Marking time by Moonlight

Tonight is a full moon.  It's a "mini" Pink Full Moon to be precise.  It is the smallest Full Moon of the year, as the Earth and Moon move to their furthest points from each other.  Thus, the name "mini".  The term Pink, however,  does not refer to its color but to color of the flowers that blossom in spring.  For me, it may be mini, but the lessons that I've learned from it have been anything but small. 

As many of you know, I follow the cycles of the moon and often photograph it.  What I realized this week was that I have actually been photographing my own personal growth through those photos.  Through those moon photos, I was actually watching the ebb and flow of my life.  My life growing in sync with the waxing and waning of the moon. This week as the moon grew in size and luminescence, I also began to grow and change in profound ways, mirroring the growth of La Luna.

 Last night,  I took the last photo,  documenting the end of another cycle, culminating in a full moon.   Each new full moon, I set intentions for what I hope to manifest or make happen during the next moon cycle.  I have set countless intentions on countless full moons.  For countless full moons, I have intentionally set my course for the next moon cycle.  That process has allowed me to reset my course and to take full responsibility for my own happiness and well-being.  The process allows me to stop and reflect on how I am limiting myself and set intentions to love myself enough to go beyond those limitations and to accept all the good life has to offer!  I am always astonished at how I can get in my own way;  step on my own feet!

That being said, I will set new intentions tonight and I encourage you to do the same.  If the moon isn't your thing, I encourage you to find a way to mark the moments of your life, find gratitude in them all and treasure them because one thing is for sure,  they will be gone, just like the full moon.