Purposefully planting the seeds for a new year

It's December 29th, time to let go of 2015 and to start planting new seeds for 2016.  I must admit that I love to celebrate a new year!   Despite it being an arbitrary date, a new year always gives me another reason to let go of my past experiences to create space for new ones.  2015 for me and many of my friends was a year marked by great challenges and the profound growth, which always follows great challenges.  But, all that growth can be exhausting and I end this year feeling fatigued!  However, my fatigue is being balanced by the excitement and anticipation for all the new, yet unknown, things which will surely bless me in 2016.
 Before I move forward into the new year,  let's take a quick look backward to 2015.   This year,  I started my business,  Your Product Hub.  Immediately, I was blessed with over a dozen vendors, who believed in my skills and hired me.  Unfortunately, today, only three of those vendors are still in business.  Those vendors chose a tough road and so did I.   Ironically, during the past six months, I have helped more businesses go out of business than go into the marketplace, which often left me feeling frustrated and perplexed. 

 My business had become helping people let go of their dream;  to let go of a dream that they had spent years investing in and which they thought would be their future.   Unfortunately, those dreams were not intended to materialize despite all their blood, sweat and tears.  Despite my own blood sweat and tears, my dream was also not materializing. Surprisingly, it would be through my job of helping those vendors let go and replace their dreams with other dreams and aspirations that would enable me to let go of my own vision for my business and replace it with a much bigger vision,  which will ultimately better serve me and my clients in the future.  Through what we perceived as our biggest losses, we all gained personal insights, growth and self acceptance.   Through our profound losses we got smarter, wiser and gained knowledge about ourselves;  we became what the Webster dictionary defines as "enlightened".    Simply put, we are better because we struggled, suffered and survived!

That was my biggest lesson in 2015 -to let go and have unwavering faith in Life.  By letting go with gratitude of the past,   of my expectations and disappointments,  I can move forward into my future.   I am certain that 2016 will bring me more joy, abundance and fulfillment than I can ever imagine.  It is my intention to make it so. Why don't you try it too!  Let go of all that you were,  so that you can become all that you can be!  I close the door on 2015 and open a new one into 2016.  Join me, it's going to be a big one!