Let go and surrender!

Good morning!  For me it truly is a new day!  I've spent months letting go of friends, causes and a lot of limiting beliefs.  It is time for me to let go of the steering wheel, ask for guidance and have faith in the direction that I receive from a Spirit much larger than myself.
 As I share this message with my friends, it seems as if many of them are experiencing the same energy and are receiving the same message to let go of all that does not serve your purpose.  And, then there are people who are unaware of this energy or simply don't believe in anything larger than themselves.  Despite their disbelief about anything they can't see, those people are nevertheless experiencing this energetic upheaval.   However, they are being forced to let go against their will through death of loved ones,  loss of employment, life threatening illnesses and accidents.

This is a time of change, profound change whether you're willing or not!  I am willing and I am hoping to find like minded people to help me change, to change my life and change our planet!  For you see, I know that it is only when I join with others through the conscious collective will I make those profound changes that I've been put on this earth to do. 

If you are reading this blog, then you've been guided to read it since I quietly posted it without any fan fare.  It means that you chose to read this blog and to receive its message.  I am hoping that like me, you let go of what is holding you back (and I know you know what that is) to move forward with me!  I will continue on my path with the intention of raising the vibration of every person I encounter and of making this world a little bit better place through love.  Please join me!