Up in smoke...

If you've been keeping up with my adventures then you may have noticed that smoke has figured  heavily into many aspects of my life. Today, it's once again all about the smoke. However, this time it's all about the stuff that has gone up in smoke!


Mercury retrograde began a couple of days ago and I'm feeling the cosmic effects.  Mercury retrograde energy slows us down and helps us re-evaluate every aspect of our lives.  It also causes computers to crash, people to show their true selves and communication mix-ups.  That all being said, the retrograde energies have awakened to people, places and things again that truly were not serving me in any way, even if I made up reasons why they somehow serve some purpose. 

Once again, I awoken to things that I KNEW were not in alignment with my purpose.  In fact, sucked up my energies and exposed me to negativity and drama which I no longer allow in my life.  So, as quickly as I awoke, so did my illusions go up in smoke.  Again and again, I am given experiences that are intended to teach me how to trust my intuition.  At the risk of sounding repetitive,  I am always guided and protected, all I need to do is actually listen and act. 

I think that perhaps life is about the repetitiveness and whether you repeat love and joy or repeat fear, anger and disillusionment.  If you repeat the latter then that's exactly what you will find in your life.  I plan to replace disappointment, anger and fear with the joy of knowing that I have learned so many lessons from all my frolics with smoke, which have all gone up in smoke. 

Today, I let go of all the people, places and things that taught me so much-the main lesson being that you always have everything within yourself-all knowledge, understanding and love.  Listen, act and trust.  Know that you are always divinely protected, guided and loved, just like me!


Wishing that this retrograde helps you to re-evaluate, revision and reboot your life.  You always have the power to recreate your life, take the leap and the net will appear!