Sunday serenity...


Today was supposed to be a day of serenity, according to my numerology friends. They explained that "this 21st day of the year brings a Pisces Moon with some pleasant connections with other water signs. It should make for a relaxing Sunday! Additionally, they wrote that "21 is the number of The World in the Tarot. It represents the emotional and material satisfaction you can receive when you bring together your spiritual and physical selves."  That was the way today was "supposed" to be.  It was anything but serene for me.

I frequently write about and speak about illusion and the power of illusion over our minds.  What I mean by illusion is a situation or a belief that is completely not substantiated by reality but is seen and felt by us as "reality". It is our minds that create the stories around people, places and things in our life.  None of them in reality have any meaning except what we give them.  Those stories and that reality is temporary because we made it up.  The stories and the power we gave to those stories vanish when we are awakened back into reality.   I work at staying present which usually keeps me out of illusion.  But somehow this Sunday, I allowed myself to venture into illusion and then spent the rest of the day wrestling back to an awakened state. 


I am awake now and have returned back to the beauty, peace and serenity of my present life. I write this in hopes that if you are wrestling with illusion that this blog helps you to awakened to the beauty in your life, even if illusion has been blocking out the light.  All is truly well in your world.  If not, make it so!