Learn your lessons

Nothing ever goes away until it has taught us what we need to know and none of us like learning lessons about ourselves. This is why our lessons have to keep coming back over and over again. And we can often end up in similar situations with different people, after promising ourselves that we won’t. This is because we are human! Today, you can change the way you respond to your "Groundhog's day" moments by being kind to yourself, instead of beating yourself up for "being so foolish, dense or just plain stupid for doing the same things over and over again. Beating yourself up it isn’t helpful, and it only adds misery to an already-miserable situation. Today, if you should find yourself in one of those situations, be kind to yourself. Once you’ve been kind to yourself, it’s helpful to be as honest with yourself as you can. It’s natural to want to blame the other person when we’re in conflict. Begin to take some responsibility for your part in what has happened. If you can do this, then change is possible.If you can find a way to learn something from what is happening, then you will change for the better. So be grateful for the lessons and know in the end those lessons are moving your forward on life's journey.


Just for today, I am willing to learn. The more I learn, the more I grow. I cannot learn other people's lessons for them. They must do their own work and they will do it when they are ready. I trust Life. I know it brings me everything I need at the perfect time, in the perfect way. I am safe and I am in the process of making positive changes in every area of my Life. And so it is.