Trust your intuition

How often do you discount your inner wisdom? Do you allow the noise from the outside world to overshadow the guidance and truth living within you? We are all influenced by life happening around us. It is natural to check in and see where we fit in with the rest of the world. The problem arises, when we forget we have an inner guide we can trust to steer us in a direction most aligned with who we are. The problem grows into a giant monster, when we turn our back on that wise voice and allow our ego to become the driving force of our lives. This is where true suffering is born. Today, allow yourself to begin to listen and to trust in your intuition. Begin by taking baby steps to trust your wise voice. Know that all the guidance you could ever hope for lives within you. Having faith in yourself is the most powerful gift you can give yourself and the most empowering place you can lead your life from. Today, believe what you know is true. Trust in your inner wisdom, your intuition.


Just for today, I trust my intuition. I am willing to listen to that small still voice inside of me and when I do, I hear all the answers, to all the questions, I shall ever ask. My intuition is always on my side. I trust it to be there at all times. I am safe. It is only change and in truth, all is well in my world. And so it is.