Enthusiasm is contagious!

Have you ever noticed how powerful enthusiasm is? It can actually be contagious. If someone around you is enthusiastic there’s a certain energy or presence that shines from them that can be infectious. It doesn’t even matter what they’re enthusiastic about; if you're in their presence, it’s easy to be lifted up by their energy. Today, greet this day and everything you encounter with enthusiasm. Enthusiasm, when directed toward something healthy, gives you the power to imagine, create, and enjoy, all that is rooted deep within your own sense of self, possibility, and passion. Enthusiasm is simultaneously a gift to yourself and a gift to the world. It’s immersing yourself in the flow of your enjoyment. It’s gratitude in action. In fact, enthusiasm is awakening. It makes you feel alive and part of something greater than just yourself and it is contagious. So, today, go ahead and share your joy and enthusiasm with the world-and you will find that it instantly will become a better place to live in.


Just for today, my day begins in gratitude and joy. I look forward with enthusiasm to the adventures of the day, knowing that in my life all is well. I perform all tasks with energy and enthusiasm. I am a joyful breeze entering a room and everything I touch is a success. I know that Life loves me and everything in my life works now and forevermore. And so it is.