What do you do?

What do you do?  I am often asked that question and I often become tongue tied when I begin to reply!  Maybe, because funny enough, I sometimes wonder the same thing!  It used to be easy when I was a Hospice nurse to tell inquiring minds what I did for a living.  These days that definitely is not the case and recently, I've been pondering that question, as I clarify my vision for my future.

First, because the question of "what do you do" is meant as polite conversation, I think that a simple short answer is really the appropriate one.  But I live in a state of becoming,  in a constant flux of growing and re-evaluating.  My passions are varied and I often follow them. So,  composing a short concise answer may not be in my future.  But,  here goes: I help vendors/farmers move forward and grow/create their businesses through a wide variety and very individualized ways.  One of the ways that I achieve that is by obtaining new distribution venues, like grocery stores, farmers markets and restaurants.   However, just as frequently, I also stop vendors from moving their businesses forward, only after I am certain that they will not be profitable or sustainable.  I then help those vendors figure out what they truly would like to be spending their money and their time on creating or becoming.  Both are equally important services.   Bang...my 90 seconds are up and I know you still don't know what I do!   And what I concluded, after weeks of pondering that same question will probably not make it much clearer either.

What do you do?  I serve!   I serve food;  I serve people/my clients;  I serve the planet/farms/gardens;  I serve a higher being (no need to name it) and if you've ever met me,  there's a good chance that I've served you!  So, as not to sound so saintly,  I also serve myself by serving all of those things.  According to Dictionary.com, to serve is to supply with aid, information, or other incidental services.  And that says it all and is exactly what I do!

I know that you are still asking but what concretely do you do? So,   I'll end with what I've been doing most recently.  Yesterday, I was given the opportunity to serve Cafe Gratitude;  to aid them in their endeavors to grow their businesses and spread gratitude throughout San Diego county.   I will be introducing their organic, vegan and gluten free baked goods and prepackaged salads and entrees into select locations throughout San Diego County and up the coast to Encinitas.  

Really want to know what I do.  Check out the photos on my gallery regularly!