A New Chapter

It's been almost three years since I started Your Product Hub.com and it's been quite a journey,  filled with lots of lessons.  Throughout the past three years,  I've met with countless small vendors, restaurant owners and a variety of entrepreneurs. I learned about their businesses, their lives and their struggles.  What I mainly learned from listening to their stories was that we all limit ourselves in some way through fear and limiting beliefs. It is through our willingness to change those beliefs that we grow, change and become our own personal version of "successful".

However, that's the rub.  We must be willing to change in order to move forward.  Each time I met with a new client and heard their stories, I could clearly see why their businesses weren't thriving. It was clear to me that in most cases, it was their unwillingness to change their belief which stopped them from getting their business off the ground or why their businesses were not thriving.  Each one of them was holding onto the belief that they were not worthy of success.  Not only were their businesses not thriving but they themselves were also stuck in rut of self defeating beliefs.  Their relationships were usually unsatisfying.  They usually gave more than they received and allowed their partner's needs to be more important than their own.  Many of them were also fighting with addictions which clouded their judgements and decision making powers.  They battled with their own demons and yet still put the needs of everyone else before their own.  In each case, they fought me and held closely to the way they had always done things, even if it was leading to failure. In the end, some of them even "blamed" me for their lack of progress or success.

I listened to each one of my clients with the best of intentions. I believed that I could help them overcome themselves and their destructive behaviors.  But, unfortunately, what I came to learn is that I couldn't help them.  I couldn't care more than they cared about themselves or their businesses. What I also came to learn is that my business would never be sustainable since all my clients suffered and through their suffering I suffered too.  Somehow, in working with all these failing fledgling businesses, I came to believe that because they were failing, I didn't deserve to be paid for my services.  Finally, I came to learn that I too was limiting myself and holding myself back from fulfilling my purpose.

Today, I begin a new chapter in my life. I have begun to find my next perfect job.  In this new chapter,   I value myself. I walk away from those who are suffering and unwilling or too afraid to change.  I walk away from the darkness and begin again.  I walk away without fear because I know that Life supports me in every way.  I walk into the light, knowing that those that do not fear the light will follow me. Those that have chosen to live in darkness, despite all my efforts, will be left behind.

I am grateful for all the lessons that all my clients have taught me in the past three years.  I am also grateful for moving forward and to begin again. I step into the future with hope and anticipation for more learning and more growth.  I encourage you to let go of the past and all the things that are holding you back.  As Louise Hay says, "no matter how wonderful yesterday was, today can be even better"! You and I always have a choice to make tomorrow better!