Claim your own power

Today is a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Capricorn! It's like fireworks from the heavens!

Solar Eclipses bring new dramatic beginnings. I am told that there is nothing subtle about them and they often initiate lasting connections and fateful changes. New Moons are always a potent time for setting intentions and planting seeds for your desires and Solar Eclipses expand that energy exponentially. Therefore, today is the perfect time to set your intentions for the entire year. When you do, make a commitment to yourself (with the assistance of your Higher Self) that you will commit to your dreams. Promise yourself that you will own your power and move through your fears to take ACTION on elevating your life. You have everything it takes within you and the force of the cosmos around you, guiding you on your gorgeous journey. Today, enjoy this initiation into the next glorious chapter of your new beautiful life.


Just for today, I claim my own power and lovingly create my own reality. And so it is.