False Idols, indeed!

This morning after being confronted by the arrogance of ego, a biblical quote surprisingly came to me and although I admittedly have never read the bible, the quote seems to sum up my feelings.  Thus,  it ended up in my blog! 

Recently, my friend, The Foodie Whisperer, kindly penned a blog about me.  The blog essentially explained how I truly am an outsider in the food industry.  I come to the food industry after years of being a Hospice nurse, during which I helped individuals and their families through the dying process.  That process peels away facades and superficiality and makes everyone get real!  Ego really has no place in that process and everyone is humbled as they make their way through the unknown journey of dying. 

Fast forward to twelve years ago when I entered the food industry via the doors of Whole Foods Market La Jolla.  And, although I have tried to fully entrench myself in the culture, I remain an alien, a stranger in a strange world!  During those twelve years with the help of the Food Network, I have witnessed, chefs become elevated into celebrity status, equal to some Hollywood stars.  We attribute their culinary talents with some super human qualities and character.  We do the same for rock stars and professional athletes, despite being shown their less than super human behavior every day on the news.   

The power and light that we shine on professional athletes, rock stars, politicians and now chefs all feed their human egos and that's where the bad behavior begins.  I know, first hand,  that it is almost impossible not to get caught up in the illusion of ego.  It is quite seductive and it makes one easily forget that the kudos and ass kissing mean nothing!  The ego is insatiable and can never be filled up.

In all fairness, I have helped create many illusions of people, places and things, since entering the food industry.  I have helped elevate them into a larger than life status.  Today, I was confronted by one of the monsters I created.  I was confronted by arrogance, childish behavior and stupidity.  After reclaiming my power from the out of control ego, that confronted me,  I resolved to myself that I would no longer worship any idols.  I would not create illusions in which one person is better or more deserving of attention or accolades than any other, including myself.  It is time that I stop propping up that which is not real.  It is time I "stop worshiping idols".  It is time I live in a world that love and Spirit guides me and my actions.   A world in which I live in the present and recognize the oneness of all of us.  A world in which we are all loved and worshiped.    I hope you find worship for yourself and let love guide you!  I am certain that we all will be greeted by blessings!