Boundaries-the dangers of being too nice

Many of us find ourselves focusing on everyone else's needs before our own, However, by putting everyone else's needs before your own, you are in truth teaching other people how to treat you by your own actions and attitudes toward yourself. By always being the great rescuer and sacrificing yourself and your needs to help others, you attract the sort of people, who want and need to be rescued, and for whom it has to be all about them.

Today, begin to realize that ultimately, it boils down to the fact that you think others are worth more than yourself. If you are confident in your love for yourself and treat yourself as if we are worthy, then that is what you will attract in return. Today, focus on what you need. Respect and value yourself and your needs more. Make yourself a priority. You just might find that you get a lot more of that respect and value in return.


Just for today, I deserve the best and I accept it now. All my needs are met before I even ask. I deserve to have boundaries and my boundaries are respected. I love and honor myself and all is truly well in the world. And so it is.