A New Year...with intention

I begin this new year without many clients but,  with a heap of hope and with intention!  I begin 2016 with a clear intention of letting the world know how my services/Your ProductHub can benefit their business...benefit their lives! 

With that intention, I first had to let go of many of my "extra-curricular" activities and all the things that I did in 2015, which I enjoyed but,  truly didn't serve my highest purpose.  By letting go of those time consuming activities, I now have a bunch more time for new paying opportunities!   My first focus of 2016 will be on my first love, farms!

With those farms in mind, yesterday, I sent an e-mail to a farmer friend,  to let him know what I could do for his farm.  That e-mail clearly outlined the services that I could provide to his farm.  So I thought I'd share it with you.  Here's what it said:

  I/YourProductHub provides services to small farms/producers that need help making their farm into a true "business".  Many of the farmers that I work with live in lack and are often on the verge of going out of business.  Here's how I/Your Product Hub can change that cycle of lack by:

  • Create a business plan that contains a true vision (mission statement/goals), including a marketing plan.    
  • Set Up and administer a CSA Program (only if that makes sense): Why hire us? Our experience with CSA Programs has deep roots, including work with Suzie's Farm CSA (five years ago) and current work with Be Wise Ranch CSA program, including doing their newsletter. 
  • Set up new distribution sources for their produce/products: we would assess what the best distribution sources would work for them:  Why hire us?  We know farmers markets (we worked for Catt White (SD Weekly Markets) at three local farmers markets; we know grocery stores(WFM , Jimbo's OB People's and Sprouts); Collaborate with other well established CSA programs or other box services;  and we can connect your produce with local restaurants and chefs (Berry Good Night Dinner). 
  • Marketing/Social Media/website/blog: Why hire us?  We have experience with most of the online publishing sites (Constant Contact, Word Press, Mail Chimp, Square Space, Weebly). We can set up a very simple, in expensive website that they can easily manage themselves. Begin FB, Twitter and Instagram presence and promotions.

It's a new year and I believe it's time to help our local farmers to flourish! It's time we stop throwing big fundraisers for their failing farms and help them to create sustainable businesses. 

How you can help us with our intentional vision? We would be most grateful if you could send any new or not so new farmer/producer our way.  Our fees are flexible and we can work with almost any budget.

And there you go! Please spread the word to your friends, neighbors and co-workers and help us create a network of small farms that are thriving rather than surviving! 

Happy New Year wishing that you find what you want to create and intentionally make it happen!!