It's spring and our seeds have sprouted!

It's spring and the seeds that I planted have begun to sprout.  All the intentions that were planted on each new moon of this new year have begun to come to fruition.  Here's a quick synopsis of what's been happening this spring.

The Food, Farming and Nutrition Program, which I wrote a grant for with the Autism Tree Project Foundation has continued on every other week since February 4th.  Every session I witness profound change in the kids, their parents and in the volunteers.  The kids, and I mean all the kids, are now eating kale, beets, and carrots.  I witness parents crying in joy because they never imagined their child eating and even asking for vegetables.   If it is not obvious, this is important because as these kids on the autism spectrum begin to eat better, they receive more nutrition, they grow stronger, they become healthier and they are able to reach their optimal potentials.

In addition to the kids eating their veggies, everyone involved has become connected to the earth and can't wait to get to their farm.  What I've witnessed, is that the sensory issues that many of these kids on the autism spectrum experience,  such as light, sound and smell sensitives melt away on the farm.   On the farm,  they are allowed to interact with their environment with all their senses.  In this way, using their senses they come to understand their environment, feel in control in their environment and begin to participate in it instead of becoming overwhelmed by it.  

I would love to take credit for these changes.  But alas, it was not my ingenuous program that has spurred on the changes, it was the farm, the environment and I'd like to think some universal assistance.   Everyone involved in this program has changed, grown and has become better in so many ways. 

With this new realization of how powerful and how therapeutically healing a farm or a garden can be, I researched and have learned a lot about sensory gardens.  And, by the law of attraction,  I have been hired to create and design a couple of sensory gardens.  Here's one of the sensory gardens, which I helped Joel and Sandi Anderson to create, it's called Think Tank Ranch

Other seeds that I metaphorically planted last year in my business also began to sprout in the way of new clients. I am grateful and privileged to have the opportunity to assist Goodnow Farms Chocolate break into the San Diego artisan, bean to bar chocolate market!  Their single origin 77% cocoa chocolate bars are some of the best chocolate I have ever tasted.  I am certain that San Diego foodies and chocolate lovers will love them as much as I do.

Life is truly sweet, it always is! However,  today, as I look back at the past month, I am reminded that I am abundantly blessed when I remain in my purpose, I serve all that is good and I allow Life to love me.   It is my hope that I just reminded you that Life loves you too!   Happy Spring!