's only a day away!

"Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love you tomorrow, you're only a day away!" Like the chorus from the musical Annie, I love the idea that in any tomorrow, I have the choice about what that tomorrow becomes.   Yesterday, I got to focus on the tomorrows of the homeless women here in San Diego, when I visited the Tomorrow Project.

The Tomorrow Project is a "work-readiness program of Catholic Charities, Diocese of San Diego for homeless women."  Their mission is to provide individualized work-readiness training opportunities for homeless women.  Through the process of producing a line of gourmet food products,  the women,  who are re-entering the work force or entering it for the first time, get to experience a workplace culture and the success, which comes from reaching daily goals and assembling a product from raw materials to a complete and ready to sell product.   Over 60% of the women, who participate in the project have gainful employment upon graduation from the program. 

However, despite its indisputable success in changing the lives of San Diego's homeless women for the past 20 years,  the Tomorrow Project is currently having difficulty paying its bills,  like many other non-profit organizations.  And, that is why I visited the Tomorrow Project to find out how I might help them make their program self-sustaining. 

Here's what I plan to do!  First I'm letting everyone I know (including you) that you can make a big difference by buying some of their delicious and handmade soup mixes.  The mixes are available online or at local Jimbo's Naturally stores.   Next, I'm planning a city wide event, Souper Sunday, during which many local restaurants will serve the Tomorrow Project's soups.  By letting, their customers taste the mixes, the local restaurant will raise awareness on the mission of the Tomorrow Project.  Here's where you come in: I need your help in recruiting those local restaurants. 

Additionally, you will see their soup mixes in other stores around San Diego.  I'm hoping that you will see the Tomorrow Project on your local morning shows and will hear their name on local radio stations.  In fact, I have an entire marketing plan filled with ways intended to increase the sales of their soup mixes.  

However, the real success of my marketing activities can only be achieved with your help and the help of the San Diego community! With your help,  tomorrow will absolutely bring a new day for the Tomorrow Project !  In fact, tomorrow offers all of us a new opportunity to make profound changes in our world and those changes are always "only a day away!"