A picture perfect day

The Polar Vortex arrived today in NYC causing the temps to drop to the low 20's and causing me to seek shelter in some of NYC museums.  Although the temperatures drop today, my mood and my heart were warm and cheery.  I got my wish and was able to easily let go of the self doubt and fear that came from being released from one of my clients.  I am grateful that I am now free to pursue work that is more closely aligned with my purpose.

That being said, I wanted to share some of the beautiful, odd and puzzling art that I saw today at the Whitney Museum and the Museum of Modern Art

After spending the day getting lost in art and my imagination, I headed out to dinner at Gabriel Kreuther, a one Michelin Star restaurant, followed by some jazz at Lincoln Center.  Sitting in the warm theater, I realized how lucky and blessed I was and how I am always given everything I need if I just trust!  Despite the frigid temperatures, I went to sleep feeling warm and so hopeful for everything that I have right now, everything that I lost and everything that I am certain is coming my way in the New Year!