Declare your independence!

It's July 4th and all around me people are celebrating America's Independence Day!  I plan to celebrate later!  Now, in this moment, it dawned on me how we are all searching to be free of something!  Today, I am declaring my independence by freeing myself of the past.  As much as I work on letting go of people, places and things, there are just certain things that I struggle with releasing. 

And, by not releasing those people, places and things that serve no purpose in my life,  I hold myself back from experiencing the glorious "now" in every moment.  I block out my purpose.  I block any guidance, which I am being given in every moment,  just so that I can hold onto people, places and things, which have hurt me or weigh me down or keep me rooted in the past. All of them have taught me great lessons.  Lessons in self compassion and lessons in self love.  In the end, their negativity, jealous, envy and hatefulness ultimately served to turn me inward; inward where I can hear my truth and where I can connect back with love.   They reflected who and what I was in the past and have no power over me in this moment.


So, again today, I intend to free myself of my past.  I encourage you to do the same.  You will experience the true meaning of freedom.  Happy July 4th!