We need a little Christmas NOW!

Wow, it can be exhausting to just be alive these days!  I have tried hard to stay on the periphery of the political circus that plays out on the television screen every night.  I have avoided focusing on the daily images of "mistaken" shootings of a Black man and turned away from the images of the carnage of lunatics around the world killing each other.    I've meditated more frequently and opened my heart regularly.  But still fear, anger and despair seem to be everywhere I look.  I could potentially get bummed out...but that's not me!  

So I'm giving a party, a block party,  to be exact, to celebrate the One Year Anniversary of Cafe Gratitude San Diego.  To counteract all the negativity of the world around me, I've decided to fill a whole city block with LOVE, positive energy and good intentions for every person in the world.  It will be an afternoon filled with my friends, your friends and friends of the planet.  The theme of the event is We Are One and just by saying that it begins to breakdown differences and starts to unite us all. 

Here's what the events about:

Café Gratitude is celebrating the one-year anniversary of its Little Italy location! San Diegans of all ages are invited to a ‘We are One’ community block party on Sunday, July 31. The FREE, family-friendly event, held in the heart of Little Italy, includes:

  • The Dr. Bronner's All-One Magic Foam Experience and Magic Fire Truck— which will cover you in peppermint bubbles (safe + biodegradable)
  • An appearance from 1:1 Movement with their Stacked: A Mobile Learning Farm – a 15-foot mobile learning farm which will engage kids in crafts and activities
  • High-energy live musical performances, including Finian Makepeace, Billy Galewood, Briahnna, Rae Irlen, Avasa & Matty Love, and other special guests.
  • Free on-site screen printing on t-shirts and totes of the commemorative ‘We Are One’ design (BYO t-shirt)
  • Local vendors including Tidbit Of Love, My Intention Project,  Living Tea Kombucha, Dr. Bronners and more!
  • Plant-based cake cutting ceremony

I invite you to join us in creating a day of celebration during which we are all truly one!