Faith in the power to heal

I never blog unless I have something to say;  something that is burning in my belly and can't be contained any longer.  This morning here's what I've got to say!

When I awoke this morning, I found my world had been completely turned upside down.  Because I choose not to obsess over the poll reporting last night,  I truly awakened without any idea of who had won the presidential race. So, when I reached for my phone this morning, I was indeed blindsided by the news that Trump was now our new president. 

Funny enough, I initially didn't even try to make sense of the news.  I just went about my usual 4 am meditations and intention setting for my day.  When I finished, I received very clear messages that

  • We are now given the chance to rise above darkness and fear. 
  • We are now being given the chance to become involved in what is really important to us. 
  • We are the change in our individual lives. 

Finally, this is not the time for blame, anger or more hate.  It was those emotions and fear that has led our world to exactly where we are this morning-wounded, sad, hopeless.  And worst of all,  projecting that fear into what your futures will look like!

My future is love.  I made that commitment to myself years ago and although my ego has allowed me to stray and think illusions are real along the way.  Today, I know that love is the only way we will heal. 

Today, I make another commitment to myself and to you, that I will continue to be the light in my life and my world.  I commit to take responsibility for my own life,  my own happiness and the world I live in.  I willingly let go of all that no longer serves any purpose in my life because it distracts me from my real purpose!  My real purpose which is to heal myself, the world and for that matter YOU, as you read this blog post. 

I invite you all to "get real".  To find love in your hearts again for others and for yourselves.  It is only in that way will we heal ourselves, move forward and remember to see the beauty in this all precious and fleeting thing that we call life. 

In the words of my friend Louise Hay: I am renewed and restored by the faith I have in my own healing power of love.