When we are impatient,it is usually because we do not want to take time to learn the lesson at hand. We want it done now. Or, as I once heard: "Instant gratification is not soon enough." There is always something to learn, something to know. Patience is being at peace with the process of life, knowing that everything happens in the perfect time/space sequence. If you are not having completion now, then there is something more for you to know.

Being impatient does not speed up the process; it only wastes time. So, today when you find yourself bewildered, frustrated or just plan over it all-breathe deeply, go within, and ask, "What do I need to know?" Then patiently wait to receive the help that is always all around you. This life is a continuum, an every changing process, today become patient with that process, be patient with yourself.


Just for today, I recognize that patience is being at peace with the process of life. I will not allow noise, distractions or chatter to distract me. I will allow patience, commitment, grace and purpose to guide me. In truth, all is truly well in my world and so it is.