Reflecting and looking forward


As this year comes to a close, I reflect on how much I've learned, let go of and how much I still need to learn.  I spent this holiday with a childhood friend, who has been suffering from depression and despair since her husband died four years ago.  For many reasons, I thought that her visit to San Diego would perhaps give her a new, fresh perspective on her seemingly hopeless life.  I however was quite wrong!  Despite all my best attempts she could never surrender enough to see the love and light that was right in front of her.

Now that she is on her way back home, I am left feeling truly sad, wiped out and really tired.  I also feel enlightened by the experience.  For you see, over twenty years ago, I too suffered from what seemed to be intractable depression.  Watching her struggle and fume about how life has "screwed" her over, made me realize how incredibly blessed I am to have healed myself.  The only difference between my friend and I is that I was willing to do anything to heal myself. I was willing to let go of the people, places and things that served no purpose in my life.  I was willing to learn new things every day and be open to new experiences.  I was willing to change.

My friend's visit during these holidays ends a year of awakenings.  A year of awakening to many of the illusions that I chose to give my power to and that I now choose to release to the universe.  I now choose to let go of all the illusions that made me feel powerless and less than.  I let go of all the beliefs that made me feel less than enough.


New year's day is a Super Full Moon, which is the perfect time to let go of all your old limitations.  It is time to shine a light on all the illusions that no longer serve you any purpose.  It is time to forgive everyone, including self. It is time to dream a new dream for an incredibly blessed and abundant new year.  It is time for you to become more of who you are!  Be open to the limitless possibilities that await you in the New Year. Let go and let the new come in! Let go and let life love you!!