Breaking Down the Barriers!

Today I quietly and rather effortlessly, launched  my company Your Product Hub, which will focus on helping other businesses with product development, market introduction and promotions.   With the launch of my new business, I am also launching my new blog, Breaking Down the Barrier!  from which I will chronicle the next stretch of road in my journey of creating!

Here's how I got here:

Almost twelve years ago,  after retiring from a 25 year career in Hospice and Home Care Nursing, I took a leap of faith that would ultimately change my entire life and was the inception of my new business, Your Product Hub. 

In 2004, I began my ten year career with Whole Foods Market, during which I worked in their Prepared Foods Dept, Marketing (assistant), Bakery (Associate Team Leader), Back Up Signmaker, Demo Specialist, Healthy Eating Specialist and most importantly, the Local Product Specialist for WFM Hillcrest.   As part of that role, I created the Local Supplier Local Vendor Collaboration program, in which I and other team members collaborated with local vendors to create exclusive products (sold only at WFM Hillcrest).  We created thirteen products from candles to candy bars!  I  learned invaluable information about sourcing ingredients, packaging, labeling, permitting, margins, permitting and the process of getting a product into the grocery world. 

During those ten years, I also collaborated with many of San Diego best local artisans, vendors, ranchers, farmers and non profit organizations including, San Diego Weekly Markets, Eclipse Chocolate, Suzie's Farms, Be Wise Ranch, The Gingered Pear, Stehly Farms Organics, Evolution Fast Foods, Viva Pops, Caffe Calabria, Bread & Cie, and so many more.  And, as of today, I have done 374 events in the past nine years-from a Dinner in a Sunflower Maze to my last and perhaps greatest, The Berry Good Night Dinner 2015! That is the topic of my next blog!

From all of those experiences, I am absolutely certain that it is my time to create! Please follow my blog and following Your Product Hub on Facebook