourself your own party! You must be your own best friend and if you are lucky, you find a strain like Lodi Dodi that makes that party happen in your mind each and every time.

Hawaiian Gold and Tangerine Dream

Blessings come in many forms. Sometimes they’re initiated and planned by us through the ending or the completion of something. Those are easily seen as blessings. However, sometimes we don’t see or plan the endings/changes and those aren’t as easily perceived as blessings. Either way, the endings/changes can leave you feeling jarred, even if it in reality, those endings are actually opening you up to new possibilities. In reality those endings/changes will turn out to be blessings.

And, so another week begins filled with expected and unexpected changes.

And, although my weed strain choices change every week, depending on my mood, energy and the tasks at hand, they always open me up to new possibilities and new ways of being. My first transforming strain was Hawaiian Gold. Hawaiian Gold is a sativa dominant hybrid, although the exact ratios are not known. Even though it’s lineage is not super clear, this strain seems to be a cross of Pineapple, an indica-heavy hybrid, and Super Lemon Haze, a powerful sativa.

Visually this strain is stunning and reminded me a lot of Acapulco Gold, with bright green buds with light amber hairs. The taste of Hawaiian Gold is smooth, earthy, and somewhat like “Juicy Fruit” gum. . The aroma also has earthy notes, along with a sweet floral smell like Juicy Fruit Gum. The effects of this strain are just like you want a sativa to be-immediate uplifting of your mood and energy without shakiness. In fact, I actually did a little dance after consuming! This strain just promotes an overall sense of euphoria! But, just like all the other hybrid strains, consume too much and you may just float off to sleep. Medicinally, this strain has enough CBD and THCV to provide fast and effective relief for various ailments including headaches, migraines, and fibromyalgia. I am lucky that I have none of those ailments. But, this strain is really good for whatever ails you.

The next strain that I choose was Tangerine Dream. Tangerine Dream is a sativa dominant hybrid created by the legendary cannabis breeders at Barney’s Farm, by crossing G13, Afghani, and Neville's A5 Haze. That lineage resulted in a potent strain, which won top prize in the 2010 High Times Cannabis Cup.

Tangerine Dream has large, chunky green and amber buds that are heavily covered in sticky trichomes, which in this day and age of “hydro” weed is very rare to find. Unsurprisingly with a name like Tangerine Dream, this strain has a sweet, orange, citrusy flavor which is very pleasing to the palate. Its fragrance is similarly citrusy sweet, but combined with a dank, pungent, earthy, aroma.

Its effects are just as bright and brilliant as its appearance- uplifting, instilling a feeling of happiness and euphoria followed by a more mellow and focused mindset. This positive effect on mood makes Tangerine Dream a useful drug for those who suffer from mood disorders such as depression. Tangerine Dream is also useful for treating chronic pain and inflammation, making it a great strain of choice for those with arthritic pain. Its ability to relax the body also helps to ease muscle pain. Tangerine Dream is exactly what I needed on a sunny Sunday in May. I bet it would even help on a cloudy day in June!

Amsterdam Sweets and Moon Drops

It’s a New Moon in Taurus and it’s time to start a new lunar cycle. And what better way to start this lunar cycle here on earth than with two new cannabis strains! The first strain that I choose was Amsterdam Sweets, a Sativa strain. Although I could find no information on any strain by that name, this strain is definitely related to Durban Poison, a sativa landrace from South Africa with perhaps some Dutch Treat mixed in, thus the name Amsterdam sweets.


All that being said, this strain wasn’t incredibly beautiful to look. However, it’s flavor stopped me in my tracks. It is a truly delicious strain, which has a very sweet and complex flavor profile, including flavors ranging from sweet lemon candy to spicy anise. It is rare that I just love the flavor of a strain but this strain is like eating a really complex meal that keeps you interested to the very end.

The effects of this strain are just as stunning, leaving you calmly energized, clear headed, focused and creative. Additional this strain made me very sociable and energetic.  It does what a good sativa strain “should” do-uplift your mind and your body without making you feel anxious, shaky or strung out. This new moon I really needed a boost and that is exactly what Amsterdam Sweets, whatever its true lineage may be, did-uplift, energize and get me ready for a new moon cycle.

They say what goes up must come down and so my next strain was intended to bring me down and help me fall fast asleep. And, what better strain to do just that than Moon Drops on a New Moon! Moon Drops is an indica dominant hybrid strain, created by crossing Purple Urkle , a powerful indica strain with Do-Si-Dos , also a powerful indica strain. The result is no surprise a powerful indica strain which will definitely take you down a bunch of notches!


In addition to its narcotic effects, this strain tastes a lot like it’s parents-grape like Purple Urkle and sweet from it Do-Si-Dos parent. It aroma is like fermented grapes, sort of like red wine with a little bit of weird incense mixed in. This strain will make you spacy and then will take you-body and mind right to the moon. What a great way to usher in my next lunar cycle. Whatever your new moon intentions, be certain to have faith that everything is working out for your highest good and in my case for my high-est at all times.

Purple Tangie and Death Valley Og


As we finish off April and look towards May, I am astonished how much I learned from last month. But, I am also energized to move onto a new month. A new month of unlimited possibilities and unlimited prosperity. And to celebrate both events, the end of one month and the beginning of a new one, I chose a big bold sativa, Purple Tangie.. This big, bold, beautiful strain was created through crossing the mouthwatering Tangie strain and a "secret" Purple strain. Not only did I find this strain stunningly beautiful, but so did the LA HIgh Times in 2016, awarding Purple Tangie 1st Place for Best Medicinal Sativa Concentrate at the Los Angeles High Times Cannabis Cup.

The aroma and flavor of Purple Tangie is all about its Tangie parent-with bold citrus notes, including lemon and oranges scents and flavors. It’s effects are also about its Tangie parent-with long-lasting and uplifting effects, which kick in almost immediately after the first few puffs and are long lasting. Purple Tangie’s effects begin with a rush of euphoria, then the overall feelings of well being takeover, leaving you feeling cheery, thinking happy thoughts and grinning from ear to ear. This strain is perfect for welcoming in a new month and a new season by giving you a new found zest for life and filling you with new energy, productivity and focus!


Last month taught me a lot about patience and trust that everything is always working out for my highest good, including my cannabis choices. So, I wasn’t surprised when my next strain did exactly what I needed it to do-put me out at the end of a long day! And that heavy hitter was Kush Kush Death Valley Og, an indica dominant hybrid, not to be confused with Death Valley OG, a rare sativa strain.

Kush Kush Death Valley Og was created by crossing San Fernando Valley x Jedi Kush ( SFV x Death Star ). The result of that cross is exactly what you would expect-a heavy handed indica that is not subtle-it takes you down quick and expertly. Its flavor is similar to most Kush strains-skunky, lemony, piney and hashy.

This strain is what anyone who wants to turn off the world, turn inward and get connected with themselves needs. It put me out but also allowed me to create peace in my heart and my mind. How amazing was that. If you find Kush Kush Death Valley Og pick it up and then allow it to help you to let go of your past and anything else that is holding you back in your life and go away for awhile…

Happy May! May it bring you peace, balance, love, abundance and most of all, good weed!

Jah Goo and Chocolate Hashberry

April is flying by and our taxes are already due today. I filed mine weeks ago but always feel relieved when April 15th has come and gone. But what better thing to celebrate than the 2018 tax season has come to a close. And, I could think of no better strain to celebrate with than Jah Goo. Jah Goo is an very evenly balanced 50% indica/50% sativa, although some sources say it is an indica strain. And it is widely thought to be a cross between Purple Jasmine and Afgani Goo. Although there are some sources that say it is a cross between the Light of Jah, which is a sativa strain (and a strain that I like a lot). No matter what it’s lineage, this strain is thought to have made its way to North America via Vietnam vets, returning to Canada after the war and it remains a mainstay at most dispensaries in Southern Cali.


Regardless whether this is an indica or a well balanced hybrid, this strain was stunning to look at it -a real eye catcher. The buds of this strain were dense and dark green, dense and laden with trichomes—a trait that I’m told is inherited from its Goo parent. As for the aroma, its berry and pine and the flavor is much sweeter than I expected.

Just as the flavor was unexpected, the effects also were unexpected. Instead of the full body, chill that you would expect to get from an indica strain, this strain was uplifting and actually helped me focus, while also relaxing me. I am always careful with these “hybrid” strains not too over consume them. So, this strain never took on the heavy indica effects that many of the sources I read said I would. I am getting used to expecting the unexpected in my life and I guess it’s even spilled into my choices of weed:).

Expect the unexpected….and thus I found the most delicious chocolatey treat, just in time for Easter-Chocolate Hashberry. Chocolate Hashberry marijuana strain is 50 Indica/50 Sativa hybrid strain and is said to be a rare, Northern California-breed,. It is a cross between Chocolate Thai and Hashberry. and has incredible big, beautiful, multi-colored buds, which smell that like spicy chocolate, which really surprised me. It’s flavor was also chocolatey with berries and some pine. But, chocolate truly is the overwhelming flavor, which again I didn’t expect.


The effects of this strain are also really balanced-uplifting your mood but relaxing your body. It is known to relieve depression and anxiety and yet also boosts energy, increases creativity and improves focus. I needed a boost today to help me go beyond what feels safe and step out of my comfort zone. Expect the unexpected and you may be surprised at what you find!

Apple Jack and Citrus Boost

April has been a month of action-lots of action and lots of doing! So my weekly weed choices reflected that forward motion feeling in the form of two sativa strains. The first strain that helped me to “spring” into action was Apple Jack, a sativa dominant hybrid. Apple Jack was created by the RDG genetics' main breeder - Hazemaster by crossing two pretty famous strains-Jack Herer, said to be the father of many of today’s sativa strains with White Widow., an old school indica leaning strain that has its origins in Amsterdam.

The original Apple Jack was also a popular strain in the coffee shops in Amsterdam in 2001. Unfortunately, one of the original parents used to breed this strain died and it looked like that that was the end of Apple Jack. And, that’s when the skillful cannabis craftsman, Hazeman, went to work perfecting the art of selfing-creating perfect Apple Jack clones and more importantly their seeds, which can be saved in seed banks. And, that’s how I was able to find Apple Jack in my local not so legal dispensary.

Apple Jack smells somewhat like apples but also has a lot of the characteristic diesel smell of Jack Herer. It is clear that Jack Herer is the big daddy of this strain. The flavor is also quite similar to a Jack Herer strain. The effects of this strain, however, are much more mild than the usual Jack strains. Apple Jack is definitely uplifting but it doesn’t “jack” you up leaving you looking for things to do or feeling jumpy. It is that nice balance between being alert and being calm that makes this strain a great stress reliever and has been used in the treatment of depression and PTSD. They say that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, I would say that an Apple Jack a day may just do the same thing-keep the blues away and keep you moving on.

The next action oriented strain that I found was Citrus Boost, which although I found no definitive information on this strain, it appears, tastes and feels like it is a cross between Citrus Haze, a sativa dominant hybrid, created by crossing Lemon Haze with Citrus Sunshine strain, with Boost, (Sweet Tooth X DJ Short’s Blueberry), which is a powerful indica strain despite it’s name. This strain looks like both its parents-bright green with some orange flecks, like a sativa strain and yet stubby like an indica strain. And despite it’s citrus name, citrus was not the main flavor or aroma that I got from this strain. It was all butterscotch with a bit of citrus and mint, which I’m guessing is from its Boost parent.


Effect wise, this strain is very well balanced. It elevates your mood but relaxes your body. This strain left me feeling calm and peaceful but still alert and creative. In small quantities, this strain can help with creativity during the day and evening and in larger quantities, it will definitely put you to sleep. Right now, I have no time to sleep, only time for action and I can always count on my cannabis, including Citrus Boost, to help me move forward.

Orange Bang and Acai Berry

Last week had me traveling out of my comfort zones into licensed dispensaries in Perris, CA, Santa Ana and San Bernadino, CA, which are about an hour and half away from San Diego, CA. The licensed dispensaries in San Diego are quite posh and follow the letter of the law, of which there are many. The Perris licensed dispensaries follow a whole different set of rules that include allowing dabbing and bongs to be done right in the middle of their shops, just like the old school medical dispensaries used to allow-legal and illegal.

So, after getting over the initial shock of seeing real flower in jars, loose and not covered in plastic, I went to town finding new strains in these new strange places. The first strain that caught my roaming eye was Orange Bang. Although I could not find any reference or any information on Orange Bang, it looked and tasted very much like a strain I could find called Orange Bud.

Orange Bud, as it was labeled in the dispensary’s jar, is a sativa (65%/35%) dominant hybrid. It is a cross between two types of skunk strains-both sativa leaning, which makes it a 100% skunk strain. So, what’s up with the name orange since it doesn’t have any Tangie in it or any other citrus like terpenes at all. It’s all about its looks and it was covered with a plume of bright orange hairs.


Historically, Orange Bud appears to trace its origin from California. It is said to then made its way to the infamous coffee shops in Amsterdam during the 80s. Since then, it has become one of the favorite strains in many Southern California dispensaries. At any rate, Orange Bud has made a name for itself culminated by placing second in the Bio category of the 1994 High Times Cannabis Cup.

As you can see Orange Bud looked just like cotton balls of orange threads. . It's aromas to me was all skunk and no citrus. The effects are quite cerebral, a classic Skunk effect and yet the strain also chills you out enough to not get stuck in your head. It keeps you focused on what is important which for me is always about being grateful for what I have and knowing even better is coming to me. So moving out of my comfort zone got me exactly where I need to be-chilled and grateful for being able to try a new strain from a new place.

From another unfamiliar dispensary came yet another unfamiliar strain, Acai Berry. . I found this video which tells you more about this strain than I could write.

To me this strain tasted very much like Forbidden Fruit-with big tangie flavor mixed with berry and skunk. It’s hard to imagine that cannabis can taste so incredibly fruity as if some sort of artificial flavors were added. Although this strain tastes like Forbidden Fruit, it does not have the powerful sedating, indica effects, like Forbidden Fruit. In fact, it starts with an uplift of mood and energy and then after consuming more, mild calming effects take over, without overcoming you. I’ve never seen this strain before so it was a good thing that I traveled out of my comfort zone and found yet another strain to fall in love with. Step outside your comfort zone and I bet you find some surprises too.

Pink Panties and Candy Drop

We are finally almost done with Mercury Retrograde. It ends on Thursday and boy did I learn a lot about where I still was limiting my life, who I was still attached to, unnecessarily and where I need to change. All of that emotional turmoil had me reaching for some peace and perhaps, some sedation!


And as always, my weed strains always reflect how I am feeling. So, this week I chose two “old school”, indica dominant hybrid strains. The first one was Pink Panties-chuckle, chuckle.

Although the name may make you chuckle, after you see and smell this strain, you will be able to get over its ridiculous name. Pink Panties is a strain created by The Cookie Fam , a group of West Coast growers who are famous for creating strains such as Cherry Pie, Sunset Sherbet, and Gelato. Pink Panties is a 70/30 indica dominant hybrid. It was created by crossing Florida Kush, also known as Triangle Kush, with a Burmese Landrace strain. From that lineage, it is no surprise that this strain is striking beautiful -dark green, dense tight buds just like a classic indica strain. It’s flavor is mysterious just like a Burmese landrace strain-it begins with a musky sweet flavor and then becomes citrusy and floral. It’s aroma is really floral and a bit citrusy but when smoked the flavor morphs into many different notes.

Most of the time, a potent indica will just knock you out . However, this indica dominant strain is different. Pink Panties’ effects are best described as relaxing, euphoric, and creative and oddly enough this strain actually can boost your energy level when you first consume it. When you consume some more, it can also put you to sleep. For this reason and many others, Pink Panties is quite a diverse and accommodating indica strain, which I liked a lot and I needed the diversity of this strain to deal with my many mood shifts during this Mercury Retrograde cycle.

Truth is, I can’t resist candy of any kind, so I couldn’t resist picking up my next strain, Candy Drop. Candy Drop is a slightly indica hybrid (40% sativa/60% indica) strain. It was created by crossing the slightly sativa hybrid Chemdawg Og with a nicely balanced hybrid, Candy Kush . The result is a yummy slightly uplifting strain that will give you the energy to get your stuff done without winding you up or leaving you looking for more to do.

It’s flavor and aroma are quite similar to a lot of other OG Kush strains-floral with a bit of skunk. When consumed this strain is much sweeter than the OG Kush strains that I’ve previously consumed. It’s effects as mentioned previously are pretty balanced, although the more you consume the more the indica side of this strain expresses itself. All in all, I went for the sweet stuff and I got a pretty well balanced strain instead. Goes to show, we are always given exactly what we need, at the exact right time in the exact right way.