Living La Vida Local...


This weekend I had the opportunity to do what I love-dig in the dirt, harvest veggies and learn more about how things grow.  I spent the early morning with Salvadore, the gardener extraordinaire for  Rancho La Puerta, who always inspires me to learn more and dig deeper into the world of growing.  We harvested tomatoes, beans, zucchini flowers, onions, garlic and corn.  Those veggies made their way up to the house where a team of ladies began to prep for the canning and pickling which was to  follow.  Through the process, which I admit I am a complete novice at, I learned a lot and more importantly, everyone learned and we bonded as we created jars filled with the fruits and vegetables of my labors.   The next morning upon seeing all the glimmering jars that we had created, I realized that they  were filled with a lot more than just pickled produce.  They were filled with our good will and passion and that they would be feeding us all through the next season, that is if San Diego had seasons!

Alas, those jars will not be consumed by me nor my friends who created them with me.  They are going to be sold to benefit the The Berry Good Food Foundation is a newly founded foundation that connects, supports and promotes local, sustainable farmers and food makers to build healthy communities through a network of researchers, educators, activists and organizers.   

One facet of the BGF Foundation, The Berry Good Food academy,  will be hands on workshops such as cheese making, jarring, canning, and pickling.  Those workshops will teach participants how to successfully eat seasonally and locally by preserving the bounty of every season.   I am hoping to learn more myself and to help create a new line of products with the Berry Good Academy participants which will be sold to profit the foundation.  Want to participate?   Please like the Berry Good Food Foundation Facebook page and stay connected!