More lessons learned through fairy tales

I often find that my life experiences mirror the lessons that I learned in childhood from nursery rhymes and fairy tales.   Yesterday, as I finished up another fundraiser, I awoke again from a self created fairy tale and realized that I was done! I was done saving a world that did not want to be saved or that did not want my help.  For over ten years, I have been raising money for every good cause under the sun. I now am tired and I am ready to serve only my own cause & myself!  I have once again awakened to find that I have allowed myself to believe in illusions and fairy tales, ignoring any good sense and most of all,  overriding my inner wisdom.  I had awakened from illusions filled with nursery rhyme characters, all created to teach me profound lessons.

Here are the lessons that I learned through my journey of over 400 events and fundraisers:

Lesson learned #1: Con artists, fakes and imposters come in all different forms.  It does not matter if they say they are champions of the environment; if they proclaim they are"reborn" and spout religiosity; if they are the most popular person in town or for that matter, even if they are our President.  If your inner radar is sounding an alarm,  listen to it, even if you don't have any concrete evidence and even if every one around you chooses to believe in them.  You are being warned and it is time to believe in that internal warning system. I believe and I am now listening!

Lesson learned #2:  People will take from you until you stop allowing them.    Then, they will act offended when you stop.  If you stand firm they will test you and ask for more.  When they finally get the idea that the well is empty,  they surely will find someone else, probably better than you, to serve them. Fear not, they always find someone else to fill your shoes!

Lesson learned #3:  You are the most important person in your life.  Everyone else are only additions to or frills to your already perfect being.  If the people in your life are no longer giving you anything, and be honest, there are many energy suckers in your life, then let them go! Expect righteous indignation when you do let them go because they are good at manipulating reality to make you think that they are actually helping others, when in fact it is always about helping themselves. That is why they are part of fairy tales, they are make believe.  I do not believe any more.

Lesson learned #4: You already have everything you seek inside you!  All you have to do is to listen and trust.  That sounds so easy but ego wants illusion to make it feel good. Unfortunately the illusion is guaranteed to vanish at some point, reawakening you to what you already knew.  Just like a fairy tale always ends and you close the book, it is time to stop giving fairy tale characters any importance.  I've closed the book on those stories. I know exactly how each of those stories end and I know that they were never real!  Lessons learned!

It is new day for me.  In fact,  I am hoping a new era for me.  I am done with the things that have been weighing me down.   I have let go of it all and it has left me feeling empty.    But, that emptiness has opened me up to the new. So, today, I move forward without fear and in anticipation of more awesomeness than I could ever imagine to come.  Today, l know that when I listen to my inner wisdom I hear the answers I need. I know that all that I seek is already in me.  Today I trust that inner wisdom.  Today I trust me!