Self imposed limitations

Today is the day that you allow yourself to let go of your past so you can begin a brand new way of being. The Super Full Moon, Total Lunar Eclipse, which we will experience tomorrow night, will help give you the energy and the courage to let go of your past and all of your self imposed limitations, so that you can soar higher than you previously have ever dreamed was possible. Know that lunar eclipses always bring an end to something in your life. Today, choose to believe it is easy to make changes, to let go of all the illusions that you created so that you would have good reasons to stay where you are, even if you know it isn't working any more. Today, let go, to let the new to enter your life.


Just for today, I give myself permission to let go. I am willing to let go. I easily release everything that no longer serves any purpose in my life-habits, ideas, beliefs and relationships. I release the past with love and I trust the process of life. And so it is.