Stop fighting, surrender and be easy! Surrender doesn’t have to follow a long drawn out battle. It doesn’t have to be a side effect of exhausting yourself in some way, mentally, physically, or emotionally. Surrender can just be a choice to be easy. It’s choosing not create drama where it doesn’t need to be, and realizing life doesn’t have to feel like a series of conflicts and crises. It’s letting go of the need for control and realizing that, whatever happens, you will be okay. Today, recognize that your power isn’t in your ability to fight life. Rather it is recognizing when you don’t have to struggle or suffer and surrendering into the moments of your life. Today surrender and choose to be easy.


Just for today, I surrender and let go of my need to struggle and suffer. I am gentle with myself as I cultivate new thoughts and watch my Life grow and change. I have the self-esteem, power and confidence to move forward in Life with ease. I am good enough and Life is easy and enjoyable for me. Everything is working out for my highest good. And so it is.