The truth will set you free. We may have all heard that saying before however April's energy will help you begin to live it. The energies of April will begin to show you how even the little tiny lies you tell others, or yourself, can create little pockets of darkness within yourself, slowly impacting your ability to be happy and healthy. In contrast, admitting your deepest truths clears those seeds of negativity before they have a chance to grow, and allows the light you were born to express to shine through. The energies of April will help you to come to terms with your inner self—your higher self and will literally set you free to live the life your soul planned for you on this earth, the life you were meant to live.Today, allow yourself to become your "true" self by dropping all the masks you wear; by not accepting less than you deserve; by not giving too much to people who will never appreciate what you do for them, and by connecting inward and listening carefully to your intuition, to your inner your true self.


Just for today, I choose to know the truth and the truth sets me free. Divine wisdom, divine harmony and divine love reign supreme within me and all around me and around each and every person. We are all centered in truth and live in joy. And so it is. Happy April!