Our favorite Cannabis strains and why they may be yours too!

The world of legal cannabis is just about to explode here in Southern California! Check back with us weekly to find out what we learned, tasted, smoked, ate and vaporized and what you should definitely try!

May 17th: Check out our special "strain" of the week!

May 11th Cannabis Strains of the week:


I'm told by my astrology friends that there are big doings in the heavens right now!  Their explanation is a good enough excuse to explain  the overly excitable, overly irritable and overly frustrated mood swings, which took hold of me this week.  And, that sets the stage for my first strain, Dragon's Breath.   Dragon’s Breath is a sativa dominant hybrid created through a cross of the classic Jack Herer X Northern Lights X Skunk strains.  It is an  extremely rare bud and I'm told it's pretty popular these days because of its powerful effects and high THC level that can be as high as  22% on average.  The bud I got was just beautiful-stunning in fact and it's flavor was citrus and of course that unmistakable "skunk".  It worked quickly on my "frayed" nerves and quickly soothed the "dragon" in me.  Soothed and yet with a much brighter mood. This strain is said to be very effective in treating depression, I can attest to that-my blue mood became sunny and bright and my dragon's breath became sweet and silly, as often happens with good weed and  a little bit of perspective!


With a bit more perspective, I took a look at Blue Diesel.  Sometimes I choose a strain just because it looked good and smelled good, which was the case for this strain. I assumed that this strain would be a classic sativa strain.But,  I was wrong and I was glad about that, since I'm ready to wind down and finish this week. 

In fact, this strain is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid, also known as Blue City Diesel, is a powerful cross of two popular strains: Blueberry and NYC Diesel. The sativa/indica ratio is 40:60, making for  pleasing effects that hits both the body and the mind.  Blue Diesel helped me down shift just perfectly.

Blueberry Diesel is  a beautiful strain and the blueberry flavor is more dominant than the diesel flavor. The effects mirror the flavor with a much more mellow yet alert effects than your average blue dream strain. This strain definitely help me shed my "blues" and head into a weekend, feeling blessed and lucky to live my joyous life! We are all blessed and lucky!

May 6th Cannabis Strains of the week:


They say that April showers bring May flowers and so, with May's arrival I found two new strains popping up at my not so local cannabis store. The first strain, is named after America's favorite outlaw country star and the living patron saint of marijuana, Willie Nelson. This strain is a sativa dominant blend of Vietnamese Black and Highland Nepalese. The flavor of this strain is lemony, piney and sweet with an aroma that will definitely fill your room with some sweet citrus notes. The effects of this strain are also pretty lyrical and left me feeling creative, clear headed with a strong refrain of euphoria and elevated mood. Willie Nelson is a great strain to treat your daily stresses, anxiety or lack luster moods. In fact this strain will definitely get you back on the road again no matter what ails you!


Humming a Stardust Melody from my last strain, I stepped out of my comfort zone and picked up Purple Punch. Purple Punch is a rare indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Larry OG with the deliciously potent Grand Daddy Purps.  This strain hit me with a one-two punch to the head of euphoric lifted effects, which I had never experienced before! It's taste and aroma hit me just as hard as it effects with wafts of sweet berry similar to a berry sweet tart.  This strain carries a punch and comes with a warning that it will slay you and like most indicas, you will end up in the couch.  It is good to step out of your comfort zone every now and then, cause you never know what your missing if you don't! Go big or go home.. in life and in weed!

April 29th Cannabis Strains of the week:

There's a Full Moon tonight so I thought it only fitting that I write about a "celestial" strain! I found that starry strain at my new favorite store in La Mesa and it was Haley's Comet. Haley's Comet is sativa strain that is also high in cbd's, which is why it is truly a super star strain.  This strain is energizing without being overwhelming and  is the ultimate daytime flower.

Believe it or not, I am usually not seeking an intoxicating high and usually just need a little help with my free floating anxiety and lack of focus ability.   This is a great strain for people like me, who are just looking  for daytime relief without a psychedelic experience. Finally, the high CBD levels in this strain offer the user the added benefit of body comfort and all the other healing properties unique to CBD's.   I really like this strain and if I can ever find it again, you can bet that I'll pick it up and experience it's powerful effects. It's like catching a comet in the sky, elusive but so very memorable!

My next strain may not have been based in the heavens but it was heavenly to taste and to experience.  Sherbet Cookies, also known as “Rainbow Cookies,” is a rare sativa dominant hybrid strain that is a sister of Gelato, a Platinum Cookies X Sunset Sherbet cross. This bud has an insanely delicious flavor! It's uplifting  effects are perfect for any sativa lover who appreciates a fruity taste. I felt  a boost in energy and focus but also remained  clear-headed, motivated and creative. Sherbet Cookies is said to be perfect for treating conditions such as chronic pain, migraines, eye pressure or glaucoma, fibromyalgia, insomnia, and depression.  I just like the flavor and the happy effects.  Sometimes that's what's it all about-does it make you happy! 

April 22nd Cannabis Strains of the week:

Happy Earth Day and belated 420!  There is always so much to celebrate in this beautiful life, including craft cannabis! This week I celebrated with some new and somewhat exotic strains.  Of course, I did not find them in a "legal, licensed shop"!  The only cannabis flower that you will find in those stores these days are mediocre, plastic wrapped flower. It seems as if legalizing cannabis has somehow "dumbed" down the real essence of cannabis and turned it into vanilla, uninspired and "uncrafted". So, I still venture out of the lines and find myself some unique and truly crafted cannabis.


Hawaiian Landrace is the first strain I chose for it's beauty in color, smell and size.  I had never heard the term landrace before but the buds were so unique and stunning that I knew there was something special behinds it lineage.  Upon researching the term, I found out that a landrace strain is a cannabis strain that has developed over centuries in a particular natural environment. It is a strain that has been allowed to grow naturally without human intervention, like most of the strains available on today's market.  One strain, one environment.

To me, the landrace strains are similar to "heirloom" vegetables in that they have never been hybridized with another strain. To me, heirloom vegetables are usually incredibly flavorful and delicious. But,  unlike heirloom vegetables, this landrace strain years of cultivation bred a strain that is really "mellow" in effects and flavor-definitely not exciting or anything that I expected.  It's flavor is mildly cheesy and it's effects are great to just chill in a cerebral state.  Although I was impressed with its beauty and lineage, I wasn't impressed with its non committal effects-unfortunately, in this case my eyes did deceive me. But, there's always the next strain.


Moving on from my disappointing landrace strain, I chose Berner's cookies. Berner’s Cookies is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created by the infamous Berner himself, a rapper friend of Wiz Khalifa.  It is a heavy-hitting version of Girl Scout Cookies and its power is not to be underestimated.  It's flavor is piney, fruity and fresh.  It's effects are happy and will definitely make the laughter flow. You’ll feel euphoric and willing to talk to anyone around you, although you might become distracted at times with wild creative thoughts.  If you decide to continue your consumption, you may find yourself ready for a siesta!  In combination with its THC level, these effects make Berner’s Cookies perfect for treating chronic pain, insomnia, appetite loss, depression, and chronic stress. I needed to de-stress from this week and hats off to my new rapper friend Berner, who made that happen!

April 15th Cannabis Strains of the Week:

dubon poison.jpg

It's a new moon in Aries tonight and Aries is filled with fire and takes no prisoners, just like the strains that I chose this week. Durban Poison is a pure sativa that gives you a powerful kick in the head and awakens your senses! This strain is named after the South African port city called Durban from which it originated.  It is known for its strong, happy head effects, which are great for creativity and daytime errands. The dominant smell and taste of Durban Poison is earthy and sweet, with a subtle pine aroma. I like this strain because it helps to focus but doesn't leave me feeling jumpy or wigged out. It is one of my go to strains although it is becoming more difficult to find in the new world of plastic wrap weed.


White Buffalo , the second strain I chose,  is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created through a cross of the powerful Romulan X (Blackberry Kush X Bay 11) strains. The effects of White Buffalo are uplifting and yet leave your body relaxed similar to the body effects of an indica strain.   This strain leaves your body completely relaxed and  your mind  energetic and alert. Because of these effects, White Buffalo is said to be the perfect bud for treating patients suffering from conditions such as insomnia, mild to moderate cases of depression, chronic pain, appetite loss, and chronic fatigue. Like its parents, this bud has a flavor of sweet peppery herbs that is accented by a sharp hint of mint and a savory blend of earth and spices. The aroma is of sweet earthy flowers with a spicy hint, much like walking through a spice garden.  This is a complex strain that effects are big and bold just like its namesake, the buffalo.

It's a new moon and I've set my intention to continue finding new craft cannabis strains to experience and to share those experiences with you.

April 8th Cannabis Strains of the Week:


I have just returned from a week away and I am feeling energized and alive! Recharged and rejuvenated, I began my search for those special strains that warranted a "write up". So, I ventured this time to a soon to be licensed La Mesa shop and found two notable strains.

The first strain that caught my eye was Bruce Banner. I've seen this strain around a lot but I've never tried it mainly because I had no idea who Bruce Banner was.  Bruce Banner it seems was the alter ego of the "Incredible Hulk".  The story goes that Dr. Bruce Banner was caught in a blast of gamma radiation and is forevermore cursed to transform in times of stress into the living engine of destruction known as THE INCREDIBLE HULK.

The cannabis strain however is much more mellow than its namesake super hero! It is a 60%/40% sativa dominant strain that has beautiful green long leaves. It's effects are euphoric and  stimulate strong creativity and a whole-body mood boost. 

Since  Bruce Banner stimulates high energy, it is an ideal strain for daytime use.  Additionally, it is a highly effective painkiller, but it's also good for anxiety, depression, nausea, and sleeplessness. It's flavor is citrusy with a bit of skunk at the end.  I liked this strain because of its balanced effects. It produces slight euphoria but doesn't "jack you up".  It's good to give a new strain a try, it's even better when it becomes your new super hero!

The next strain was visually stunning and although I had tried it before and was not too impressed, I gave it another try and was glad that I did!


Candyland is a sativa-dominant hybrid bred from Granddaddy Purple and Bay Platinum Cookies.  It's buds are super dense and beautiful, filled with golden hairs and a thick coat of sugar-like trichomes throughout its compact, camouflage-colored buds.

The strain is a happy strain and was named after the childhood board game, Candyland.  The main effect that this strain produces is uncomplicated euphoria-simple and uncomplicated just like the game.  Candyland as a strong sweet flavor  with an earthy, spicy undertones. It's an ideal strain for treating anxiety and depression, along with bipolar disorder, chronic pain, and ADHD.   Candyland is a sweet treat any time of day.

March 25th Cannabis Strains of the Week:

The past two weeks, I've had trouble finding any cannabis to write about. However, my acceptable weedless streak came to an end this morning when I returned to my small boutique shop in La Mesa. There I was greeted by my friends that I got to know during my last visit. And, as importantly, I was greeted by craft cannabis that looked and smelled as good as it tasted and the effects were exceptional!

Blueberry Lamb's Bread: This strain instantly caught my eye, my nose and later my taste buds! Blueberry Lambsbread is a slightly sativa dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the classic Lamb’s Bread with Blueberry strains. It is best known for it’s classic flavor that’s just like it’s Blueberry parent – a sweet and slightly spicy fruity berry flavor that has an earthy vanilla upon exhale.  I like both of this strain's parents so I knew that I would like this strain. But this  Blueberry Lambsbread effect was incredibly balanced,  being a perfect fusion of both of its parent strains, with a well-balanced combination of both mind and body effects. This strain was obviously created with great lovingly care and it restored my faith in the cannabis industry.

Banjo: Banjo is a sativa hybrid strain created by crossing an unknown strain with Tangelo. The effects, taste and aroma are truly dominated by the Tangelo Kush.   Tangelo is a sativa dominant hybrid (80% sativa/20% indica) strain created through crossing the classic Chemdawg with Bermese Kush strains. The flavor of Banjo is therefore  super citrusy  just like Tangelo and its effects will leave you feeling uplifted and brightened up. Banjo's aroma is very sweet and citrusy although it does have some earthy undertones as it burns. Again, this strain is a beautiful example of the expertise of today's cannabis cultivators.  I only hope they can find a way to stay alive and thriving in the new "big money" legal cannabis industry.

March 12th Licensed Cannabis Farms of the Week:

Since we sprung forward this weekend, I thought I'd change it up a bit and focus on the folks, who legally cultivate cannabis for San Diego's licensed, retail cannabis stores.  I choose these two licensed cultivators because their craft cannabis will be featured at my upcoming cannabis paired dining experience, Lego Optimo, that's happening on Thursday.  Both "farms" craft their cannabis organically, using no pesticides or other chemicals. They both test their flower for THC/CBD concentration and pesticides and provide those results on their packaging and website. Finally, both of these farms have met all the morass of legalities and regulations, which now allow them to sell their craft cannabis to you at the ever growing number of legal cannabis stores here in San Diego.


Grizzly Peak Farms is an Oakland & San Diego-based indoor grower of fresh, premium flower.  Their state-of-the-art growing facilities and superior genetic strains combined with their master grower’s years of expertise enable them to produce the highest quality cannabis. "Always pesticide-free. Always potent. Grizzly Peak Farms gives recreational and medical users the ultimate experience."  And, always willing to be a part of local events, which is what I am most grateful for!

For the upcoming Lego Optimo dining experience, Grizzly Peak Farms will be featuring two strains-Cherry Gelato, which of course will be for dessert!  Finishing up the evening as a final "night cap", will be Oak Luv, said to make even a hardcore insomniac snooze away like a baby! 

The second cannabis cultivator/farm is Outco.  Outco is truly a San Diego based and rooted cannabis company. Formed in 2015, OutCo is a fully vertical cannabis company that holds San Diego County's only Microbusiness License.


Embracing wellness while rooted in science, OutCo delivers the highest quality products that support customer, partner, and community needs. OutCo manages Outliers Collective, the first licensed dispensary continually operating in San Diego County. As an industry pioneer, OutCo sets a new standard for cultivation, extraction, distribution and research that is the basis for their motto of: Beautifully Crafted Science. While science is part of Outco's DNA, their company never forgets that their products must be meticulously crafted to create a beautiful result.  Again, I am so grateful to the pioneers of the ever evolving legal cannabis industry, who had the courage, smarts and the money to craft a really excellent product and bring it, legally to market.

So the next time you're shopping at our local, legal cannabis retail shop, make sure to ask for Outco or Grizzly Peak Farms! Tell your bud tender that you know those guys that grew your weed! 

It's so important to know where your food and your cannabis comes from because they are both medicine for your body and soul!   Purchase tickets for the March 15th Lego Optimo dining experience.

March 5th strains of the week:

As we March into March, I find it harder to find craft cannabis for a reasonable and affordable price in San Diego.  So, I ventured outside the licensed recreational stores and into a brand new store in La Mesa.  There I would find a small, no nonsense boutique shop, where they seat you, chat with you and then show you some of the best cannabis flower that I've seen in many weeks. It has become commonplace to have all the cannabis pre-packaged, according to law, so you really don't know what you're getting.


Yesterday, however, I spent almost an hour with the owner for this new shop, smelling each one of their craft cannabis strains and hearing about where and how they were grown.  I now am able to distinguish indoor grown from outdoor grown cannabis.  All the flower I saw yesterday was grown outside and thus were filled with deliciously balanced flavor and effect. 

The first strain which caught my nose was Orange Julius, a 50/50 sativa dominant hybrid, not to be confused with Orange Juice, an indica dominant hybrid. It's not surprisingly that I liked this strain- a lot-because one of its parent strain is Orange Velvet (see below), a hard to find strain that I just love. I am also fond of Orange Julius' other parent Keebler Cookies. The result of that lineage is a citrusy, sweet treat of a strain.  The effects are uplifting but not "jacked up" like a Jack Herrer strain.  This strain will make you smile and just feel happy!  It will definitely make you feel "like a room without a roof", as the song says. So, pick it up when you can! Be happy and smile a lot!

forbidden fruit.jpg

Keeping with the fruity theme,  I choose Forbidden Fruit,  an indica dominant hybrid strain. Although I have tried this strain before, its aroma welcomed me back to give it another try. This strain is a perfect example of big terpenes and how they taste and how they also impact the effect of strain-known as the entourage effect.  The strain is a fruity mix of Cherry Pie, an indica dominant hybrid and Tangie, a high terpene, citrusy sativa strain.  The combination of the two strains create a fruit cocktail for your mouth and a relaxed but energized effect.  Although this strain is indica dominant to me the terpenes really dominated the strain keeping me uplifted and out of the couch, like most indicas have a tendency to put me in.

Cannabis flower is so much more than just getting high!  I hope that you have begun to recognize the power of the plant. Yesterday, I was reinvigorated by finding cannabis that was definitely crafted with care.  It is my hope that the new legal status of cannabis does not snuff out the small farmers, who  grow outside and who care so much for their cannabis! I will continue to seek out the best cannabis so I can share my experiences with you and you can then share it with others.  Then, we will all live happily ever after:)))! And so it is.

February 22th strains of the week:


As we move through February, I have been presented with many new challenges, new experiences and new cannabis strains. Although cannabis has been legal for recreational consumption for over six weeks, the licensed legal stores continue to struggle finding products that are licensed so that they can legally sell them. My product, Hello Mello, is one of those products which has never made it to the shelves of those legal stores because of licensing issues and a lot of bad business decisions. You probably will never see taste or sample that product again.

All that being said, I have continued to visit shops, which may not have licenses yet but, they definitely still have a wider and much better selection of cannabis than the legal stores.   At one of those stores, I found my first strain, Purple Dragon. Purple Dragon is a 50/50 mixture of Blue Dragon, a sativa-indica hybrid, and Purple Urkle, a powerful indica favorite.  Although it is considered an indica dominant hybrid it is more stimulating than other indicas,  initially hitting you with a cerebral and energizing experience and then, causing full body relaxation. I did however find with continued use, I was hit with the indica effects and needed a quick siesta after my second bong hit.  

A surprisingly fact about Purple Dragon is that it contains  CBD levels  that are also relatively high, between 1% and 2%, which means Purple Dragon can be useful in the treatment of seizure disorders and other conditions that respond to CBD.  Both the flavor and smell of this strain contain notes of flowers, sage, and spice, while the buds have a combination of purple, green, and orange hues. You won't find this strain often so if you do spot it, pick some up and find out the surprising nuisances of this crafted cannabis strain.


I am always on the look out for strains that I have never seen or tried.  Hawaiin Mayan Gold is one of those strains. This strain also known as Kona Gold, is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is said to be a descendant of the infamous Hawaiian strain grown on the Big Island of Hawaii. It has a relatively low THC level and relatively mild effects, so it is the perfect bud for any level of user who just wants to kick back and relax during the day. For me the effects started with an energetic boost, which left me with mental clarity and a sense of euphoria.  As I consumed more, I was left with in a comfortable and relaxed in state for hours that lasted for hours. The flavor is really tasty too with notes of citrus, sweetness and perhaps a bit of "skunk".  I've never been to Hawaii but I sure do like Hawaiin Mayan Gold!


February 15th strains of the week:

There are some weeks that present constant challenge and unrest within me. Whether my unrest was related to all the unsettled cosmic energies related to our New Moon Solar Eclipse or not, this week was a roller coaster of emotions.  All that lamenting being said, the two strains that I chose this week helped me to stay somewhat focused and less stressed.

The first strain I choose was Purple Champagne, mainly because I hadn't tried it and also because it's lineage is interesting and somewhat odd. Purple Champagne is a sativa dominant hybrid (70% sativa/30% indica) strain. It was created by  crossing Grand Daddy Purple a very heavy indica strain with Pink Champagne (Phantom) another primarily indica strain. The result oddly is a very bright sativa strain, Purple Champagne.  As weird as it seems, this strain looked and felt just like a mild hitting sativa.  It's flavor was definitely berry all the way with notes of sweet citrus.  Its aroma is very pungent and musky with a slightly spicy grape smell and a sweet fruity berry finish. This strain will keep you productive and focused but not "jacked up" and is another example of the magic of cannabis genetics at its best. 

The second strain that caught my eye and my nose was Lime Skunk.  Lime Skunk is an  evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the classic Northern Lights (indica dominant hybrid) with Super Skunk strains. If you love the flavors of skunk and citrus, you’re in for a real treat with this tasty strain. Lime Skunk has a notable flavor of lemon lime, almost like Sprite, although with a skunky twist that’s slightly spicy, like black pepper,  upon exhalation. The aroma is just as intriguing, with a spicy skunky pungency that has a surprisingly sharp kick of lemon to it as it burns.

The Lime Skunk effect is just as unexpected as the flavor, with full-bodied effects that tend to lean a little more towards the sativa side even though it is evenly balanced. It starts with an energized euphoric boost that leave you feeling happy with a deep felt sense of focus that leaves you with clear intentions and a feeling of motivation-all of which I needed throughout this week of challenge and struggle. Struggle makes you stronger and it is also a choice. Thanks to life's generosity you always have a choice on what you think, how you feel and what strain you smoke! Cheers to the best life ever!!

February 8th strains of the week:

This week strains had me paying homage to the growers right here in San Diego as I revisited a strain that I had tried a couple of years ago.  Wet Dream,  native to San Diego, California, is a sativa-dominant cross between two of my favorite strains,  Blue Dream and OB Haze (Ocean Beach Haze).  While its name might lead you to believe this strain is best for some romantic late night indulgence, the upbeat jolt of energy Wet Dream produces is more appropriate for daytime use. Its  effects are uplifting and cerebral. It's flavors are like a peppery lemongrass  and its aroma is woody pine with citrus notes. While some Haze hybrids  tend to induce racing thoughts , the Blue Dream genetics in Wet Dream, bring a mellow, relaxing quality to the experience to help curb stress and anxiety.  This strain will make you happy and uplifted!  It  will also chill you out, just like America's Finest City does for me!


I openly admit that I love the candy skittles-all kinds sour, tropical and of course the original flavors.  So, it came as no surprise that I really like this strain.  From the fruity smell to the big terpine tropical flavors, I liked this strain! Skittlz  is a sativa-dominant strain, with a sativa/indica ratio of about 60:40. It's the result of a cross between Pure Power Plant, a potent sativa also known as PPP, and Wakeford, a rare hybrid with Skunk and G-13 genetics. Skittlz produces a calming, potent euphoric sensation with mental relief and a strong case of the munchies. This strain is known to be an effective treatment for migraines and other headaches, inflammation, nausea, and chronic physical pain.  I just liked its fruity taste and fun effects.  However, unlike the candy Skittles which I usually only consume on specials occasions, I'll be putting this strain my my regular rotation!

February 1st strains of the week:


In honor of our "Blue Moon" this week, I picked up three new "blue" strains-all of which had Blueberry at its core.  Blueberry is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain with unknown true parentage. It is thought to be descended from Purple Thai X Afghan, but we will never know for sure. For me, the blueberry strains taste just like blueberries and are delicious! The effect of the blueberry strains were equally delicious in that it immediately erased any negative or racing thoughts that I was having and put my mind and body at ease.  With those relaxing effects, I truly understood why Blueberry is said to be perfect for "treating conditions such as chronic fatigue, depression, migraines, and chronic stress or anxiety." 

The first "blue" strain that I picked up was Blueberry Headband.  Blueberry Headband is an indica-dominant hybrid, which has a sativa/indica ratio of about 30:70. It effects and taste are exactly what its name suggests, a direct descendant of Blueberry and Headband (an indica strain and a sativa strain). The effects of this strain are calming, euphoric and give you energy, creativity, and happiness. This strain surprised me because I have never been a fan of Headband since it does effect your head just like there was a headband on it- a feeling that I didn't quite like.  However, when it was expertly blended with Blueberry, the negative head pressure effect disappeared, leaving only its desirable effects- increased energy and focus, like most sativa strains. Another genetic wonder that will help to chase your winter blues away!

Blue Cookies, a Blueberry Hybrid(70% Sativa/30% indica) strain, lived up to its lineage of Blueberry and Girl Scout Cookies. Blueberry Cookies, also known as “Blueberry Girl Scout Cookies,” is a sativa dominant hybrid strain created through crossing the infamous Blueberry Tahoe with the classic Girl Scout Cookies Thin Mint strain. The combination produces amazing flavors, mixing fresh nutty mint with ripe blueberries.  The aroma was pretty awesome too – with an earthy berry overtone that’s accented by lemon and pine. The Blueberry Cookies effects are well-balanced enough that whether you love sativa or indica, you'll like this strain. It's got it all-body relaxation, mind calming and overall feeling of creativity and well being.  Balance I am learning is the key to happiness in life and in cannabis!


Finishing up my blue theme was Blue Cheese.  Blue Cheese is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa). As its name suggests, it tastes strongly of blue cheese, giving it a flavor distinct from other Cheese varieties. The aroma is a mix of blue cheese and sweet blueberries, making it a truly tasty strain. The original Cheese strain, which was first bred in the United Kingdom, was bred with a Blueberry male(see above), resulting in a name and a strain focused on the blue.  The effect it creates are a mix of joy and euphoria with deep-body relaxation. The indica in this hybrid strain is very apparent in the body high, while the sativa portion keeps the strain lively. Blue Cheese is said to be a good choice when treating anxiety, depression, or pain, but it also works well on migraines, PTSD, ADHD, and bipolar disorder. Insomniacs can find strong relief in this strain as well. So, you can say goodbye to your blues by consuming some more blues-blue strains that it is.  I am incredibly inspired by the diversity of flavors and effects that are contained within the blues!! 



January 25th strains of the week:

This week I ventured into San Marcos and Escondido cannabis dispensaries and I found two new strains that made the trek to the outer bounds of San Diego seem worth it. 

The first strain that jumped out at me was Big Buddha Cheese.  Big Buddha Cheese is an Indica dominant (70/30) hybrid strain the comes from Afghani and OG U.K. Cheese. Big Buddha Cheese is extremely unique, perhaps one of the most unique to come from U.K. breeders. The strain lead the way for the emergence of various Cheese strains coming from British indoor cannabis breeders. With all that technical stuff being said, I like to eat cheese and I like the "cheese" strains.  Their flavor is cheesy like cheez-its and it's effects are balanced towards the relaxed state, but not glued to your couch.  This strain is good when you are ready to let go but not go out!

Sometimes it's good to go home, to choose something that's familiar and good!  That is the way I feel about Trainwreck. Trainwreck didn't get its name or claim to fame in the cannabis community for no reason at all. It's an exhilarating hybrid strain has mind expanding components that will hit you like a "train" after just a couple of hits.

Trainwreck is a combination of 2 sativas (Mexican and Thai) and one indica (Afghani), this strain is nothing short of a magical mystery tour of emotions, depending upon your mood. Although Trainwreck is mainly sativa dominant (80:20 sativa/indica ratio), you can expect a mellowing body high in addition to a cognitive high that administers imaginative and inventive thoughts. Trainwreck is commonly use to relieve pain, PTSD, anxiety, stress, and insomnia. You can smoke this strain comfortably throughout the day even with its super high potency. It's long green leaves are accompanied by a pine/citrus aroma that can't be mistaken. You can expect a noticeable after taste of lemon with a slight cough when inhaling this strain.. There's definitely a heavy amount of trichomes (hairs) on this strain which gives it a light green color and sometimes a subtle hint of gray.  Put this on your heavy rotation list because this train is always on time.

January 18th strains of the week:

Cannabis has been legal to consume for recreational purposes for three weeks now in San Diego.  Since it's been legalized I've traveled from the Mexican border to North County San Diego (Oceanside and Vista), witnessing the ramifications of the change in legal status that is happening to consumers, legal licensed shops, cannabis vendors and most of all to me.  Right now, most cannabis vendors, which create products that include cannabis are waiting to receive their Distribution License required by the new cannabis regulations.  It seems as though over 50% of the vendors that were on the shelves of the medical dispensaries have vanished waiting for new packaging, dosing or like my company to receive their Distribution License, which was applied for last year. 

So as I wait for the holy grail, the Distribution License, I have been able to focus my attention on discovering new strains of cannabis.  This week while visiting a cannabis store in Vista, I found one of my favorite strains, Blue Dream, had been made better in a strain called Super Blue Dream.  Super Blue Dream is another hybrid strain consisting of Blue Dream and Super Silver Haze. Blue Dream is among the most popular strains throughout the US and especially here in Cali because of it's balanced flavor and balanced effects- it produces a heightened sense of alertness without making you feel jittery like a Jack Herrer strain.  Blue Dream is the best for keeping you alert and chilled at the same time. Super Blue Dream however keeps you focused, cerebral and calm.  Additionally, Super Blue Dream smells more distinctly of blueberry than its parent strain Blue Dream.  If you are a newbie, I suggest you begin with Blue Dream and get to know it.  Then, find it's "suped up" offspring, Super Blue Dream and you'll understand the not so subtle differences that lineage makes.


The next strain comes out of my newest project-cannabis infused dining experiences. As some of you may know, I and my partner Josh Timmerman are throwing the first cannabis paired, NOT infused, dining experience on January 25th.  As part of the process to prepare for that dinner, the chefs Benito Molina and Flor Franco joined me and Josh on Tuesday for their first ever cannabis pairing prep.  I truly think that both Flor and Benito learned a whole lot about cannabis-about the aromas and how they differ from strain to strain and how to pair those different aromas and flavors with the food that they will be creating next week.

That pairing exercise got my nose all aflutter and searching for the newest pungently flavored strain.  That's how I found Root beer Float, which smells to me more like cream soda-vanilla with a hint of root beer.  Root beer Float is a hybrid strain consisting of XXX OG (Triple X OG) + x Vanilla Kush.  It is described as an indica dominant hybrid but I found it more balanced than the usual indica hybrid, in that it didn't sedate me like most indicas do.  The aroma and taste of this strain is really the big draw.  I loved the smell and the taste! It left me  wondeing what my new friend Benito Molina would pair with this truly tasty treat! 


This week was filled with treats and challenges-challenges to my belief in myself and my dreams.  Those c

hallenges have made me even more determined to keep creating and staying in contact with the power that guides me and protects at all times.  The results from those challenges as always have made me stronger, more certain and more grateful for this beautiful process of life!  Take a leap of faith and know that the net will always appear!


January 11th strains of the week:

As I made my way through the second week of 2018, I have discovered so many new things about myself and about cannabis! I've been traveling through the legal licensed recreational stores this week and have witnessed a deluge of new customers flocking to get their fix of legal cannabis.  Funny enough, it seems like the Baby Boomers are ready to go back to their hippie weed days.   I have seen  many women and men, who are definitely retirement age,  entering the San Diego legal stores to catch a buzz or to gain relief for their old age aches and pains.  No matter why these new customers have come to buy....it is evident that they are buying! 

I have found many new strains that I've liked. It is truly incredible the diversity of flavor, effect and aroma, which I've discovered this week.

Orange Velvet:

I had never seen this strain in any shop before so I thought I'd go for it.  Upon research, I found out that this strain isn't grown much any more because it is NOT "potent" enough for today's cannabis market.  To me,  Orange Velvet  tastes and smells just like an Orange Creamsicle; the orange-y, creamy, frozen desert on a stick. The flavor is orange, citrusy and sweet. It is a hybrid strain, which means it's effects will be somewhat middle of the road. 

Moreover, I learned that this strain was most likely was created somewhere in the Pacific Northwest using Skunk genetics.  The effects are not super powerful but the taste and aroma more than make up for it.  I found the high gives just the right amount of euphoric lift, while maintaining an even focus and clarity for a duration of 2 to 3 hours.  As I mentioned,  before,  Orange Velvet has been discontinued for the most part, but it does pop up from time to time in some dispensaries; so if you see it out there in the world, buy large!  I was sorry I didn't!

Cherry Punch:

This strain is a really good example at how far genetic engineering has come in the cannabis industry.  Cherry Punch is a true hybrid-it is a blend between an indica strain and a sativa strain. In fact, it is actually a mix between two hybrid strains, -a combination of Cherry AK(hybrid, sativa) and Purple Punch(hybrid indica)making it's lineage somewhat complicated.  Check it out:

Screen Shot 2018-01-10 at 4.02.01 PM.png

The result of all that fancy genetic engineering is a really tasty and well balanced hybrid strain.  It tastes very similar to Hawaiian Punch! It's effects are also moderate and it  is perfect the perfect strain to use when you're finished your "work" day but you still need to  make dinner.

Super Kush

I got this super indica strain free for being a first time customer at a small, but quite amazing shop in Lemon Grove.  As you may have assumed, I usually am a sativa loving girl but, how can you say no to free weed-right?!  I was incredibly impressed by the beauty of this strain.  It is visualizing stunning and super fragrant, as its named suggest.

As always I researched the strain and found out that  Super Kush has the great lineage of being the daughter of Northern Lights #5 and Hindu Kush.  Super Kush is definitely an indica strain and for me, it was a wonderful way to unwind, and relax.  It produced a very relaxed and clear headed effect, unlike most indicas that just space me out. This strain is best for users like me,  who would like to ease stress without being stuck on the couch. An all-around easy strain for beginning cannabis users, like me.  If you need a boost of relaxation before bed, this strain will do the trick!

I am truly amazed at how much tender loving care goes into creating these strains.  I have gained a new respect for those weed growers because they are also scientific wizards.  With each new strain, I am propelled to learn more and to try more! It is a whole new world for me.  I hope you will continue to join me as I make my way through the brave new world of cannabis.

January 4th strains of the week

Screen Shot 2017-12-11 at 7.21.01 AM.png

Happy New Year and some new year this has already been! Cannabis is now legal for recreational consumption here in San Diego and as expected the licensed retail shops were busting at the seams with new customers, ready to buy legal cannabis.  I have been traveling out and about visiting the legal and not so legal cannabis retail and medical dispensaries throughout San Diego, introducing my new product Hello Mello.  


My product is the first ever "joint" rolled on a cigarette machine.  This is not your mamma's pre-roll in that no bud tender licks it, each joint is the exact weight and will taste and burn exactly the same way each and every time.  Additionally the cannabis flower inside the pre-rolls is primo cannabis from Humboldt county.  The cannabis flower is tested three times for potency and for the presence of pesticides.  So you can expect, the same mellow experience each and every time you light one up.  

Say goodbye to imposter pre-rolls that are stuffed in a cigarette tube and don't offer the easy and even burn, amazing aroma and flavor, and availability you should be able to expect from your pre-packed choice in a Pre-Roll. You can now purchase Hello Mello at legal cannabis retail shops throughout San Diego. If your local shop doesn't have it, please ask for it by name and I'll remedy that situation.

This product is intended for the cannabis "newbie" who just wants to get mellow!  If you haven't smoke any weed in the last ten years then this product is for you.  No surprises and no bad weed, ever!

All that being said, I also found two new strains, which caught my eye and got me high this week!

Dutch Treat: 

I've been wanting to try Dutch Treat for some time now, but it isn't readily available at all retail shops.  So, I was thrilled when I found it in a not so legal shop in La Mesa.  Dutch Treat is a hybrid strain, which balances a truly nice sativa effect without the jumpiness of the Jack Herrer strains.  Dutch Treat is a strain that is quite popular in the "coffee" houses in Amsterdam. It has a sweet but earthy flavor and didn't make me hack my lungs out. It did, however, help me focus, stay on task AND also kept me grounded and feeling completely functional.  I truly suggest that you grab a gram of this strain when you see it.  You will not be sorry!

Candy Jack

During one of my visits to an old school hippy medical dispensary in Lemon Grove, I was reintroduced to this strain Candy Jack, a solid sativa strain. It was one of the first strains that I tried when I ventured back into the world of cannabis after an over 20 year hiatus.

Candy Jack is exactly what it's name implies, it tastes sweet and "jacks" you up!  It's a fun euphoria but it is somewhat flat and isn't long lasting.  It is the perfect strain to wake you up to do just about anything. But, know that the effects are quick and will be gone in a flash.  Plan accordingly:)

Here's Leafly's official word on Candy Jack.  I recommend this strain to any newbie who wants to understand what a sativa strain is really all about.  You will have to determine whether it floats your boat.  Happy New Year, indeed!

December 25th strain of the week

Merry Christmas, happy holidays and happy new year!  The holidays always bring surprises-good surprises, not so good surprises and just plain unwelcome surprises!  This week of merry, merry was anything but merry for me.  However, I did find  a new strain that was quite surprising in both it's effect and taste. 


Devil's Lettuce: This is my first high "CBD" strain and I really liked the "physical relaxation" that  I experienced.  I felt relaxed without the overly sedated feeling, which a lot of indica strains can produce.  I found that it took away my back pain, which  came from driving my holiday visitor around San Diego.  I will absolutely begin to try other high CBD strains. The taste to me was both spicy and sweet at the same time, which kept my taste buds interested throughout my entire joint.

Here's what I found when I researched Devil’s Lettuce. Devil's Lettuce is a hybrid of Shiskaberry and Great White Shark. It is mostly known for its high CBD levels. High levels of CBD cause more body relaxation and less feelings being stoned . Therefore, it is an ideal for the elderly and medical patients that want relief from pain but do not want to get stoned out of their minds.  Although I am not quite elderly yet, this strain worked wonders on my stressed out body and mind and I was still able to focus and function.

December 8th strains of the week:

This week, we found some strains that we just didn't like. I guess  learning about cannabis is just like learning about wine.  You got to drink some vinegars,  before you find your favorite vintage. This week we found some buds that were just duds!

Black Mamba: Black Mamba is an indica-dominant cannabis strain that is known for its perfume aroma, grape taste, and long-lasting effects. It was named after the deadly African snake, so it’s no surprise that this strain is known for being strong (it might just knock less experienced users into nap time). The genetics of this strain are unknown, but its characteristics seem to support the theory that it is a descendent of Granddaddy Purple and maybe Black Domina.  For us, this strain just slayed us.  Two tokes and we were down for the count.  I guess if you want to use this strain for sleep only, then this is your bud!  Other than that, this strain is far too sedating for us.


Chiquita Banana: Chiquita Banana is described by Leafly as an evenly balanced hybrid (50% indica/50% sativa) strain created through crossing the delicious OG Kush X Banana strains.  What that means is that the strain's uplifting and relaxing effects should be evenly balanced.  We however did not find that balance.  In fact, we suffered tinnitus, which is ringing in our ears and in this case in our head too.  Surprisingly this strain seemed to cause agitation and made us feel irritable and angry.  We will avoid all banana strains from here on in.  A head buzz is not a peaceful state.  In fact, this is the first strain that we actually threw out....ouch!

December 1st Strains of the week:

 Peanut Butter Breath

Peanut Butter Breath

It's December and here in San Diego we are one month away from cannabis becoming recreation-ally and medicinally legal.  As we move closer to that date,  I continue to discover and uncover so many new innovations happening in the cannabis world. This week I was introduced to several new products when I attended "Danksgiving", a "sesh" that was held in honor of Thanksgiving, which was really a cannabis vendor event.  During the event, I met many vendors and tried many new strains.  Here are two that caught my "high":

Peanut Butter Breath: This is a relatively new strain to the cannabis industry.  PB Breath is known to be a fairly even 50/50 hybrid and has been traced back to Dosidos x Mendobreath f2. The nugs in this plant are usually smaller, very dense, covered in frosty keef, and give off a very light green coloring. The name is however is somewhat misleading when it comes to the smell and taste of this bud.  The Peanut Butter Breath that I smoked smelled and tasted like fresh pine with an herbal, earthy finish.  I like this strain and it is a great smoke for anyone who wants to kick back, relax, and maybe grab a few munchies! 

White Tahoe Cookies:  This strain perhaps is the most balanced hybrid which I've tried to date.  It's taste, smell and appearance scream artisan and fine craftsmanship.  White Tahoe Cookie is an indica dominant hybrid strain created by the masterminds at Kush4Breakfast .  White Tahoe Cookies is a beautiful mix of The White, Tahoe OG and Girl Scout Cookies.  I could truly taste the love that was put into this strain and it's one that I will definitely look for again and again!


November 23th Strains of the Week: 

It's the week of Thanksgiving and I am grateful for the variety and the advancements in today's cannabis market.  During this hectic week, I chose an old time, hard hitting sativa, J1.  I have smoked J1 in the past but this batch grown by Infinity Farms, seemed more uplifting and energizing than I remembered it.  It is definitely a relative of Jack Herer and at times made me feel a bit jumpy.  However, when I needed the boost to focus and get "shit" done, J1 did the trick.  For the official description check out Leafly.

The second strain that I can recommend is King Louis XIII.  King Louis XIII might be most famous for making the men in his kingdom wear wigs.  But, in Southern California, his name has a whole 'nother connotation, bringing to mind a popular indica-dominant strain. This royal strain announces itself as many people did in the 1600s: by its distinctive aroma.  Its dense nugs have an overwhelmingly piney smell with an earthy musk that will have you thinking of that you've landed in a forest adventure. Bred in part from OG Kush, Louis XIII has a very similar spicy kush aroma. It is known be good for insomnia and the strain often tests at over 20% THC.  For me, this strain is exactly what I needed when I was ready to shut out the world, listen to some good music and chill.  I mixed it with some of my leftover J1 and found my homemade hybrid was a super invention-the two intense strain combined into a nicely balanced effect.  How I do love leftovers!

I wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! I had one of the best Thanksgivings than I can remember in years.  I truly hope that you did too!  Good food, good friends and good weed.  All is truly well in my world!


November 16th Strains of the Week: Clementine

Admittedly, we are still cannabis newbies and have just begun to become discerning cannabis connoisseurs.  To us, cannabis, was weed that we bought from some unknown guy after many failed attempts of hooking up.  Becoming educated about cannabis is very similar to learning vintages of wine.  Just like it takes great skill to make a fine wine vintage, it takes that same skill and artistry to create the perfect strain that  produces the exact effects you are looking for. Cannabis however unlike wine, doesn't leave you hungover after consuming the invisible but insidious killer, sugar. 

All that being said, we have a tendency to choose Sativa strains, which are strains that elevate your mood, give you energy and a multitude of other good feelings. They are strains to be used during the day and will help you stay focused and on task. Today's choice was Clementine, a sativa strain that Leafly tells us that Clementine has a " sweet, citrus flavored sativa hybrid that combines Tangie with Lemon Skunk genetics. The concentrated live resin of Clementine from Crocket Family Farms took home 2nd Place for the Best Sativa Concentrate at the 2015 Cannabis Cup in Michigan." 

To us, Clementine definitely lived up to its Tangie taste reputation,  which is lemony and a bit of grapefruit.  This sativa is balanced and doesn't make you feel antsy or jumpy.  It acts very much like a well balanced sativa hybrid.  We definitely will put it on the "heavy rotation" list!

Our second favorite strain of the week is Do-Si-Dos. which  is an indica dominant strain that promotes relaxation, decreases anxiety and some strains even help you to fall sleep.  Do-Si-Dos to us, however, did not feel like a regular indica strain that have a tendency to put you "in da couch", rendering you completely non functional.  Do Si Dos does mellow you out but, you can still continue to function and get stuff done.  We also found it promoted more creativity and productivity than most indica strains.  Finally, we liked the taste of Do-Si-Dos, which is similar to Durbon Poison, citrusy with a hint of "diesel" in the background. 

Here's Leafly's official description: Do-Si-Dos is an indica-dominant hybrid with qualities similar to its parent, Girl Scout Cookies. With glittering trichomes, bright pistils, and lime green and lavender leaves, this strain is a feast for eyes. Its aroma is pungent, sweet, and earthy with slight floral funkiness. These classic OG aromas blend nicely with medical-grade body effects that lean toward the sedative side with the addition of Face Off OG genetics."

Leafly ended it's description with "You will enjoy a stoney, in-your-face buzz from start, which melts down over the body, causing relaxation and peace to emanate outward." And so it was:)!