Be Willing!

Happy July! This month is filled with cosmic events- two eclipses, two New Moons and a Mercury Retrograde.Tomorrow we begin this lunar cycle with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Cancer. During a Solar Eclipse, the Moon temporarily blocks the radiant light of the Sun. That moment of darkness is intended to show you where in your life you need to "lighten up"-to bring light to aspects of yourself that you may have tucked away into the recesses of your shadow. The previously darkened aspects of you can be revealed so you can shine more brightly and become more authentically you. Therefore, the Eclipse energy supports big changes. So today begin to think of an area of your life that needs an upgrade and allow the Eclipse energy to guide you. Begin to become aware what changes in your Life do you need to make so that you can feel more supported? How can you begin to parent yourself, in better ways than your actual parents did? Then be willing to let go of the "old stories" from your past that are stopping you from growing. While this Eclipse is all about opportunity, the Universe may need you to first clear the way to allow those opportunities to reach you. Do not be afraid to make changes in your life. Do not be afraid to shake up your routine, set boundaries or stand up for yourself and what it is that you need. Although doing so can be scary at first, it always takes that first courageous step to make any change. Today, allow yourself to be brutally honest with yourself about what needs to change. Then, just be willing.


Just for today, I am willing to change. I am willing to see how and where I need to change. I am willing to let go of people, places, things, beliefs and habits that no longer serve any purpose in my life. I am willing to grow and change. And when I am willing to grow and change, it is amazing, the Universe brings me everything I need. I am safe it is only change. And so it is.