Brother David's, 710 labs, Lowell Farms and More!

I’ve been immersed in my new job, which is doing marketing, promotions and community outreach for SD’s newest Adult Use, Recreational licensed dispensary, Columbia Care San Diego. And, from my new job, I have had accessed to a lot of new cannabis products from pre-rolls, loose flower and of course hash!

And although I have found some notable new flower farms and companies, I just don’t have time to write about them this week. Fear not, I will let you know why these were my favorite and why if you are in Southern California, you should seek them out. For that matter, you should seek them out at my new place of employment, Columbia Care San Diego. Why not visit and let me take you for a real cannabis tour in a licensed dispensary that is the real deal? That is an open invitation!

Here are some of my new flower and other cannabis products that I know will become some of my old favorites soon:

I am open to learning lots of new things these days. I am always open to trying new cannabis products. So, this week that is exactly what I found-everything old became new again!