Staying awake is so hard to do!

It's been almost two weeks since the election, since we all were awakened by its results.  I initially was empowered by the knowledge that perhaps this was exactly what we all needed-to awaken to the truth that we all had gone to sleep and allowed darkness and hatred to seep into our lives and take root.  However, after weeks of watching and absorbing the collective fear and anguish about what was happening as the new administration began to nominate the darkest leaders in our country, I began to be worn out.

I purposely have not turned on the news, knowing that all the hypothetical, apocalyptic predictions of every talking head on the 24hr news channels only add to the collective fear being experienced in our country, in my world.  Their predictions are no more real than the feelings of complacency that we collectively had a month ago, before the elections, when all seemed well in our world.

I forged ahead,  boldly feeling empowered by the hope that we had been awakened and now we can go about healing ourselves and our country.  I approached every person with joy, love and compassion, all week long. However, by this weekend, the collective pain that I absorbed during the past week, finally took me down.  So, this weekend, I hid and searched for something, someone who would make this darkness go away.  But, no matter how I tried, I could not go back to sleep.  I could no longer find comfort in the illusions, people places and things that used allow me to move through my life anesthetized, believing in what plainly is not real, just because it made me feel better.  Of course, I only felt better, until it was time to re-awaken again.

I am awake!  I promise myself that I will remain awake.  I will continue to let go of the illusions, once, for all and forever! I will remind myself often that they are not real and have no power over me in present moment.   I acknowledge that this is not a painless process.  It is through going through the pain of separation, letting go and awakening that I become enlightened.  That I become more of who I am supposed to be.

Please stay awake with me!  Honor your truth now matter what!  Be authentic no matter what!  Let go of everything and everyone who does not serve your highest purpose.  You know exactly what those things are and you have known for a every long time what those things are.  Now, today is the day, that you move forward into raising the frequency of your world and our world collectively-through love!