Marching right on!

As I turned the calendar page from February to March, I finally feel like it's a new year and that I am truly becoming a new person! February was filled with some gut wrenching self examination offering me the chance to clear out the clutter deep in my soul and to finally let go of people, places, things and thoughts, which only weighed me down and kept me stuck.

So I march boldly into March with a new sense of direction and very little tolerance of illusion and bullshit!  This year already looks different and will produce real results not just pretty pictures.  In February, I kicked off the Autism Tree Foundation Food Farming and Nutrition program at Wild Willow Farm.  The program will continue every other Saturday through the end of April.   This program is perhaps the most important thing I will ever do in my life!  The universe agrees and I have over 300 families waiting to be a part of my program. 

Furthermore, as a part of that program I will be taking close to 1,000 autistic kids and their parents to local farms for pumpkin picking; a mother-daughter tea at a lavender farm and milking cows at the last remaining dairy farm in San Diego.  The underlying goal is to use those farms to not only heal the participants, but also to help heal this earth by bringing new awareness of where our food comes from. 

In addition to my Autism Tree Project Foundation programs, I've been blessed to collaborate with some new friends and some old ones.  I was privileged to be able to help Mendocino Farms, an amazing new restaurant space that specializes in really delicious sandwiches, get connected with San Diego farms.  Mario and Ellen, the owners, are what I refer to as the "real deal".  As you know, I've attempted to help several local restaurants source local produce and have not been successful, until this year!  This year the Mendocino Farms spring menu will feature radishes from Wild Willow Farm and their summer menu will feature the heirloom tomatoes from my friends at Suzie's Farm.   Mission finally accomplished!  If you haven't eaten at Mendocino Farms, run don't walk 'cause they are creating deliciousness and supporting the community that they do business in. 

It is a new year and I am grateful that you care enough to follow along with me on this amazing journey! I promise this year will not disappoint you or me!