Make a Wish!

Sometimes the Universe has to shake you to awaken you…and that's exactly what collectively the Universe did this week with the results of our election. So many of us are feeling shaken and fearful of what will happen in our future.

However, when you take a moment to step back…to zoom out and take a bigger look at our world, you will see that we live in awakening times, times of rapid change.  Although change is sometimes scary, and as humans we tend to resist it, change is what carries us forward on the awakening path. It transports us into awakening, into greater love, oneness and the disclosure of the fullness of our true selves.

It is happening NOW and for those who are aware, awake, and willing to turn away from fear, they will find unlimited opportunities await them.   As layers of the veil,  which keep you disconnected and trapped in ego,  are lowered, doorways will open to experiences, people, place and things, which are more aligned with your true purpose.

I invite you to step through that open doorway and move forward into the light, into greater awareness and power. Use today's 11:11 energy as a springboard,  to begin to boldly love, courageously trust, and see the blessings beneath the surface that are here and now.  Focus your intentions because they're supercharged now and stand in the fullness of your light. Step Into your vibrant truth, peace and oneness of the new paradigm, which we’re all in the process of fully stepping into.

Take one step and one moment at a time.  Together we can stay awake and rise above the chaos, negativity and fear! Together we can wish our lives and our planet into a new age of love and connection!