A time for reflection

This week we moved through the first quarter moon, which I'm told provides us with a wonderful opportunity to re-evaluate the intentions that were set during the new moon on August 2nd.  This lunar phase, I'm told is a time to go deep within ourselves to make certain that the intentions we set were true to our soul and our life's purpose.

This lunar cycle did not disappoint!  As predicted, it forced me to look deep inside and to re-evaluate the intentions that I had set for myself two week ago.  It was if a veil had been lifted and it was revealed to me that I had returned to the land of illusion.  The land, where I create stories about people, places and things, that aren't true and never have been true!  The land where I give meaning to things that just aren't important.  The kingdom in which everybody has my best interest at heart even if they show otherwise.  Moreover it's the place where I ignore that inner voice that says "do not enter".  I of course ignore that voice, jump out of reality into the illusion.  An illusion that I unfortunately have visited many times before.

However, I always reawaken from the illusion, as I did this week, briefly bereft, strangely mourning things that never existed.  Mourning the loss of people, places and things that I made up in my head.  Finally, ending this cycle in gratitude, knowing that I in reality had lost nothing.  Furthermore, knowing that none of it served any purpose in my life.  These cycles remind me of the importance of meditation and self reflection.  They remind me that I am enough and that if I remain in the present moment,  then I never have to wake up again and find myself mired in illusion.  The present moment holds my and for that matter your power.  In the present moment is where I will find fulfillment and true reality. 

Sunday is my birthday!  I begin my 55th year with a clarity of vision that I've never had before in my very long life. Last year, I let go of so much, of so many people and so many limiting beliefs.  I begin this year, lighter, brighter and full of hope.  I invite you to travel with me through my 55th year.  It is my greatest wish that you learn some lessons of love along the way!

Reflecting pool...

Reflecting pool...