You cannot fix other people

It’s pointless to run around trying to heal all of your friends and family members. You cannot force anyone to change. You can offer them a positive mental atmosphere where they have the possibility to change if they wish, but you cannot do it for or to other people. Each person is here to work out his or her own lessons, and if you fix it for them, then they will just go and do it again, because they have not worked out what they needed to do for themselves. Today, let everyone learn their own lessons, including yourself. Today, recognize that in reality all you can do is love them and allow them to be who they are.


Just for today, I recognize that I cannot learn other people's lessons for them. They must do their own work and they will do it when they are ready. I cannot change another person. I accept them as they are and I simply love who I am. I know that we are all doing the best we can with the knowledge, understanding and awareness that we have right now and every day gets easier. I am safe and everything is working out for my highest good. And so it is.