It's your lucky day!


Today, according to astrologers is the luckiest day of the year! It is the day that Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, meets up with the Sun and shines favor upon all actions and intentions. It is a time for expansion and manifestation.     


Although I say I feel "lucky" every day, I'm not certain I really believe in the concept of "luck".   The dictionary defines luck as 'believing that whatever happens, either good or bad, to a person in the course of events is due to chance, fate or fortune'.   I am not completely convinced that things just happen by fate.  In fact, I believe that we create our own luck by our beliefs, thoughts, words and sometimes by our actions.   As I began to research "luck", I found my beliefs are quite closely aligned with those contained in Buddhism.  Buddhism teaches that "everything that happens has a specific cause or causes and there must be some relationships between the cause and the effect".  I believe that each thing that happens is intended to teach us some sort of lessons, if we are open to learning.    Louise Hay said it best: " We all have chosen to come here to learn particular lessons that will advance us on our spiritual and evolutionary pathways."  So, everything we do or say is actually bringing us good luck in the form of personal and spiritual growth.                      

Today, join me in creating your own luck by focusing on what you truly want to experience in your life and then,  send that message out into the Universe.  Send a clear to message that you desire and deserve more in your life. The Universe will respond to your messages, you will feel really luck and you will find luck wherever you go!