New Moon magic

New moon magic is upon us and it can help you focus less on your outer goals and more to your psyche. It can help you let down your armor so you can be more vulnerable and discover your truth through your feelings. This will require you to be more truthful with yourself about how you feel. Today, do not let your mind run the show. But rather, pay attention to what's going on inside of you. All this introspection can help you realize what you really want for your future. There is so much to be discovered, today your treasures and your truth can be found when you look within.

Just for today, I listen to my feelings and I am gentle with myself. I know that all my feelings are my friends. I am safe when I express my emotions. I can remain serene in any situation. I allow myself to be quiet and still and I am amazed at what I discover. Life is just waiting to share its secrets with me. I am safe. It is only change. And, all is truly well in my world. And so it i