Saving our past for future generations...

Coral Tree Farm in Encinitas

Coral Tree Farm in Encinitas

"Don't judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant."  (Robert Louis Stevenson).  That quote sums up what I've been up to for the past month.  Yes, indeed I've been planting the seeds of my future.  But, I have also been saving seeds with my friend, Laurel, at Coral Tree Farm.

This week when I visited Coral Tree Farm, I had an epiphany!  Despite the fact that I have visited the farm before and walked through the raised beds and citrus trees, I somehow saw the farm in a completely new way and from a completely new perspective.   On that day, as I walked the farm, I saw the seeds instead of the veggies. 

And as I walked through the farm, it took on a whole new meaning.  The raised beds now were overgrown and the produce,  which was intentionally not harvested, now sprouted glorious flowers.  Those flowers were being pollinated before my eyes by many busy bees.  Laurel then explained to me how she intended to harvest the seeds after the flowers were gone and save them for future plantings.  Before my eyes, I was watching the entire life cycle and the future of our planet.  That was my epiphany!

In addition, to that epiphany, I had another revelation while walking the farm.   For you see that despite writing close to 50 definitions of heirloom during my tenure at Whole Foods Market, I never quite grasped the full concept of heirloom and why it was so important.  During that visit, I came to truly understand what the term heirloom means and why it's so important that we save their seeds.  And, although the concept of heirloom is too broad of a concept to cover in this blog, suffice it to say, that it truly is a game changer in saving our planet.  I am certain that Laurel has the same belief and that's why we're going to be saving the seeds of the heirloom veggies grown on Coral Tree Farm and then will be sharing them with the world.

Stay tuned to find out what grows out of those seeds and the many other seeds that I've planted!!