Not Your Cup Of Tea

It's Monday and Mercury remains in retrograde, resulting in more reviewing of the past.  Last week, I was visited by ghosts from my past.  Their visit prompted me to relive old, limiting behavior and beliefs. 

 Through a series of weird happenings this weekend,   the world suddenly became a lonely place and everyone in it seemed detached and loveless to me.  People unfriended me on Facebook for no apparent reason, I lost followers on Twitter, no one text and no one called me.   I slowly began to doubt everything and everyone. From this place of fear, I relived old relationships that I thought I were completely over but I found out otherwise.  I relived the doubt of last year that I was not worthy of being successful. Mainly, I stopped loving myself and believing in myself. 

I had landed back in a place that I no longer belonged in and which was inhabited with people, real or illusion, that no longer served any purpose in my life.  So, today I decided to just forgive everyone, including myself and to let them go with love.  By forgiving them and letting them go,  I could finally move forward.  I not only decided to do that today, but I have proclaimed this week to be Forgive and Let Go Week. At the end of this week, Mercury will go direct and the moon will once again be full, ready to manifest new experiences and new people.   I will be free of the people, places and things that have been weighing me down, zapping my energy and holding me back from fulfilling my purpose here on earth. 

I continue to learn from each one of these episodes of looking backward.  I learn about who I am and I learn to accept that not everyone is going to like me.  I've come to accept that I am not everyone's "cup of tea."  I accept that fact and accept myself exactly as I am, today!

I invite you to join me in my week long celebration! I urge you to forgive everyone (including yourself) and to release it all with love.  It is time for all of us to let go of everything that holds us back.  We will all then be free to move forward with love in our hearts.  And, all will be well in our world!