Pai Gow and Biscotti Brands Black Jack and Grand Daddy Purp Bubble Hash

This is a time for change for all of us-major change. And, as always, major changes can cause major anxiety, insecurity and down and out fear! I am about to make major changes in my life. These changes has spurned on a lot of introspection, some self loathing and the uprising of my “lack” issues.

However, there is always a cannabis strain to take care of my self created woes. And, this week the big man of sativa cannabis strains, appeared. Jack Herer that is. Jack Herer is a world renowned sativa-dominant hybrid strain that is known mostly for its ability to create a clear-headed buzz coupled with a boost of focused energy. Although I am a sativa lover, Jack Herrer isn’t usually on my playlist because it makes me jumpy and a little cracked out. But, major changes call for major strains and a couple of Jack Herer hybrids is what the doctor ordered for me this week.

The first strain, Pai Gow is a sativa dominant hybrid that was created by crossing two big time sativa strains- Critical Jack ( Critical Plus x Jack Herer) and Super Silver Haze. It has all the beauty and the brawn of its two powerful sativa parents. The appearance of Pai Gow’s buds is stunning- big, round buds filled with orange and green fibers. and covered in trichomes. It’s aroma and flavor are all Jack Herrer with a big bold diesel flavor and the unmistakable Jack Herer skunkiness. It’s effects are just as big and bold as its appearance. In fact, this strain is said to be one of the most uplifting strains available on the market today.

To me this strain had all the power of a Jack Herer strain without the heavy handedness of Jack Herer. This strain did lift my mood and spirit immediately but it never caused me to become anxious nor irritable which I can experience consuming Jack Herer alone. In fact, upon consuming more, I actually become more relaxed both mentally and physically. Medicinally, Pai Gow is a good all-around strain that can help treat insomnia, stress, loss of appetite and other conditions, but it’s particularly useful when someone is in need some strong, relaxing medication. Goes to show, even tried and true cannabis strains, like Jack Herer change and in this case, like most cases, it changed for the better.

My next Jack Herer influenced cannabis strain was Black Jack, which was one of the parents featured in Biscotti Brands Black Jack and Grand Daddy Purp bubble hash. Yes, I did write hash and yes, hash is legal, which I was asked this week.

If you read my blog a couple of weeks ago, hash is my new love and I have been adding it to my cannabis flower, making any strain that I consume even better! Hash added to any flower strain is elevated to a new level! And, this week, Black Jack , which is a cross of Jack Herer and Black Domina, a heavy indica strain, was the star of the bubble hash that I sprinkled on my bowls of flower.

Biscotti Brands Black Jack x GDP(Grand Daddy Purp) bubble hash is beautiful in both color and texture. It’s aroma is big and bold as you would expect any Jack Herrer strain to be. But, this bubble hash also has a bit of grape flavor and aroma from its other parent, GDP. You will also notice that Grand Daddy Purp also comes into play after consuming more of the bubble hash, leaving you feeling relaxed and at peace.

I love Biscotti Brands bubble hash because it is truly craft from the appearance, flavor, aroma, packaging and its effects. It has helped me change this week and it will help me change even more in the future. I am moving forward with the help of my Jack Herer strains and with the help and support of the Universe. Onto bigger and better, more closely aligned to my purpose, times for all of us.

My suggestion is to not look back…there is nothing there only the past which does not exist any more. Only now and the new exist-try something new today. My suggestion add a little hash and surrender to change and welcome in the new.