The Emperor's New Clothes....

I've always loved the Hans Christian Anderson's fairy tale the Emperor's New Clothes.  It also has been a running theme on and off throughout my life.  But, before I progress any further, here's a real quick synopsis of The Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale.  It is a tale of two weavers who promise to make the Emperor a wonderful new suit of clothes. The catch is that these clothes will be invisible to those who are stupid, incompetent or unfit. Even though the Emperor and his ministers can't see the clothes, they don't want to appear stupid. So the Emperor parades, naked,  in front of his subjects who all admire his "clothes" until a young child points out that he really isn't wearing anything at all.

 This week I once again relived that fairy tale. For many years, I have remained quiet about a lot of invisible clothing, being afraid that I would appear different and odd.  However, this week, I could no longer stay silent and admire the Emperor's New Clothes, which of course don't exist and never existed.  I finally decided that even if all the fearful servants continue to decry how beautiful the Emperor's clothes, I am certain that they don't exist.

And, you know what?  As I quietly whispered the fact that the Emperor really had no clothes on, I began to find that there are many observers that see that the Emperor was naked!  They were just waiting for someone, who would speak the truth.   Like the child in the fairy tale, I naively and fearlessly spoke out. For speaking out, I indeed have been banished from the kingdom.  But,  I have also gained self respect and the respect of many others who know I see the truth and know that I speak the truth.

Moral of this story, do not ignore your gut instincts or for that matter, what your eyes see.  Do not fear being different or unique.  In fact, celebrate your uniqueness and know the fools that follow that naked Emperor will one day realize that "he's not wearing any clothes!"!!