“There is no need to reach high for the stars. They are already within you. Just reach deep into yourself!”

Everyone is so busy these days and it is that business that gives us our sense of self-worth; if we’re busy, we’re successful, we’re accomplishing things, we’re important, and we’re needed. As a result we can often be too busy to notice if we are happy, and potential moments of joy pass us by.

Happiness is not about a final destination of pure perfection, but more about a journey through life, with moments of perfection sprinkled throughout-that is if we just stop to notice them.There are two main ingredients for experiencing joy every day. The first is living in the present moment. The second ingredient for happiness is gratitude. If we appreciate all that we’re fortunate to have, rather than spending our time and energy going after what we don’t have, we’ll experience more joy. Today, rather than waiting for happiness to arrive, change your my perspective to realize that your happiness and joy has been there all along, you just never noticed it. Today, look for the happiness and joy, which is always available to you in every moment of every day, including today.

Just for today, my day begins and ends with gratitude and joy. I express the joy of living and allow myself to enjoy every moment of every day. I am totally free to choose thoughts of joy. It is my divine right to do so. I know that what I concentrate on is exactly what I will attract. Joy brings joy. I am dancing with joy and my optimism is contagious. I now choose to believe that all is truly well in my world and every day gets better. And so it is