Grateful for the little things!

Today, Facebook reminded me that two years ago, I walked out of Whole Foods Market Hillcrest and I never returned.  Since then, I've done a lot!  I also haven't taken the time to allow myself to look back, at least not much!  The universe and its planets by going retrograde,  this week, provided me with experiences, which forced me to stop, review my past, relearn a lesson and finally, reset my path.

Two years ago, I left Whole Foods Market after an employment that spanned almost ten years.  Although I never doubted for one minute that it was the right thing to do, I also was filled with doubt and fear for my future because I didn't have a clear picture of what I wanted to do nor how I would make that happen.  So, as most of you know, I did A LOT-everything from putting on events to launching my own business, Your Product Hub.  What most of you don't know is that most of what I did the first year, I did by what I call "the pinball method"- which meant whatever I bumped into and got excited about, I did! I do not recommend that approach because it is not effective!  It is driven by fear which stops any good from coming into your life.  And ultimately is exhausting! 

April 15, 2014-one of my last days at wfm hillcrest with my wise friend, Liam

April 15, 2014-one of my last days at wfm hillcrest with my wise friend, Liam

That being said, one year ago, I started my own business in hopes that by launching my own business that it would instantly bring clarity to my life.  It did not give my life any more clarity of vision nor direction.  Without that clarity of vision for my life and my business it was impossible to find success in any fashion-financially, spiritually, professionally.  

I finally at the beginning of year two, began to really receive that message and more importantly began to integrate that message into my life.  Simply put, I started to learn my lessons!  I learned that when I am authentic, listen to my "gut instincts", trust in myself and walk a way from ego, I will always be led on my path.  A path that is not littered in drama, self doubt and lots of perceived pain.

My journey has become a lot easier these days!  The past two years have offered me so much opportunity to learn that I am worthy and deserve to be paid for my services.  Beyond that I am worthy and deserve all that is good in life.   That lesson serves me, my business and ultimately everyone around me. 

Today, two years later, I am thankful for all the experiences which propelled me forward on my path. I am proud of who I am, where I am and where I'm going.  Today, I believe in the unlimited potential for my future and I am grateful for the little things in my life.....I am grateful for it all!