My holiday adventure continues..

Today is officially our last full moon and last Super Full Moon for 2016!  Full moons as most of you know are a time of high energy and often cause us to feel energetically unbalanced! 

That is how my third day in the Big Apple began filled with tons of energy and uncertainty.  I came on this trip to find closure for some past stuff.  Little did I know that my present stuff was what I would need to focus on today.

That is exactly what I found as I made my way to the Bronx to visit the New York Botanical Gardens.  I have never been to the Botanical Gardens and the Holiday Train Exhibition came highly recommended.  The gardens were spectacularly beautiful and the trains were magical.   I quickly became engrossed in their rhythmic clacking on the tracks.  Then, the click clacking was replaced by the ringtone of a text, followed by the ringing of my phone, followed by a truly disingenuous conversation with a client of mine letting me know that he know longer needed my services.  Evidently, my poor performance is the reason that their business is failing.  From fairyland into the fire in three quick minutes.

I must admit that I was not surprised by what happened this morning!  I only wish that I was able to listen to my own advice and my own inner wisdom, which told me to walk away a month ago.  Instead, I waited to be asked to leave.  My performance really had nothing to do with their failure.  It is their ego which continues to be their stumbling block which their "positive rhetoric" covers up.  Illusions can be powerful.  But illusions can also be eliminated by shining a light on their deception and ego driven actions.  It is my belief that next year, truth will clear all illusions. I am grateful for all experiences for they teach me.  This morning in NYC I learned a lesson about my present.  That I must be listen to my inner voice and it's truly time to let go of all that serves me in the present as much as the past.

Not deterred by the nuisance and nonsense of being so elaborately emancipated, I moved forward with resolve to eat some of the best Italian food that I've ever eaten ! I was in Little Italy in the Bronx surrounded with shops that makes fresh mozarella and butchers whole animals. hanging them proudly in their windows.   With each bites of deliciousness, I resolved to let go of everything that no longer serves my purpose right now in the present AND to finally listen and act upon my inner wisdom!