Become young again

When we were children we had no concept of worrying about the future and living up to responsibilities or overwhelming to-do lists. We felt no embarrassment in falling, failing, or showing anyone exactly how we felt and who we were. However, somewhere along the line of our becoming adults, we lose that spontaneity, sunshine and authenticity. Today, you can intentionally take steps to recapture the carefree feelings and genuine joy that you felt as a child. Begin by approaching today with child-like wonder. Drop the masks of who you feel you're supposed to be and just have fun being yourself.


Just for today, I express the joy of living and allow myself to enjoy every day totally. I become young again. I allow the playful child within me to emerge and have fun. I remind myself to not take things so seriously. Life brings me only good experiences and I am at peace with the rhythm and flow of my ever changing life. And so it is.