A day for forgiveness


Today is a day for forgiveness! My numerology friends tell me that 4-18-18, holds double 18 energy and the number 18 is considered the most sacred number in the Kabbalah. It's a number that denotes tuning into your soul and letting go of whatever ego fears you have. I can't think of a better way of spending a day than by releasing everything that is keeping my life small! I can't think of a better way to spend my day forgiving everyone for everything, including myself for all past perceived wrongs and in the process freeing myself!

So,  I  started my day asking myself "what or who are you still holding onto because you perceive that you’ve been wronged?" And, you know what, it seems as if I've been holding onto people, places and things from my way past and some from my more recent past.


I work on letting go on a routine basis. So, it took me by surprise how much resentment that still remains within me.  It showed me again how important it is to forgive!  To forgive because no matter how justified I feel I am in my righteous indignation, no matter what “they” did, if I insist on holding on to the past, then I will never be free. Ironically, what I am actually forgiving is that those people, places and things just weren't what I wanted them to be.  That was a major revelation.  I created the illusions and then my illusions let me down! With that revelation, I was able to easily let go and I now feel so free.


I encourage you to join me and free yourself by consciously forgiving yourself and everyone else, who surely taught you some very valuable lessons.  Lessons that have helped you grow and change in an absolutely perfect way.

Through forgiveness, you and I will be able to let go of whatever ego fears and resentments, which in reality are weighing us down and keeping us stuck in the past.  Forgive and set yourself free!