As I look back at another month that has just gone speeding by, I find only one word to describe April-synchronicity! Carl Jung coined the term synchronicity to describe what he called the "acausal connecting principle" that links mind and matter. He said this underlying connectedness manifests itself through meaningful coincidences that cannot be explained by cause and effect. Such synchronicities occur, he theorized, when a strong need arises in the psyche of an individual. He described three types of synchronicity:

  1. The coinciding of a thought or feeling with an outside event.
  2. A dream, vision or premonition of something that then happens in the future
  3. A dream or vision that coincides with an event occurring at a distance.
Whole Foods Market Hillcrest, 1012

Whole Foods Market Hillcrest, 1012

I experienced all three types during the month of April! First, I saw one of my visions from my past become reality without me even knowing about it or being involvement.  In April, things just happened without my intervention, planning or struggle.  I watched the Farm Bus that I had raised money for four years ago, which I thought had died, come to life at the hands of a new generation, as the Stacked: The Mobile Learning Farm.

Secondly, all throughout the month of April,  I would think about person and they would magically appear!  All month long, the businesses who I spoke to last year, finally heard my message and hired me.  And, all month long, I met with friends, associates and colleagues, who magically were saying exactly what I was thinking. 

Lastly, in April, many of my intuitions and feelings magically were revealed to me to be "real", to be true.   The twinges in my gut and the nudges to my heart which I had ignored or rationalized away in March, were revealed to me to be true.

All this magic of synchronicity,  propelled me forward with hope.  I learned that all the messages, answers and guidance that I needed, I truly already possessed.   It just took the magic of synchronicity to make me believe in the unimaginable;  to believe in myself and to believe in the support of the Universe.  All is truly well in my world!  Believe and I bet you start to notice the magic too!